Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheese (head) Whiz......

You know, if I ever thought I would have lived long enough to see a total of 8 “Those Who Cannot” wins over two seasons for a grand total…I would have said you were nuts. I lived through the first “horror” of 6-6 in 1984 and it was enough to last a lifetime. Not to mention the 7-4 campaigns in the early 90’s…. I can’t imagine living through something like what is going on right now as a younger fan. My patience and attitude would be much different then from I am feeling with the current regime.

When I started this e-mail some 12 years ago that became a blog a couple of years ago, it was admittedly a lot more fun. I cheered. I complained. And in general, I believed.

Here’s the funny thing: I still do. Really. Like it or not. I believe we have the best coach that we can have at this point in time doing everything he can do to make this team better. Whether or not he can accomplish that and whether or not he has the right talent in here that can compete at the Big 10 level is another question altogether, but right now, it’s what we’ve got. And we have to be patient and let him get the personnel in hear that he needs to execute. Firing Robinson won’t solve anything, either. Getting better players that can mange the system will probably help. So go get them.

If you watch this team only in the first half, you begin to think they can actually play this game. Then the 2nd half starts…I really can’t begin to describe what happens, how it happens, or when it happens. It just happens.

It’s sad to see a wasted season for Brandon Graham. I think he is at least a 1st round pick on a team of never to be drafted players. Unless a whole bunch of people get a whole lot better really fast.

I wasn’t going to go into the coaching review until the end of the season as you probably aren’t going to like what I have to say, anyway. But, just to touch on it: The Rod is not our problem. Robinson is not our problem. Our problem lies in the fact that there was a “lame duck” head coach in the front office who thought he could get away with putting less effort into his final 2 years based on the juniors and seniors that he had. And he has laid before you the fruits of those efforts under the current coaching staff for all to see.

That Coach lost to App State – still think that doesn’t sting? That coach also hadn’t beaten OSU in 5 tries – it’s been since 2003, kiddies…. Folks, something was way wrong with this team long before the Rod got here. Granted, 2006 was a special time. When everything lined up and we thought we were on the verge of greatness, only to trip and fail miserably at OSU and then against USC.

That coach let defensive issues go unaddressed or was unable to address them in a timely manner with appropriate players. And when the time came to hand over the reins, well, the cupboard was indeed bare. So bare in fact that 85% of the scholarship players on “Those Who Cannot”s team are freshmen and sophomores…Not a winning combination.

Talk about firing the Rod all you want, but at the end of the day, they guy we should have been scrutinizing a whole lot closer was a coach who accomplished a great deal in his tenure and we gave him the benefit of the doubt. And maybe we shouldn’t have. We should have been a whole lot tougher on Lloyd Carr than we were…And NOW we’re paying the price.

Give the Rod your patience. I know everyone wants his head on a platter, but what will that solve?
I was going to comment on the CARA development, but time and space prohibits it at this point in time...Maybe Rich is gone after all. That would be "cause" and we all know what THAT means...

The Ledge – or the Race to 6-6…Sparty Wins!

1. Defense…Offense…no sense
2. OSU Home – We’ll be up, but so will they.

THOSE WHO CANNOT Reasons to pull one foot Off the Ledge:

The New Theme of the Rest of the Mess:

“Schadenfreude” - A German term for "shameful joy", taking pleasure in the suffering of others.
DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS) vs. PITT: Hee-hee….HAHAHAHA!.... Schadenfreude. I thought Domers might pull out the victory and save Wide End’s job…But now it looks like their really isn’t much that can save Wuzzles except that big, fat, buy out in his contract. Yeah, keep telling me that doesn’t matter. If Losingham would have negotiated better, he would still be there today, also. MY guess is they let him coach through the bowl, regardless of what happens in the next two games. Of which, I think they can only - maybe – win one. Regardless, Wuzzles sealed his fate on Saturday at 7:00 PM or there about. Actually, Brian Kelly might have done it the night before when his Cincinnati team beat WVU….
SPARTY vs. Spoilers: One of the best games of the day. Sparty tried and tried to lose it and ended up winning by default.
WVU vs. Cincinnati: Not a chance with WVU here. Granted, it was a close game, but the Domer’s next head coach managed the win just fine.
Cremesicles vs. Ole Miss: Lane Kiffin still isn’t sure what league he’s coaching in if he thinks he can coast on some teams…It’s the SEC Lane. You gotta show up every week.
Yellow Jackets at the Blue Devils: I’m a Wrambling Wreck from Georgia Tech and I drink My Whiskey Clear! I am actually liking GT. Could be a difficult bowl opponent for somebody.
IU vs. PSU: So close, and yet so far.
Stanford vs. Southern Cal: Schadenfreude. Pete Carrol’s preferential treatment of getting inside the velvet ropes at all the LA hotspots is done for this year. He knows what USC fans have come to expect, and he’s not delivering. Please check last week’s preview: Wait a minute – The team that Beat the Ducks is GETTING 11 from the team that lost to the Ducks? Has Vegas lost their minds or do they know something that I don’t? - Yeah, I don’t THINK so…Vegas has lost their minds and your MMQ called this one. Of course, I just wish I hadn’t called that Domer game….
IOWA vs. OSU: Wow. I really thought Iowa might pull it off…This would have been Ultra Schadenfreude. Unfortunately, we have to listen to the south of the border bucktards for another year.
Cornsuckers at Kansas: Cornsuckers are proving themselves worthy.
GATORLAND vs. The Ole Ball Coach: This could be a fate sealing game for Spurrier…He has to be tired of losing to his alma mater.
Auburn vs. Georgia: This could drive another spike in Richy Rich’s coffin…WAIT A MINUTE! The Puppy Dawgs find their cajones and pull off the victory! Not bad….
Texas AM vs. LATERS: Heh, heh….Your MMQ kind of blew this one. I am glad I didn’t take it as a betting game…Ahem…
$atan’s Warriors vs. Miss State: $atan’s Warriors stay on track to the title game…

