Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Michigan and The Suckeyes in Different Divisions - Two "Games" a Year Potential?


Split them up?

Twice in one season potential?

Is this wise?

It appears, according to Adam Rittenberg, the Big 10 Blog reporter on ESPN, that the Big 10 is favoring putting Michigan and OSU in different divisions. Now, while reading Frank the Tank's insights and all the comments on his blog, it became apparent to me at least that splitting these two into different conferences violated about 20 different traditions and would undoubtedly take a lot of shine off the once a season match-up.

But, would it really? What if we opened the season with OSU and then played a round robin 9 game slate and found oursleves on top of the division opposite the Buckeyes, also on top of their division? Would the first game matter all that much? Really? I mean, win or lose, by the last game of the season (or the championship game) the teams have morphed into something altogether different and probably a lot better than that first game would lead you to believe, either way it came out.

So, while I was in the "They have to be in the same division" club, maybe, with open eyes, I can see how it could be great both ways - play OSU early - kick their ass - and earn the right to kick their ass again by winning your division....

But losing to them twice in one season would also really, really, really, suck.

We may have to make a temporary voting poll on the side bar for this one....

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