Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Mobile Aquatic Tailgater

Years ago, a long time loyal reader and college room mate of the MMQ purchased a house on White Lake that came with a well used pontoon boat that was in need of a whole lot of TLC...As my room mate pondered what could be done to "dress up" the naval derelict, it became readily apparent that it would be better to dress it up and add a little class at the same time.

Below, you see the imagination of a true Michigan Fan at work. Not to mention hours of painstaking labor!

Click on the photos for close ups of the seats. If we ever schedule the Home and Home with Tennessee, The Tailgate Crew is more than ready!

Nice side Shot. Original Motor cover had a winged helmet! I'm not sure if the owner has any photos or not.....

Can't forget the Block "M" on top!
So, if you're ever in the White Lake area and see the Aquatic Tailgater...Say, "Hi!"

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