Thursday, October 27, 2016

FMQ Week #9

Idle Thoughts From The Week

-Can we do something about 8:00 PM World Series starts….Please?

-People think I’ve got…what’s that disease where you fall asleep at any time?


-Yes!  Just looked it up!

-Right before I nodded off…..

-Game 1 – Cleveland!

-Game 2 – Cubbies!

-1 of these teams is GOING TO WIN THE WORLD SERIES!

-Meaning:  There’s hope for the Lions….

-Speaking of Cleveland:

-Mike C. on the distribution was at BOTH EVENTS on Tuesday night

-At Quicken Loans to see King James get his ring

-Then over to Progressive to catch game 1

-THAT’S a Sports Fan’s wet dream, if you ask me….

-BTW – Cities with Two Sport Champions in the same year?  Multiple….New York, LA, Boston, Chicago, Etc….

-Baseball – Football, Football – Basketball, and Basketball-Baseball…and Hockey in there, too….

-I looked it up.

-Can you name the only city that has held 3 Champion Titles in the same year?

-Hint:  Baseball – Football – Hockey

-2nd Hint:  You’ll never believe it….

-3rd Hint:  Old English D – Honolulu Blue – Octopus

-I know!  I couldn’t believe it, either…..1935 was the year. 

-Use that for your next Bar-Trivia win-a-drink game….

-If Michigan were a 23 point favorite against EMU, gambolors would be laying points like call girls laying clients on a Saturday night in Vegas….

-EMU’s offense currently ranks 87th in the nation…

-sparty’s offense:  89th

-Just sayin’…..

-Still having trouble figuring out how ohio led every statistical category against PSU…and lost.

-That was some 4th quarter.  BTN has been running an “Enhanced” version of that game.

-Check it out!

-And PSU-osu and Bama-A&M are perfect examples of Transitive Property NOT APPLYING!

-A&M should have beat Tennessee by a couple of scores - except for mistakes.

-Hence, should have been a close game with Bama.

-PSU was DESTROYED in the Big House…..49-10.

-Hence, osu should have covered…


-Is it Saturday yet?

A Halloween Story…..

This rivalry, while only a rivalry in the State of Michigan, is historically a lopsided, Michigan dominated affair…until the last 10 years.  They’ve been brutal, and Michigan fans admit “IT”.  We haven’t liked “IT”, but at least we admit “IT”.  And “IT” apparently returns every 27 years or so and manifests in some terrifying way…

After “The Horror 2” (The Punt that Wasn’t) things began to get really out of hand…an upset in Columbus was inexplicable...”IT” osu’d the suckeyes with a back-up QB…

“IT” had turned into a hideous, evil thing that could not be contained nor could “IT” be subdued.  “IT”, (players, students and fans combined), somehow found its way into the CFP last season after inexplicably winning the B1G in Indy for a 2nd time.  “IT” lucidly became cognizant as an uncontrollable ever growing existence and “Michigan Men” were required to be “nice” on New Year’s Eve 2015 and support “IT” with encouraging words and golf claps as we secretly cheered on Bama.   Mercifully, “IT” was immediately and humiliatingly bounced from the CFP. 

But had “IT” been destroyed?  Would “IT” manifest again the following season?

While perhaps not directly related, some think the results of this season up to this point may be Karma.   Because this green and white team’s QB was dismissive and rudely disrespectful to one of College Football’s GOAT: two time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin!!  Sparty has gone 2-6 since that half ass of a half ass took the championship trophy from Archie.

Karma’s a BITCH!  And she takes no prisoners and shows no quarter…

Some of these “IT” fans claim that Michigan Men had to wander the desert for the “Little Brother Comments”.  Other fans of “IT” claimed that Michigan’s “Rule of the State” was over and that the Wolverines would never be back to a position of dominance. 

If that’s true, then how do you explain this season?  Is it a fluke?  Just an “oops” on Antonio’s and sparty’s part? 

Tell you what – to any and all of the sparty bretheren reading this:  Michigan, under the coaching of Jim Harbaugh, will NEVER lose or be on the verge of losing 6 games in a row.  Won’t happen. 

And maybe, “IT” can be vanquished for another 27 years…until “IT” inevitably reveals itself again….


As I was stumbling through this week’s spreads, it dawned on me that there’s a lot of “potentials” out there.  As in, some teams have the potential to screw up perfect seasons or potentially eliminate other teams from the CFP discussion altogether. 

Those teams:

Sparty vs. MICHIGAN

FSU vs. Clemson

Utah vs. Washington

Okie State vs. WVU

Texas vs. Baylor

Wiscy vs. Nebraska

Know what all the teams listed FIRST have in common?  They’re all playing at HOME this weekend.  Home field advantage, rivalry games…..Could this be a set-up for the first “Black Saturday” of 2016?

Could be!!!


