Thursday, October 6, 2016

FMQ Week #6

Hard to believe it’s week #6 already in the College Football Season!  My how time flies when the games begin!

I was reflecting a little and going back and reading some past entries…What a difference 2 seasons can make.  2 seasons ago Michigan was firing its AD BranDictator and its football team was on its way to 5-7 and sitting at home for the holidays.  I like it this way a lot better!

Something else I like that I saw posted by the Bentley Library is one of the Football Applications that you need to fill out if you want to play football at the University of Michigan.  They had shared one of my favorite applications was that of old number 98, Tom Harmon.

The answer to the last question when asked if he will do everything to be the best physically, mentally, spiritually in order to put the best of yourself on the field every Saturday is classic:  I know damn well I will!

I have a feeling that Harmon and Harbaugh would have been good friends had they been in school at the same time…

Controversy of the Week!

Unfortunately, Title IX appears to be rearing its ugly head again.  This time, the latest Title IX Director at Baylor (Patty Crawford) who was hired in 2014 amid what has to be the biggest scandal that any school has faced regarding alleged student stalking, sexual misconduct, sexual assault, and rape, has resigned her position after a failed mediation. Read the entire story here.

But get this:  She now ALSO has a Title IX lawsuit against the University! Her attorney (Dunn) released a statement summarizing:

"I don't know of any other time I can think of where a Title IX coordinator has filed a Title IX complaint against the institution, resigned in protest, [has] been retaliated against and spoken out," Dunn said

It all stems from the fact that she claims the University kept her from doing her job and was not allowing her to fully investigate the cases that were brought forth.  But, in other news, Baylor shot back with this statement that came from the arbitration hearing that was supposed to be kept confidential:

Baylor officials released a statement late Monday night announcing Crawford's resignation, and university spokeswoman Tonya Lewis told the Waco (Texas) Tribune on Tuesday

that Crawford's "demand for $1 million was surprising and her request to retain book and movie rights was troubling,

and we can't explain her motivation."

Dunn wouldn't confirm details of the mediation because it would be a violation of the law, but he told Outside the Lines that Crawford, "never had any plans to pursue a book or movie deal."

"That's nonsense," he said. "It's a desperate move by Baylor to try to smear her, and here they violated the law once again."

WE can’t explain her motivation??? 

Or they just don’t want to call her out?  I’ll do it for them!!!   See where this is going?  This woman, who was a director for the exact thing that she’s supposed to be policing, decided that the job was too much, or perhaps there was systemic misconduct (still not proven) and she figured it wasn’t worth fighting.  So she decides to try mediation to resolve her issues.  The mediation fails (meaning she wasn’t reading the tea leaves correctly) and she makes all the noise she can to come out of the deal looking like the hero, even though someone or some people disagreed with her – and now she’s attempting to get paid off for walking away from the entire mess as well. 

I’m not condoning any type of sexual aggression or misconduct against women.  I ashamed and appalled at what has allegedly happened at Baylor.  But when someone uses a situation that’s as volatile as the Baylor Title IX situation for her own financial benefit and opens up a shit-storm of bad publicity to further her cause and tries to make herself look good, I start to smell something very fishy in Denmark.  And I think the mediation judge (or board – whichever it was) agrees with me.

What better University to pour a cup of gasoline on to a fire that has been burning for over 2 years?  Where is public support and opinion going to fall if a female Title IX director comes out and condemns the school for something they’ve more or less been found guilty of in the court of popular opinion?  It sounded like Baylor fired just about everybody associated with anything having to do with the misconducts – with the exception of the Baylor Football Assistant coaches.  After the PSU Scandal, would any University ANYWHERE be anything less than supportive of a Title IX Director in the middle of the worst allegations in school history?  But Crawford decides that due to the fact that people treat her with a wariness warranted only for pit vipers and hungry mountain lions (due to the fact that she might blow a whistle on some of them, perhaps?) that they’re not letting her get her job done.  She hires a lawyer, files the lawsuit and demands cash.  I guess I’m asking:  What can a University do to defend itself from that type of attack when it’s in the middle of the biggest scandal it will ever face?

