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Mid-Week Round-Up #10

Upon Further Review…

How Good WAS Khaleke Hudson’s Performance?

Pretty Damn Good... From the Detroit News

The coaches went over the film along with Dave Ablauf, a UM associate athletic director, and they found some inconsistencies that did not translate to the stat sheet. Hudson, who plays the viper in Don Brown’s defense, originally was credited with 13 tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss, two sacks and a fumble recovery.
Hudson picked up two tackles, including 1.5 tackles for loss during the review of the game. In the third quarter during Minnesota’s drive that began with 12:53 left, quarterback Demry Croft was sacked by Hudson for a 17-yard loss, but the original stat sheet credited defensive end Chase Winovich. In that same series, Hudson was credited for sharing in a tackle for loss.
So after the review Hudson finished with 15 tackles, three sacks, eight tackles for loss and a forced fumble. The eight tackles for loss are a single-game Big Ten record and also tie the NCAA record.
So Hudson is permanently in the record books and The Team has that going for them, which is nice…

Regarding the Offense:  I was a little more disappointed with the offensive play after catching a replay of the game.  Too many 3 and outs, the passing game is still very suspect and Peters was on his back way too many times.  I only counted three tackles for loss in the stadium but I think the actual number was 4.  He also had some rushed throws and the concussion protocol from the one sack was also somewhat unnerving.  Pass Pro needs to get better fast if Michigan holds out any hope with regards to defeating Wiscy and the suckeyes…And that 10 yards per carry will not last.  Okay, this weekend it will (or may be even more?) but against Wiscy and suckeyes, no.

But let’s all take a breath and remember that this was still just Peters’ second game.  He’ll get to review tape and figure some stuff out

That is all.

I Really Hope You’ve Been Reading Dr. Sap’s “The Climb” –  Part IX:  Judgment Day

They’re really good game day summaries and if you lived 1997, you’ll enjoy the re-caps.  If you didn’t live it or are too young to remember it, Sap delivers it in a way that makes you feel like you were there….

The Best Excerpt:

“When Woodson busted loose, the flood gates were open and the rout was on. The stadium fell quiet quickly as I believe that was the biggest deficit they had faced at home since they joined the league. In the second-half there was not much action actually, but at some point in the PSU crowd tried to get their trademark “We Are, Penn State” chant going. But each time it was started, it was getting louder and louder in our sections with UM fans screaming “#1” after “we are.”

Another Good One:  After the game, students stormed the lawn in front of the President’s House on South U.  Instead of calling the cops, Bollinger invited them inside!

“You can stay here as long as you want and come inside,” Bollinger said as he welcomed students into the house on South University Avenue, according to Michigan Daily reports.
The 1,000 plus students packed into every room of the house.
Then-Kinesiology sophomore Bob Lehrer was among those who made himself at home in Bollinger’s bedroom.
“I sat on Lee Bollinger’s bed and was watching football on TV,” Lehrer told the Daily. “I called from his phone to my answering machine and left a message. He gave me a hug and on the way out he said he loved us all.”
Bollinger reported that nothing was missing or broken after students left, although several students claimed to have stolen beer from the president’s refrigerator.
It’s Worse Than I Thought…

