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FMQ Week #7

The FMQ…Cause Sometimes Monday Just Isn’t Enough!

I get so wound up Sunday nights thinking about what I’m going to write about on Monday and I get things quasi-organized in my head so I don’t overlook anything.  Hit on this, mention that, don’t forget about that….But invariably some stuff gets left out.

So, in no particular order, here’s some stuff:

I can’t say enough about Corso and the head set!  Here’s a clip that the folks at ESPN put together that’s worth the watch if you didn’t see it Saturday!  The crazy high-jinks of Coach Corso are what make GameDay more watchable and you just never know what he’s going to do next!


Brian Kelly’s legacy is worse than that of Willingham and Weis.  That’s according to several mantra’s at Rock’s House and they’re still caterwauling for the ouster of Kelly.  Again, one of the posters who is fairly logical in his approach and gets his facts pretty straight noted that while Willngham was inept and Weiss was arrogant, Kelly has been able to weave both of these skill sets together in a brilliant display of arrogant ineptitude toward players and fans.  Tickets are getting mailed back to the university and student protests and walkouts are planned for the Stanford game and everything in Domerland seems to be tumbling down…just the way we like it. 

Speaking of Tumbling Down:   Sparty now has less than a 20% chance to win 6 games and become Bowl Eligible per Bill Connely’s SP+ Power Rankings.


If you haven’t followed or don’t follow Bill, his rankings are very accurate and get even more accurate for future results as the season progresses.  The rapid fall in some of the percentages has to do with Sparty only gaining about 500 total yards in the last two games.  And I’m not entirely sure this offense could score in a women’s prison with a handful of pardons.   (Point of reference:  Toledo lit BYU up for 550 yards and 50 some points the Saturday before BYU came to East Lansing).  Sparty had a paltry 200 yards against BYU and fewer points.   And, in turn, Sparty is giving up over 400 yards per game on defense and the turnover ratio has gone in the opposite direction, from Sparty plus to Sparty NEGATIVE.   Add all that up and you don’t have a very good football team.  In order, Sparty’s games as they remain:


Probability to Win
@ Maryland
@ Illinois


Do all the math (Take the highest win percentages of 4 of the last 7 games) and that figures out to about 20% to get to 6 wins.  This assumes that they will win against Northwestern (+5), which, I dunno.  O’Connor is out and Terry is in.  Let’s see what he can do to inspire the offense with a full week of reps.  But I wouldn’t chant his name when he’s trying to complete a pass.
Lose Saturday and it’s probably over.  It could be a long holiday season for Sparty Fans.  Especially when hoops season starts and multiple replays of 15-seed Middle Tennessee State taking down Sparty as a 2-seed start showing up on the BTN Basketball re-runs.  I hate watching Michigan losses but come to find out, some of the highest BTN ratings and most watched football game replays are Michigan losses.  Haterz gonna’ hate….Michigan has the highest “win Percentage (92%)” when they meet Sparty on October 29th (already 19 point favorites), but you can throw that out the window.  Sparty will be up and ready with their brass knuckles under their gloves and iron bars in their arm pads.  Bring it on!

Having now seen a BTN60 replay of Michigan-Rutgers (I will admit that I didn’t watch every down in real time as, you know, social events on Saturday evenings can and will get in the way of games at times), the flag on Jabrill’s Punt return for a TD had to be one of the most, if not THE MOST ticky-tack call I’ve seen all season.  Again, if scoring plays are reviewable, why are not ALL SCORING PLAYS that have PENALTIES called not reviewable?  That guy just took a great highlight tape away from Jabrill.  Bad form B1G Refs….Bad Form.

Texas Football is a Cesspol – Kirk Herbstreit. I couldn’t find a youtube link on this Monday, but it was on my mind to share with the hive.  I finally found a clip last night.


During Game Day, Herbie more or less stated that Charlie will be financially fine and if he does get released from Texas, he’ll also be released from the Cess-Pool that is Texas Football.  One of Herbie’s best analysis ever and probably couldn’t have been more on point.  And interesting side note to all of this:  Manny Diaz, the former “fired” Texas Defensive Coordinator, is now at Miami under Mark Richt and has that defense playing great!  So, Texas, I ask you:  Is it you or is it you?   I pity the next guy that winds up at Texas, unless he wins early.  And even then it’ll be a quagmire that never ends.  Kind of like Domers….

