Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Afternoon Reading!!!

Fire up, Football Fans!

Links to some great reads for your Friday Afternoon “Work Cycle”!!!

  1. The Harbaugh and Chryst relationship goes WAY BACK…..

2.   SATAN loses his Back-up QB mid-season!!!

3.   David Turnley Photos and stories link to Jim Harbaugh ….

4.  Fee-Fi-Fo-Film for Wisconsin Defense….

5.  A nice Parody of everyone’s favorite Catholic Coach…

6.  And a Sparty-Fan deals with the 5 Stages of Grief (with alcohol) on the Marcus d’Antonio’s rumor of leaving for LSU

7.  A bunch of USAToday (ahem –cough, cough….GAG) Journalists give their 1.5 cents on the College Football Targeting Rule.  And none of them presented a fix that was nearly as good as the FMQ’s.   One suggested the ejected player (still after the first call of targeting) can remain on the sidelines with their team….And that’s about it.

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