Monday, September 12, 2016

Cupcake Saturday!

Working Title of last two MMQ’s:  Move Along – Nothing to See Here

51-14. And the 14 were gifts from the Michigan defense. 

That’s kind of how it felt as another victim was brought to the Ann Arbor Altar of Football Sacrifice.   I thought for a minute that the UCF Citronauts
might be better than Hawaii, but then I was proven wrong…a little.  I mean, I think UCF was better, but they weren’t much better.  And yes - thanks for asking -  up until 1993, UCF was home to the Citronauts!  They changed the name, due to poor merchandise sales, to the “Golden Knights”.  I’m guessing had the team just won more games, the sale of merchandise probably would’ve taken care of itself….

While part of me takes a deep satisfaction in watching the destruction of overly matched teams, another part of me is ready for this team to play some better competition.  I’m not talking Bama, Clemson (well, maybe Clemson the way they’re playing right now) or the suckeyes just yet; just someone that can make the contest a little more interesting and tell me if the key players on this team have the ice-water and backbones to step up and make the plays that they’ll eventually need to make when the time comes.

Speight is proving to be a prolific passer…against UCF and Hawaii. (I need to keep telling myself that.)  I’m still not entirely sure what kind of test (if any) these Wolverines have passed.  But I’ll take the win and the point spread cover.  More confidence has been built and there’s a little more momentum on the rock that’s rolling through September.  Highlights and praise from ESPN.



Kudos and congrats to everyone that participated and assisted in the dismantling of the Knights.  Speight, Darboh, Butt and Chesson all get a helmet sticker and an MMQ Attaboy!  Give one to JH for not being stubborn about the running game, also.  As soon as he saw that the

Defense and the running game need a little work.  Granted, 150 yards of UCF’s rushing was two plays, but that’s two too many.  Live by the blitz, die by the blitz will be the creed of this defense.  And I had a hard time shaking the number “81” next to Michigan Rush Yards on the scoreboard with about 6:00 to go in the 4th quarter.  Yes, they were stacking the box and it was even more evident on TV.  But I thought Michigan’s like could have blocked a little better.  Maybe Jimmy can use that as a positive moving forward. 

Bring on the looking very much improved 2-0 Buffalos!


The Rest of the Mess

MACLovin:  Central Michigan vs (then) #22 Okie State. 
T. Boone Pickens and the rest of the denizens of Stillwater are learning the hard way that there is absolutely no good thing (Zero-NADA) that can come from playing a MAC or FCS school.  They unfortunately learned it the hard way.  ICYMI, I found a clip for your review.  Please note that this was a one play – no time on the clock due to intentional grounding by the Cowboys at the end of regulation.

But here’s the rub:  The Big XII referees screwed up (again, for the 2nd week in a row) and NEVER SHOULD HAVE LET THE CHIPPIES run an additional play!  IT turns out that the MAC had the officiating crew on the field and the BigXII had the 2 officials in the replay booth.  I’m curious as to what kind of party is going on up in the replay booth at Big XII games.  Granted, last week was in the BigXII’s favor, but this one….not so much.  And I heard there’s a twitter campaign and a group trying to get the Chips to forfeit the game in the name of sportsmanship – HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Even if the wanted to, Vegas and the NCAA won’t let you.  The MAC can be oh, so cruel…..THIS JUSTIN:  MAC and BigXII Suspend Officialsfrom CMU-OSU game for two weeks!  The link:


Clemson vs Troy:  Clemson was literally on the ropes in the 4th quarter in this game.  OK, slight exaggeration but only slight.  The Tiggers were 30+ point favorites to demolish these guys and ended up winning by less than a TD.  And they did NOT LOOK GOOD in the process.  I believe you’ll see s shift in the AP and coaches poll this week that will reflect Clemson and their Clemsoning.

Satan’s Warriors vs. WKU:  Nothing remarkable about the game with the exception of Satan being Satan.  Gotta’s see ole St. Nick having a “discussion” with former head coach of everywhere Kiffin.



When asked about it afterward, St. Nick informs us of the difference between and “argument” and what he and Kiffin were doing.


Ass-Chewing:  REMEMBER IT!

Hogs vs. Horned Frogs:  TCU was the ranked team heading into this game and Patterson know he’d have a fight on his hands, especially after last season.  Bielema’s boys not only took them down to the wire, but it took two OT’s to finish this one in Arkansas favor.  Disaster moves for the Frogs – the Texas A&M Transfer QB Kenny Hill Throat Slash and they kept kicking to Razorback Turkin! 

The Battle for Bristol: A great venue (if you had binoculars) and it appeared a great time was had by all.  545,000 beers for 156,990 fans will do that – that was the announced attendance, BTW.  Early on, the Hoakies appeared to have the Cremesicles ticket and the Butch Jones Hot Seat was warming up.  But then the Hoakies decided to play “dropsies” with the football and committed turnover after turnover.  It’s almost as if they wanted to save Mr. Jones job!

The Hatter vs. himself:  Les Miles University finally did something out of the ordinary and was not associated with the School of Bo:  He pulled his starting QB for an underclassmen.  And LSU seems to have “fixed” their offensive woes. 

The Bullpuppies vs. Nicholls State:  The Doggies, won, but it wasn’t pretty.  It wasn’t even ugly. It was downright FUGLY (If you don’t know fugly, you’ll figure out!)  I had to look up where Nicholls State was.  There it is, in Nawoleaaans…

I’m not even sure I’ve heard that name in the NCAA Hoops world, where it seems like you hear everyone.  But they almost – ALMOST became the most talked about FCS school for the season.  Kirby’s seat got a little warmer as the curse of Georgia and the overrated SEC continues….

The Suckeyes vs Tulsa:  They won.  Next week is a BIG GAME for the Suckeyes and the Laters….