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

1. Well, you know…Do I need to type it?
2. Yeah, I do. It’s cathartic…WE SUCK!
3. There. I feel better.
4 No, I really don’t…..
5. Sparty is starting to figure out how to win close games. It only took them forever.
6. Come on Iowa!...God, I am rooting for the children of the corn.
7. But I would rather have OSU off a victory, if there’s any chance.
8. I know, there’s no chance. But they have to play the game.
9. Of course, that might be worse. If I just take the loss, it’s another loss.
10. Playing could be greater humiliation than I can stand.
11. What REALLY happened to Michigan?
12. Firing The Rod does what, exactly?
13. Do you want to be in the same spot again in two years time?
14. Of course, I guess the Domers thought they had the answer when Wide End won early…and five years later, they’re still a 6-6 or 7-5 team…
15. Maybe great things will come in time?
16. I believe, I believe, I believe…..Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.
17. In what, I can’t really say for sure…Track records, desire to prove the world wrong, The Rod becoming infected with the Wolverine Pride.
18. Someone PLEASE explain to the Rod that you can win this game with desire.
19. I wonder what coach will “Wake Up The Echoes…..”
20. BK makes sense. It really does
21. Will “makes sense” and “Those Who Cannot” ever fall in the same sentence again?

The Hot Seat

Seeing as how we must have a lot of Sports Fans that read the Ole MMQ and you can’t seem to shake the image of Erin Andrews in her underwear, I have decided to pull out all the stops and see if we can’t somehow make it a race going into the end of the season for the Hot Seat Mascot of The Year. And, in order to do that and to make the voting tougher, well, we have to bring in the Big Guns. Without further ado, this week’s Hot Seat Mascot: Cindy Margolis!

Now, if this doesn't beat Erin Andrews, I guess we just name Erin the Annual Hot Seat Mascot and I will ask you all to send your best photos of Erin in for the remainder of the year!

DON’T FORGET! You can vote for the Annual Hot Seat Mascot! Pick the Hot Seat Mascot that you think should be the Hot Seat Mascot of the Year. If you can’t decide on one, that’s okay. You can vote for multiple Mascots Every Week. I will post the Leader in the Vote getting on the Side Bar.


We have had a number of minor dismissals already (Western Kentucky, Mid Tenn State), but the MMQ has decided that we are only going to track the big names. And I am sure that we are going to see some shake-ups this year…

1. Wuzzles – Oh Charlie…We’ll miss you at Michigan…We really will.
2. Rich Rod – He’s not getting canned, but the Flame is on HIGH - especially after the CARA deal.
3. Bobby Bowden – one last gasp…
4. Al Groh – Virgina isn’t going anywhere – he’s toast.
5. The Ole Ball Coach – Sigh…Whatever happened to fun ole Steve?
6. Richy Rich –He’ll survive, but you just don’t want his job right now.


Zookie – I guess he’s here till season end


Colorado vs. Okie State – It’s on, I’ll watch, but I don’t know why….

Every Day Should Be Saturday
The Big Game: There is only one Game. It’s us vs. The Evil Vested Empire…
Tex Tech vs. Laters: Stoops might get upset one more time? Maybe?
Uconn at DOMERS: Uh-oh…The Save Charlie’s Job push will be even stronger this week. Too much, too little, too late?
PSU vs. SPARTY: Okay, Sparty. Do you want to play in Detroit? Or Florida? Or Texas? That’s worth playing for….
LMU vs. Ole Miss: LMU better look out. Ole Miss is playing for Bowl Position.


Your MMQ was 1-1 this week…Lover the Cardinal – JEEZ I HATE THE DOMERS!. Just when I thought you would come out and play for your coach….

Hmm….There just aren’t any upsets that look appealing to me this week…There was one I had in mind, but Sparty needs to play hard at home. I can’t go there, not yet, anyway. But this will be the first of a couple of posts this week, so I might predict an upset later.

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