Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Les Miles - Off the Chart?

I hadn't realized that David Brandon and Les Miles disliked each other. But Brian Cook over at apparently made that pretty clear when I wasn't looking. Add to that this latest Les Miles debacle on a kid that got cut because LSU had "too many scholarship kids" signed and it seems pretty evident that ole Les might be pushing the rule book a little bit and leavin kids out in the cold.

I am constantly appalled as what goes on in the SEC as "acceptable" practices to over recruiting, over committing, and general disregard for honoring a 4 year scholarship. I have harped on and provided multiple links to the Satan tactics of telling Juniors and Seniors that haven't contributed or had any significant playing time that they are going on a medical scholarship to complete their education, but they are essentially getting kicked off the team for not developing the way the coaches wanted.

Yes, it's a business. But isn't all of this just a little sleazy? Not to mention - how do you think that kid feels?

And while I can understand Brian's wrath for Les, I'm personally not convinced that he won't be wearing Maize and Blue at some point in the future. But with all the other rumors flying around about Les, it's hard to believe at this point it would ever come to fruition.

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