Thursday, May 31, 2012

As I Projected: Michigan's 2012 Schedule Among the Toughest

Bruce Feldman over at CBS Sports came up with a scheduling strength valuation system that you can read about in detail here.   Suffice it to say, Top 20 and top 40 caliber opponents, Road Games, and the occasional "extra half point" for back to back nightmare scenarios put Michigan at #4 on his list. 

The Top 10:

1.  Domers - I'll give the Domers credit for not playing an FCS school.
2.  Washington - Hard to believe, but the Pac12 and the non-con schedule look arduous.
3.  Oregon State - ditto
4.  Michigan - Alabama followed by a quirky Air Force offense, not to mention road games at Nebraska, Domers, and OSU and you have a bad mix for repeating 11 wins...Of course, 1997 was also one of the most difficult schedules Michigan ever faced!
5.  Kansas...It's Chuckles Weis...
6.  Ole Miss - SEC West
7.  Auburn
8.  Iowa State
9.  Cal
10. South Carolina - It seems like Steve always gets the toughest opponents on the road...

So, there you have it.  Michigan's schedule is tough.  And it will be difficult to navigate if the plan is to go undefeated. 

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