Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Charlie's Fat in the Fire

Well, I guess it's somewhat official. Charlie has to delay (cancel?) his west coast recruiting trip and meet with $warbuck$ on Tuesday after the Stanford game. has the news....

So, why is this telling? Coaches are allowed to visit recruits at home only ONCE while they are recruiting. This gives the new coach a chance to visit any recruits Charlie was planning on visiting out there an opportunity to make that trip if the new coach so chooses...

Now, I guess, it's just a matter of waiting till Tuesday for what is probably the worst kept secret in all of Head Coaching at the collegiate level.

Problem is, there have been so little "rumors" on all of this with respect to who the new guy is. I would think that the Domers would have learned from the Michigan Fiasco that it's better to have some feelers out there before you can your guy...But then, maybe the Domers are simply to above it all to believe that they need feelers.

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