Pitt vs. PSU: Narduzzi proved to be the better hire for now in the State of Pennsylvania.  Franklin is another coach that I guess needs a BIG WIN soon…Here’s to hoping he doesn’t get it in the Big House.

The Cheeseheads vs. Akron:  I was laughed at for picking Akron and the points in this game and I’m really, REALLY starting to think the Cheeseheads are better than what everyone was saying about them pre-season.  Right now, they have my vote for the B1G West Best Team Playing.  I’m REALLY REALLY glad Michigan has them in the Big House in three weeks.

Friday Night Lights:  Louisville vs Syracuse:  Louisville molested (that’s the only fitting word) the Orange on Friday as they did something totally ridiculous by scoring 4 times on the first 6 plays they ran or something like that…..Louisville vs. FSU Saturday will be MUST SEE TV!!!!


The 5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief

  1.  Denial and Isolation –The Entire BIG Xii Conference is FRONT AND CENTER this week in Slappy Fan Grief!  TCU, the Laters and Okie State, the conferences “bluebloods” and CFP favorites to start the season have all lost a game at this point.  While some are proclaiming that Texas is back, they’re Texas….Just sayin’.  The entire conference and all the conference talking heads will be dick-tripping all over everywhere trying to justify that a 1-loss Power 5 Team from the Big Xii deserves a spot in the CFP….Right!!!!
  3. Bargaining – the Laters.  While they won on Saturday, the entire fan base knows that they need to beat the Suckeys next Saturday to have any kind of chance at a CFP or at least a decent New Year’s Bowl game.  It does suck when you’re on the brink of your season being over in September…Been there, Done That….
  4. Depression – Northwestern.  0-2 with losses to the MAC and the FCS.  What’s going on in Evanston?  And is Coach Fitzgerald really safe?
  5. Acceptance – Next week, my pretties!   Next Week!!!!


Idle Thoughts from Saturday

-Is the rain going to hold off?

-Seems like it. 

-I actually enjoy a Blue-Grey Sky game early in the season.

-Makes me remember that its football season!

-And it’s not so hot!

-Great crowd at the tailgate.  I like noon games, but I also hate ‘em.

-What the hell’s a Citronaut?  A cross between an orange and an astronaut, of course….

-Oh….That’s what it is….

-Tailgating an extra hour would be great.

-Of course, next week is 3:30. 

-I don’t like those games as much.

-No night game this year. 

-Nice Fly-over on Saturday!  How many of those are we doing, anyway?

-And are we paying for those now?

-I don’t think they’re free anymore….

-Who sells those GREAT BIG AMERICAN FLAGS that cover the entire 50 X 100 Yard field?

-One day a year there’s a huge demand. 


-I guess two as they were on hand for the NFL on Sunday as well….


-Wait – Is that ANOTHER bomb from Speight to Darboh?

-Okay, I like this but I also like RUNNING THE BALL!

-Jeez, again!  21-0 in the first Quarter. 

-Uhhh, Coach Frost?  Your CB’s and safeties need help. 

-Speight’s lighting them up like matches on the 4th of July.

-Fine.  Leave 8 in the box.  Speight’s arm need the work.

-And he is looking very confident back there.

-Oh what’s this CRAP!   TACKLE HIM!

-Was that an 89 yard rush from behind the line of scrimmage?

-The Blitz.  Great concept…..Till it isn’t.

-Other than that, defense looks okay. 

-Okay – till that disaster. 

-Do you plan on stopping the rush today, Michigan?

-81 yards rushing late in the 4th quarter.  How can that be?

-I guess the number that counts is the one with a 5 in front of it.

-63 and 51 points in consecutive weeks. 

-Hasn’t happened since 1993.

-That’s a loooong time!

-6:00 left and it decides to pour!

-We had sun, clouds and rain.  Only thing missing was the s-word.

-I’m not saying that word till at LEAST November!

-Bring on the Buffalos!

The Hot Seat

Week #2’s Hot Seat Mascot.  During my investigation into Hot Seat Mascot potentials, I ran across a list of women that I think are worthy of competing for the Hot Seat Mascot as they compete regularly in the Women’s Mixed Martial Arts Competition known as the MMA!  The MMQ is picking a different one each week that I feel is worthy of being a Hot Seat Mascot!  Starting this week with Britney Palmer!

The Hot Seat

  1. Miles – LSU.  I’m not sure I can move Miles from the #1 spot until he beats somebody worthwhile.  That chance may come in the next two weeks with MSU and Auburn coming to LSU.  Not ranked, but must wins for LSU.
  2. Malzhan  - Auburn.  See LSU.  Gus or Les is gonna have a BAD WEEK following the game in two weeks…. 
  3. Stoops – Oklahoma.  Again, leaving Super Stooper here till the Laters beat somebody…and Somebody’s coming to Oklahoma!!!
  4. Freeze – Ole Miss.  
  5. Sumlin – Texas A&M.   
  6. Kelly – Domers.   Moved Kelly up because even though the Domers prevailed, I think the fans are still really pissed about how they could have beat Texas…Never good when fans are still stewing after a win.
  7. Muschamp  - South Carolina.  BAD LOSS for USC.  The Fire Muschamp website has been sold to the Gamecocks for a player to be named later and a bag of balls…. 
  8. Whoever’s coaching USC 
  9. . 
  10. Hazell  - Purdue
  11. Adazzio  - Boston College
  12. Riley  - Nebraska
  13. Charlie Strong  - Texas. 

Coaches with desk chairs that are getting warm: 

Richt – Miami

Mullen - Miss State

Johnson – Georgia Tech


Side NFL NOTE:  Lions win the only way they could win.  On a Figgie followed by a safety.   How’s that even possible?  Illegal forward pass in your own end zone…that’s how!

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