My Take:  This will piss some people off – So be it.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times:  Go back to where all this started.  For 40 years, Title IX has been and is an abomination on the face of higher learning and athletics.  What makes it even worse is now, people like Crawford are using it as a weapon for her (their) own financial gain.  While it was originally meant to help female STUDENT ATHLETES in a University setting that was receiving government aid, it’s now being used and misused by non-students trying to further their own careers. 

Dump Title IX and re-write the entire thing – which includes getting rid of quotas for male and female athletes, which deprives so many male student athletes a chance to play collegiate sports.  And let the law of the land deal with legal issues, sexual assault, and sexual misconduct vs. Universities having to be their own police and get rid of the need for “Title IX Directors”.    

Controversy of the Week #2!

Because this ties to last week’s COTW, I thought I should share.  Some East Carolina University Band members made a really bad move last Saturday and knelt during the National Anthem.  Again, as you may know, kneeling, raising your fist, WHATEVER, now covers the entire spectrum of supporting BLM to unjust racial relations and prejudice in just about any setting.  It’s not just about the words in the National Anthem anymore.  In other words, it’s become too broad in its interpretation to make any sense to anyone as to what you’re trying to protest and/or support.  And the chorus is united and strong coming out against such actions when it comes to the National Anthem.

The local radio station that has broadcast ECU football games (forever) has stated that it won’t be broadcasting this Saturday’s game in a “protest of the protest”.  Players demonstrating is one thing, but you’re in the band.  That’s a privilege.  The team isn’t going to win or lose any more with you there or not there.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few band members get the boot out of the marching band. In fact, the school came out in a statement after first praising the band and stated that the band would no longer be demonstrating during the Anthem due to all the negative feedback from fans and the general public.   

My take:  I agree with and support the radio station.  Stop screwing around with the National Anthem.  If you want to support or protest the BLM or any other current societal issue, go do it on the Diag or whatever student forum you want to voice and show your support on YOUR OWN TIME.  Let America have its National Anthem back. 

But, as always – see both sides.


What a difference a week makes….

And this time, it was in the wrong direction.  Miserable, miserable results with two Vegas Wins games to boot (Vegas wins when the favored team covers the spread “EXACTLY” and has to pay No ONE!)

Last week’s results and where we stand:


This week there are some good games and I’m only going with the strongest statistical evidence and whatever The Magic 8-Ball says to do!

Friday Night Lights!!!

Clemson (5-0) @ Boston College (3-2):  (+17)

I’ve seen multiple arguments that BC has one of if not thee best Defense in the ACC.  And they are the best 3-2 team out there.  I’ve seen Clemson beat the best and I have a feeling that they’ll win this one walking away.  Magic 8-Ball Says:  You May Rely On It!

Take Clemson and lay the 17 points for $25


Oklahoma (2-2) @ Texas (2-2):  (+10)

Texas getting 10 points in this game seems a little insulting to Texas.  I’m not sure C. Strong can pull off the big upset again like they did last year.  This is a BIG GAME for Charlie and company as it may be the one that decides his fate (assuming it’s not already decided – but I think it is).  I’ll take Big Game Bob.  Magic 8-Ball Says:  Reply Hazy – Try Again.  Uh-oh…...