Yes, I’m afraid the football Valhalla God’s would need to do a lot of interfering in order for there to be any chance for Michigan to get a shot at a B1G East Title and a shot at the Championship.
MaizeNBrew sums it up here pretty well.  Better than I did Monday, but I pretty much had the picture. 
Going back to one of my earlier rants.  Michigan would have a SLIGHTLY better shot at making it into the B1G Championship if the B1G got rid of divisions and went back to the old way of figuring out where teams ranked.  Conference records and then overall records after the head-to-head tie breaker.  Better chance, but still highly improbable.  If the B1G would go to 10 games, it would help somewhat, also
Who Was Talking About Firing Meyer?
Eleven Warriors is the enemy website I follow and there wasn’t any one group, but there was a post and a bunch of Tweets calling for Urban Legend’s head.  However, I did read that game re-cap and I will say that I’d be more pissed if I was an Iowa fan.  Iowa did things that they hadn’t done all season.  They were 14 of 28 first down passing plays (50%) and the entire season only had them passing 36% on 1st down.  When you do that and a defense is geared up to stop the run, advantage Hawkeyes.  I also read (and saw) that they were disguising coverages on Barrett and almost baiting him into to throwing to the wrong spot/guy.  And the suckeye defense had several brain farts during the game that left guys wide open. 
All good stuff…
The Iowa “Trick Play”
I’m glad somebody wrote this up.  It’s a great read and make sure you go all the way to the end.
If you didn’t see it:  This is a legal formation and the snapper is actually eligible.  He pauses before releasing downfield (which is how he got so open) and makes the catch.  Great Call, Great Play.
NCSU:  And Now The Police Are Asking for Help…
I know that referees are simply trying to do the best job they can - in most cases.  Other times, I’m not so sure and there should be a referee clearing house and crew review regarding who can ref which games, prior to the game taking place.  (Last year’s suckeyes – Michigan Game, for example).  From the game summary:
N.C. State was flagged six times for 69 yards in the loss, including an illegal procedure penalty on fourth down with less than a minute remaining in the game. That call negated a 24-yard completion, and Wolfpack quarterback Ryan Finley threw an interception on the following play to seal the loss.
Asked about the officiating after the game, N.C. State coach Dave Doeren told local reporters, “I wish it was a lot better.”
I agree with the illegal procedure penalty.  But the play in question was just prior to that on the last drive of the game where it appeared that Clemson may have committed Pass Interference (They Did) and it wasn’t called – The MMQ
I couldn’t locate a clip of just the PI, so here’s the whole game.  Jump to the 2:46 mark if you want to see the play and then wait for the fans reaction of the replay on the stadium jumbotron.  It was PI.  NCSU had been marching down the field and they should have got that call.
And here’s a clip of fans throwing stuff at the officials after the game and what appears to be a state trooper identifying two different guys to “turn themselves in” as he runs through the tunnel?
Good luck with that.   Look:  officials are paid well ($3,000/game, more for Championships = $36K - $50K annually) and while they shouldn’t be subjected to injury, an accidental cold beverage getting dumped over their head due to fan outrage isn’t the end of the world, at least, I don’t think it is.  Especially if you really blew a call. These are extremely passionate fans and you should get out of the business if you can’t handle the heat
You should see some softball parents lose it with the umps sometime.  But hey, that’s the job. 
Another thought:  Why can’t all questionable hits/calls be reviewed from the booth, even if there’s no flag?  They would have got that one right (I think).  It was clearly PI.  The booth could hit a switch to the Referee on the field that would alert him to the fact that a penalty has occurred.  Simple…
The CFP Committee Has Spoken
And the B1G is on the outside looking in for the time being.  I still believe if Wiscy wins out (Tall Order) they’re in.  Somehow.  Where it gets interesting is if we get a little more chaos in the top 4.  Or if we get another 2-loss Conference Champion from either the SEC or ACC.  THEN it gets very interesting.  WAR EAGLE!!! 

“Clearly the program has peaked under Meyer, its all downhill” - (Ohio State)
“Did we actually hire someone worse than Charlie?” - (Texas)
“If there was a prize for targeting, we would win that for sure” - (UCLA)
“Is this your lowest day as a Razorback fan?” -
“We wanted Bama” - (Penn State)
CFB Imperialism Map
Iowa RULES!!!
IF the Vols Lose To Mizzou
They will own the worst streak ever and something that hasn’t ever happened in the SEC.  EVER (since expansion).  They will have a losing record and streak against EVERY SEC TEAM.  That seems impossible, but it’s true. 
Whitaker Is Left Off the Supplemental HOF Induction List…And That’s WRONG!

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