Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some Good Tuesday Articles

If you haven't seen this in the Michigan Daily, Andy Reid has done a great job of summing up the life of "Little Man Tate". The funniest part to a practiced High School Prankster (Ask the MMQ sometime about the Car in the School hallway brought in through the Band Room) was the Detention Slips. That's a classic!

Also by Reid, I didn't know of the most recent goings on at Yost during Hockey games, but it appears that the Maize Rage, or whatever they are called at Yost, is a well organized, hip, and at times, vulgar group of individuals. But based on what I have heard and "seen" elsewhere in collegiate athletics, I think it's high time people wake up and realize that to a certain extent, college athletics have been rated at least PG or PG-13 since the 1970's and Michigan had the now defunct, but sometimes ressurected "Bull-SHIT" chant whenver there was a terrible referee call. I remember watching a home game on the tube when it was coming through loud and clear and the color guy on with Keith Jackson kept asking Keith, "What are they saying?" Keith just kept on talking and avoided the answer but the chant continued...Classic! And I don't remember fans getting ejected for that, either...

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