Monday, August 9, 2010

2012: Michigan-Alabama Will Play in JerryWorld and THE NEW TURF!

Michigan and Alabama are going to play in Jerry's World in 2012.
This if from and he states that it's a reputable, trustworthy source. So, I guess it's as close to for real as you're going to get. The deal supposedly gets inked today, so you might hear about it in the regular news.

What I don't get is why either team would agree to this...I mean, I guess there has to be a lot of money tied to it. But, come one, do Alabama and Michigan really need the dough that bad? And if you were going to do this anyway, WHY NOT DO A HOME AND HOME AND LET THE REAL FANS take advantage of this? Jerry Jones must have committed a LOT OF Green Backs to this game and it simply made too much financial sense to not do it. I'm talking about double the normal gate for a Michigan Home game. Why else would you do this?

I'll be very curious to see what those tickets cost for that road game, if you'll even be able to get them. I'm sure season ticket holders will get a shot based on seniority or something....

Still, I'd really like to see what the payout is.

On to more local news:

A loyal MMQ reader and opportunist in Ann Arbor who will remain nameless due to the fact that if I put it out there who this individual is, I'm sure he'll be flooded with requests. What you are seeing in the photo below is a swatch of the New Stadium Turf that was just installed that your own Wolverines will win 7 games on this year. The pelletized rubber stuff has been replaced with this material. And guess what? All the sections that needed to be trimmed out for the lettering somehow fell on the truck of a guy that does some decal work with the aforementioned individual in Ann Arbor. Your MMQ has been promised a door mat size piece that I will proudly display somewhere around my domicile. Of course, it would look even better with a little Maize and Blue spray paint and a stenciled block "M", but I'm not sure I want to screw it up.

Anyway, many thanks and I'm looking forward to procuring my patch of turf.


gtholland said...

I do not understand why we or other teams agree to these neutral field games?

MMQ you should research this some more and give your fans a report!

MMQ said...


Lord knows if there was a way to figure these things out and what the AD's at the major universities are thinking when these games come up, I'd love to know. But, if I had to read between the lines:
1. Money
2. Recruiting
3. Exposure
Those three items are what makes games like this make sense. But I will go on record and state here that I would have paid a 40-50% premium ($85-$90 total ticket price) to see this game at Michigan Stadium!