I’ll still take the Laters and lay the 10 for $25

MARYLAND (4-0) @ PSU (3-2):   (+1.5)

Maryland has to lay points on the road coming off a 4-Win season last year at what’s supposed to be the 4th Powerhouse of the B1G East.  Somebody knows something kind of like I know something.  Durkins Terps are for real and he’s got an offensive coordinator that won’t let up.  With PSU’s defensive injuries, I see value in the Terps here.  Not only that, but Durkin has probably talked to Harbaugh more than once this week to figure out how to manage Franklin and the Nittany Nuthins… Magic 8-Ball Says:  Don’t Count On It.  Nuts……

I’m ignoring the 8-Ball here and I’ll still take the Terps and lay the 1.5 for $25

LSU (3-0) @ Florida (4-1):  (+3)

Here’s another “strong” SEC East Team getting points at home.  LSU and the new found offense under Coach “O” is going to go after that Gator defense much the same way Tennessee did, I’m guessing.  Without Fournette, they will have to go to the air.  I like LSU and their receivers to make a statement.  Magic 8-Ball Says:  As I See It – YES!  HA-HA!!!

Take LSU and lay the 3 for $50

Iowa @ Gophers (+1)

Jeez…This is more or less a pick-em game.  Iowa stinks on ice this season and has mostly everyone back.  Is Ferentz simply taking this season off because of the huge extension?  Will Iowa wake up sooner or later this season?  The Gophers are a good team, but let PSU back in the game last week….This is a BIG GAME for Coach Claeys.  He needs a win to keep TCF Field full of fans…or the new AD will be looking for a sexy hire come December.  I like the Gophers here.  Magic 8 Ball Says:  Very Doubtful.  Oh boy….. 

Okay – follow the 8-Ball’s advice and take Iowa and lay the 1 for $25

Domers (2-3) @ NC State (3-1):  (-2.5)

I’m not going to say that this is the Electric Chair of Death Game for Kelly, but losing this one would not bode well for him.  In fact, it’ll be at least 5 more games before he could get to 0.500 assuming another loss in there at Miami.  NC State is playing good football right now and probably feels insulted by being considered part of the “weak” ACC schedule.  I’ll take the Wolfpack at home getting points.  Magic 8-Ball Says:  Without a Doubt!  YES!!!  JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!!!!

Take NC State and lay the 2.5 for $25

BYU (2-3) @ SPARTY (2-2):  (-6)

This is a tough game.  Sparty is in the “Desperate Need to Win Mode” if you believe the Football Stats website.   Sparty’s best chance of winning 7 or 8 games starts right here and now.  Problem is, BYU has an incredible offense that can – guess what – pass.  And that’s Sparty’s biggest weakness – Defensive Secondary.  Add to the fact that Malik McDowell sits for the first half (Targeting Ejection) and it could get ugly earlier, with Sparty having to fight back.  I’m not saying it’s a Hot Seat game for Dontanio, but his seat would be getting warm with a loss.  Still, I predicted Sparty to lose 2 or 3 out of this 5 game stretch and this was one of them.  Take BYU and the 6 points.   Magic 8-Ball Says:  Better Not Tell You Now…  Hmmmmm..

Take BYU and the 6 for $25

Indiana (3-1) @ suckeyes (4-0):  (-28.5)

The hook finally showed up on this line and I think that’s what all the bettors were waiting for.  I actually think K. Wilson and the Hosers might keep it closer than this so I see a lot of value in IU.  Take the Hosers and the points.   Magic 8-Ball Says:  Outlook Good! 

Take Indiana and the 28.5 for $50

Michigan (5-0) @ Rutgers (2-3):  (+28)

The suckeyes just hung 58 on this team at home.  I’ve seen the Rutgers offense. Not Good.  Their defense is also atrocious.  This is one of the worst B1G teams in the conference – next to Purdon’t.  Assuming Michigan scores once a quarter (feasible) and Jimmy wants to build some confidence in his kicking squad, this margin should be manageable – assuming the kickers make a kick or two.  I’ll also bet that there’s a Defensive TD in there somewhere and Peppers does something… and assuming Jimmy doesn’t pull starters earlier than usual I like Michigan to cover….     Magic 8-Ball Says:  Concentrate and Ask Again.  Ok.  Asking Again:  It is Certain! 

Take Michigan and lay the 28 for $75


3 teams pays 6-1

Michigan – LSU –Indiana for $50

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