Thursday, May 31, 2012

PEORIA, Illinois Recruit Tuley-Tillman Lights a Fuse!

Well, I've always said you can piss off a lot of Ohio people over much ado about nothing, but Michigan's current commit Tuley-Tillman (and non wavering at that) really lit a fuse on the Michigan - ohio rivalry by burning a recruiting letter from that four letter school in the state south of Michigan. 

There's lots of juicy comments in the article from this kid, and he's already near and dear to my heart and he hasn't even played a down of football yet!


This kid has it figured out!

Several things that crack me up:  Not only has he made himself an internet star by this seemingly innocent act, but he's pointed out a GLARING faux paus by the ohio athletic department:

Check out the spelling of P-E-O-R-I-A! 

That is the best recruiting tool for all other schools trying to compete against ohio.  You can ALWAYS get a job in ohio's AD department if you can't spell!  It is a 6 letter word that has multiple vowels, so I guess I can see how they got it wrong...Wait, no I can't. Ohio has three vowels and Peoria only has one more than that....I guess it's just too many letters, because after all:

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