Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Thinking....

Just sitting here on a Thursday wondering about things.  Like how so many people "think" that things are controlled and scripted in college football and the bowls.  I was listening on the radio last night to a "rabid" Sparty Slappy that was infuriated with the fact that if Sparty loses the B1G 10 Championship game, they don't make it into a BCS bowl as the 2nd place team.  He wanted to know what good the B1G 10 conference was if it wasn't going to step in and keep Michigan from going to the Sugar Bowl, ESPECIALLY because Sparty beat Michigan!  He seriously believed it was a huge conspiracy to put Michigan in the Sugar...Sad.

It was great listening to an idiot try to rationalize that which cannot be explained when someone doesn't want to listen to facts, which the host was calmly trying to explain.

So many misconceptions about the B1G 10, pecking order and bowls in general.

The BCS's mission is to define the two best teams in the country and put them in a National Championship game.   THAT'S IT.  Everything else after that, bowl wise, has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the BCS.  So many people believe that "where they finish" rank wise is the "pecking order" for the bowls.  Couldn't be further from the truth. Yes, there is an order, but after the champions of each conference satisfy the needs for the big bowls, what happens after that is pretty much a crap shoot.

Bowls want to make money.  The Orange Bowl is getting irritated with having a lousy game and no attendance.  You can probably pencil in the Fiesta there, also.  Oklahoma fans I'm sure are having "Fiesta Fatigue" and would welcome the opportunity to get some new Big 12 blood in there...

Which is why the Sugar Bowl LOVES Michigan.  Big School, travelling fans, and television exposure to new markets.  Without the SEC in there, they get first pick.  And as long as Michigan is in the top 14 of the BCS (doesn't matter who is in front of them or behind them) they want Michigan.  Sparty just doesn't put that many fannies in the seats....Rumor is that both Wiscy and Sparty gave portions of their 15,000 ticket allotment for the B1G 10 Championship BACK to the B1G 10 for distribution. That's bad, Sparty and Wiscy fans...

And you wonder why Bowls love Michigan, OSU, PSU, and Nebraska?

So, yes, Sparty.  Enjoy that Outback Bowl, or possibly (and this would be hilarious) that Gator Bowl.  It's what you earned!

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