It’s been two seasons and I thought I would never miss Mark May, Coach Holtz and Reece Davis…But man, College Football Final is really un-watchable.  I miss May and Holtz going at it and poor Reece sitting there trying to calm them down.  Where’s the energy on that show?  Adnan Virk is terrible as a host and Kannel and ohio boy Galloway suck.  Either get a new producer or get somebody else in there to fix that mess….Give it some energy and some more interesting back and forth and somebody who could give you Mark May type of insight.  Please.  For the fans everywhere – DO SOMETHING!


Last week in one word:  YAHOOOOOO!!!!!!


I read somewhere on line (So it HAS TO BE TRUE) that women’s brains experience the same shot of dopamine levels when they find a bargain shopping and when they have an orgasm (which was actually another “Tailgate Topic!” If you’re missing the games you’re missing a lot!).  Here ya’ go if you don’t believe me:

As the FMQ, I can tell you that winning money (even Fantasy Cash!) gives me a big ‘ole scratchin’ and clawin’, screaming “O” as well! 

Anyway – so much for the science lesson and revelation for today.  Let’s make some bets!


NC State @ Clemson:  (-17)

Last week we followed the sage advice of the Magic 8-Ball a couple of times.  For some reason, I woke up this AM (I am writing the Bets part on Friday AM – but the other stuff was during the week) and felt like TAKING ALL THE POINTS I COULD GET!.  But then a little voice said – Look at last week and a lot of your success was based on laying the points, Dude…So were going to have The Dude help us out this week while he sips on a White Russian….

I’ll still take Clemson and lay the 17 for $50

Fuzzy Ground Hogs @ Maryland:   (-4.5)

Once again I was liking the Fuzzy Rodents on the road getting points, but their last road trip didn’t bode so well for them.  I’m not sure what Claeys and his offense is up to as they seem to have the same problem as Sparty.  The Terps got the dropsies against PSU or that score would have been a lot closer. 

Dude says take the Terps and lay the 4.5 for $25

Northwestern @ Sparty:  (-5)

Based on what I wrote above and the fact that Sparty doesn’t know who’s going to start at QB (line up has three QB’s with “OR” between them) I’m thinking I should go with Northwestern getting points.  Dude says “Lay the wood, man!”  I think the vodka is finally hitting him so I’m going to ignore him for now….

Take Northwestern and the 5 for $25

Huskers @ Indiana (+5)

Huskers are undefeated and have had some good games, but the Oregon win is looking worse all the time.  Everyone is scoring on the Ducks this season, so I’m wondering how good they’re Defense is.  Dude is like, “Black Shirts are Back Baby, grow a set or go bowling, man….”  I think I like the Hosers getting points….Not saying they’ll win, but team CHAOS keeps it close… 

Take Indiana and the 5 for $25

Bama @ Tennessee:  (+12)

I was going to pass on this game as I believe BAMA is better than we think, but I re-watched the A&M – Vols game and was impressed with the Vols Defense.  They might be able to hang with Bama and if they can get their offense going in the 1st half…Dude is slurring a little now, “Man, are you kidding me?  When was the last time Bama didn’t cover????”  Okay….

Take Bama and lay the 12 for $25

Va Tech @ Syracuse:  (+19)

Syracuse getting 19 at home looks awesome…”Man, how are you ahead for the season?  The Hokies are going to destroy the Orange!”  Okay...

Dude says Take Va Tech and lay the 19 for $75

Tulsa @ Houston:  (-21)

Tulsa’s a really good team and Houston has proven to be vulnerable.  I like 3 TD’s in this spot…I mean I really, really like it!  Dude pours his 3rd White Russian and mumbles, “You like a team that got beat by the DOMERS this season against a team that only lost because they played an option offense?  I’ll take your money!”  Sigh…Following the Dude’s advice…

Take Houston and lay the 21 for $75

Stanford @ DOMERS:  (-2.5)

JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS! The Domers are on the ledge and I’m not sure a victory over a down Stanford team can bring them back.  However, I’ve learned that B. Kelly often saves his bacon right about the time it starts to get blackened…Dude kicks his feet up, “See, man?  You’re finally getting it!”

Take the Domers and lay the 2.5 for $25

Suckeyes @ Wiscy:  (+10.5)

Night Game in Madison!  Place is going to be Rockin’!!  Wiscy put a hurt on Sparty and and also played the Wolverines to within a TD.  I like the points in this one…Got to…Right Dude?  “Man, there was two defensive TD’s in that Sparty game and Michigan should have hung 9 more on Wiscy if they could have made a kick…And you think they have an offense that can do better than they did in Ann Arbor?  I’m going bowling….”

Take the suckeyes and lay the 10.5 for $50

3 teams pays 6-1
Houston – Va Tech - Clemson for $50

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