Monday, December 19, 2011

The Bowl Picks, More on Rudy and an Olio of Christmas Delights!

In case you were wondering, yes, I did get in a Bowl Pool.  So far, I'm not winning, but I didn't have a lot of points in play this past weekend.  There will be additional wagering on the bigger bowls with some teams that I have a better read on.  But, if you're still able to get in a Bowl Pool and are looking for insight, you can reference the MMQ's sheet below.  And I highly recommend that after referencing, you forget everything you see and just do your own thing!

1.  With all due respect to the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!)
It seems that their favorite folk hero, Rudy, is actually nothing more than a cheap charlatan that was charged and paid a hefty fine for pimping his own name, the Notre Dame Mystique, and taking advantage of the gullibility of a bunch of blind fans.  It seems that he came up with his own Sports drink company and associated sports drink called "Rudy", and he claimed it was outselling Gatorade "2 to 1" where it was marketed.  At the end of the day, Rudy paid over $300K in fines and was charged with presenting false information to investors...
I know you ALL love a good laugh on behalf of the Domers on a Monday Morning!
You're all Welcome!
2.  Penn State's problems continue....I would hate to be a Penn State fan right about now.  The abyss is staring them in the face and it's hard to see past it.  Quick Summary:  McGloin and a little used wide receiver Drake got in a fracas after practice where Drake laid out McGloin with one punch, resulting in a concussion and a seizure.  Sheesh....How much worse can it get for PSU?  I remember feeling a lot like that in 2007-2008...Those were dark times and I truly hope that Penn State comes out of this deal better than when they went in...It's sad, really, when you compare it to OSU and see how little pain they've actually felt for a whole lot more wrongdoing with respect to actual football.  Again, I'm not trying to compare the two, but it just really pisses me off....
3.  If you haven'st seen the M-Zone's take on David Brandon's North Pole Assignment and the new look for Santa, well, you have to visit.  That's all I'm gonna say...Again, nobody does it better than Yost and the crew!  ( Somehow, the Tie-Dye is my favorite!)
4. M-GoBlog has a great diatribe on the $2,000 student athlete stipend.  While I'm not for it (entirely) I get why it needs to happen.  Somewhere along the way, things have gotten so out of hand with respect to the revenue generating sports, the product that University's are allowed to market (exploit) and sell for millions of dollars in exhange for a "salary" of a scholarship and the rules the NCAA puts on the student athlete vs. the institutions is mind boggling.  I like to think of it simply as this:  Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg and others came up with great ideas in college, left and pursued their dreams and fortunes.  What, exactly, keeps an athlete from "owning" what he puts out there on the field?  In other words, if DeRob is having an awesome season and people want to buy his jersey, why doesn't he see a dime of that money?  Is it different than what the entrepreneurs did?  I know it is, but it's a fuzzy line and I for one believe it's high time to address it.  Of course (And back off, because I have daughters!) you have the whole Title IX thing that keeps non-revenue budget sucking sports alive in order to keep a level playing field, which is simply wrong and falls into the reverse descrimination category, right along with reduced requirements for minorities.  My guess is that we will eventually see the reduction of college athletics and the loss of scholarships simply because more of the smaller schools will find that they cannot make ends meet. 
5.  And finally, and I really thought I would be through with having to write this clown's name once he left the collegiate ranks because I frankly got tired of hearing it then, TEBOW LOST!  Even better, if you haven't seen it, SNL did a great spoof that you simply have to watch...Jesus tells Tebow to take it down a notch!  I really love the part where Jesus let's Tebow know that he wouldn't be able to help out against Touchdown Tom and the Pats because he had some Christmas shopping to do!  Classic...
Enjoying the Ride....

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