Last week, Radio Shack created about as much havoc as The Dude did two weeks ago.  I hate to go right back to the Magic 8-Ball, but it will make a re-appearance at some point.  This week I’ll be looking for someone or something that can right the ship and put us back on the winning track.  Last week’s results – not pretty…


Feeling a little reckless this week as I feel dialed in on one particular game.  I know that’s not wise…but, whatever.  Posting on Thursday again to get a bet on tonight’s game.   Big Game for the ACC and I think I’ve got a read on it.  And seeing as how I don’t get much respect (regarding my picks, that is), I’ve invited the late, great Al Czervik to help me out this week and get us into the green! 

Thursday Night Lights!

VaTech @ Pitt (+3)

VaTech is playing really good football.  I can’t explain the Syracuse game with the exception that – College Football – and I think VaTech is easily a TD and a half better than Pitt.  Pitt’s been sliding and Narduzzi is wondering if sparty is going to call him home.  Al, what do you think.  “Jeez, the last time I saw a pick like that it had a hook in it!  No way Pitt doesn’t cover!”   Hmmmm…

Ignore Al and take Va Tech and lay the 3 for $25


Gophers @ Illinois (+3.5)

The fuzzy rodents have been in the up and down mode all season: big wins followed by fluky losses or close games.  But, if the theory holds, this SHOULD be an up game on the road at the Illini.  Giving up 32 to Rutgers is really giving me a reason to pause, however, as the Illini are not terrible on offense.  Al, really need your help here.  “You’re telling me you’d lay points and bet money on a school that has a mascot that looks like a kangaroo???”

Sigh, Take Illinois and 3.5 for $25

Georgia @ Florida (-7)

Georgia is having a train-wreck of a season.  Still, Florida only giving 7 in this game sort of made me scratch my head.  I wondered out loud what am I missing and looked at the stats.  The Dawgs have some decent numbers, just nothing showing up in the W-Column.  Still, in the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, I think I like the Gators covering.  Al, what’s the word?  “You actually make money doin’ this?  You’d be better off trying to make $14 the hard way!” 

Okay, take the Dawgs and the 7 for $25

Northwestern @ the suckeyes (-27)

In the last three weeks, Northwestern has been able to put up points on people.  This spread opened at 23 and has moved to 27.  I like to call this the “suckeyes lose and the next team pays dearly for it” affect.  However, I think the Purple Kitties passing attack that’s woken up in the last couple of games keeping it closer than that.  Al, some direction please.  “That pick resembles low grade dog food.  Why don’t you go scare up another round of drinks for our table?”

Screw Al - Take Northwestern and the 27 for $50

Maryland @ Indiana (-5)

Maryland coming off a pretty big emotional win.  The Hosers just lost and should be able to beat Derk’s Terps at home and cover easily.  Still, Maryland could play keep away – they rushed for over 200 yards against sparty – and Indiana might have trouble with that Defense.  I still think I like the Hosers….Al?  “Great Pick, Beautiful Pick….Now I know why Gamblers eat their young!” 

Jeez!!!  Take Maryland and the 5 for $25

Nebraska @ Wiscy (-9)

Wiscy at home at night.  Home in a night game has proven to be a good thing for home teams when looking at the spread this season.  But 9 seems like a lot to lay in a game that could be decided in OT.  I think I like the Huskers getting that many points, right Al?  “You’d be better off getting head from Amelia Earhart…”

Who invited this guy?  I’m still taking the Huskers and the 9 for $50

Clemson @ FSU (+4.5)

Seminoles getting points at home.  Jimbo Fisher SHOULD be able to get this team up for this game.  Replacements are playing better and Tallahassee should be rockin’!  I think I like another home dog here!  Mr. Czervik? “You shoulda’ stayed home and played with yourself!”   

Grrrrr…Take Clemson and lay the 4.5 for $25

Cremesicles @ South Carolina (+13)

Cremesicles laying 13 points on the road…But it’s South Carolina who can’t score more than 14 points in any game against sec opposition.  I like Cremesicles here laying points.  Should be an easy one.  Ahem….Al??? “You make a pick like that and it oughta’ come with a free bowl of soup!  It looks good on you though!” 

Whatever…Take the Cremesicles and lay the 13 for $25

Michigan @ Sparty (+23.5) O/U -  54

Wow - this spread opened at 18 (and I JUMPED ALL OVER IT) and it has shot up to 23.5 faster than a sparty grad making french fries joke getting re-tweeted on Twitter.  Everybody in Vegas is laying a lot of steam on Michigan and nobody likes sparty and their unicorn offense (It doesn't exist), even as a 3 TD dog…I’m laying points here as Michigan has mostly covered this season and revenge is in the air.  Al?  What do you think? 

“Moose, Rocco….Help Sparty here find his check book! 

Hey Everybody – We’re all gonna’ get laid!” 

Take Michigan and lay the 18 for $250 (That’s not a typo)


3 teams pays 6-1

Michigan – Nebraska - Northwestern $50

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