Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I wrote this initially back in June when the announcement came out about the “Night Game Throwback Uniforms” and I didn’t post because I wasn’t really sure how I felt yet about the whole thing.  I mean, a one time jersey that represented something special kind of had a certain appeal to the part of me that isn't "Old Fogey".  I mean, Penn States uni's have always been the same and while you know who they are, I guess it can get a little...boring?  But really, it's the product that's in the uni's that's important.  And again, I was really sure how I felt till I actually saw the uniforms.
Guess What?


(Originally written on June 13, 2011)

When Money Makes the Decisions

This is what the Notre Dame – Michigan Ann Arbor Night Game Jerseys are going to look like….Where does the MMQ stand?

1. As a Traditionalist, they suck.
2. Never, EVER at any point in time did the COLLECTIVE team jersey ever have stripes on the sleeves. Yes, some guys had sweaters in some picture from before the turn of the century that sported some “faint” stripes.
3. When have you ever seen them on any old clips?
4. Solid blue on the Jersey would have been fine, with the small number on the helmet that Michigan sported at some point in the 60’s…
5. We will forever have to look at that on ESPN classic, win or lose, and that bothers me.

If you want to call it a retro style, then call it that, but do NOT CALL IT A retro uniform. Admit what it is – a money grab by the athletic department and a chance (NOT) to sell some of the retro jerseys at M-Den and other places. Except that I think whoever invests in these things is going to have a difficult time moving them…Kind of like the Big Chill Hockey jerseys that are still sitting on the shelves from the Big Chill.

So far, I’ve enjoyed the David Brandon athletic directorship. But if he continues to let his “corporate” side make decisions (like this one) then I may have to start a little campaign to get him to wake up and realize that there are just some things you don’t do for the sake of a dime in the grand scheme of things.

Today’s Addition:

That last paragraph really sums it up: It’s a sick money grab by making “special” jerseys for re-sale and to play up to the “bling” generation of let’s eff with tradition.

Now, while I sort of felt like a one time a year or one time every 5 years might not be a bad thing and it would sort of keep the “special” uniforms “special”, when you start doing it THREE TIMES A YEAR it’s no longer special….It’s stupid.  Domers, Sparty and now the Sugar Bowl....

I don’t care how much it’s helping the bottom line….Knock it off!

Thanks for letting the ole MMQ vent on this one…And I really hope we get back to traditional uni’s with a simple Sugar Bowl logo on the sleeve and THAT’S IT!


Blue Trooper said...

I couldn't agree more with your comments on the uniforms. Not only is it a ridiculous money grab. The uniforms for the Sparty game were hideous. It's embarrassing. There is a reason why our uni's haven't changed much over the years. Now we have to wonder when the pewter is going to find its way in.

MMQ said...

Blue Trooper: You're absolutely right...The only way for this to stop is for fans to "not" speak with their money and simply leave the "special" merchandise on the shelves...but, I'm afraid that'll never happen...