Friday, December 2, 2011

Championship Friday!

Well, here we are. Everything is building into a huge climax (not!) and we won’t know who’s playing for the National Title until after this weekend.

Oh, how I wish that were somewhat true.

However, you STILL HAVE TO PLAY THE GAMES! And that’s what the FMQ is hoping and praying for as we look at which potential upset and point spread beaters are lurking out there….

I want to comment on the whole re-match thing, but I want to give Georgia their shot at LSU first. If they can pull off the miracle, well, things could get very interesting in the polls….And what if the Laters could also knock off Okie State? Is there still and chance for Mr. Lucky to slide into the Championship Game against Satan?


Of course, that would destroy Michigan’s chances of going to the Sugar….so I have mixed feelings, to say the least.
The Bets

We need a good Championship Weekend and let’s just say that the FMQ is still a little miffed at the replay official in the booth in Ann Arbor on Saturday. Where the “indisputable video evidence” was that forced an overturn of that call in addition to a 25 yard penalty AFTER the call is overturned is simply still too difficult for me to comprehend. That would have put them up 10 and the spread was covered...Se La vie...

Virgina Tech vs. Clemson (+7) – (The ACC Gets 1 Team in a BCS Bowl Game)
Wow…Talk about your subtle slap in the face. Clemson embarrassed the Hoakies in their own house in October, 20-3. Now, Vegas thinks Clemson has fallen so far (and they have losing 3 out of their last 4) that they are a TD dog in the ACC championship. My gut tells me Vegas is right, Clemson is Clemson, and Beamer’s Boys are going to roll big in this one. Therefore,
Take the Hoakies and lay the 7 for $80

Bedlam (De-Facto Big 12 minus 3 Championship)
Oklahoma vs. Okie State (-3)
Oklahoma is banged up, but Okie State’s leading receiver isn’t much better. Is this a big brother – little brother thing? And is Big Brother up to the task or will they collapse like a house of cards when the going gets tough? I’d like to believe that Stupor has a trick or two up his sleeve, but youth must also be served. This one is tricky, but I’m staying with the favorite.
Take Okie State and lay the 3 for $50

Wiscy (-9.5) vs Sparty – The REMATCH
So much has been made of the fact that Sparty and Wiscy have played three times in the span of about 14 months. Wiscy wasn’t even close (really) in the first meeting last year. This year, Sparty won on what can only be considered a miracle. Common opponent comparison is a joke…There weren’t many and the only one of value was Nebraska. Wisconsin destroyed ‘em and Sparty laid down to ‘em. They question is: Which Sparty team and which Wiscy team shows up? I haven’t believed in Sparty (ever) and this season hasn’t really proven that much to me, either. It’s tough to beat a team three times, too.
Take Wiscy and lay the 9.5 for $60

Ducks (-31) vs. UCLA (The R U Kidding me? Championship)
Not a lot of thought needs to go into this one. UCLA didn’t even show up against their arch rival. I don’t see how ANYTHING improves in 1 week, even with an out the door head coach that was carted off the practice field ala "Rudy".  Makes great movies, but lousy football teams. On top of that, I’m sure Kelly is going to do everything he can to impress the voters in case true chaos develops over the weekend…I don’t think the Ducks know how to “let up”…
Take the Ducks and lay 31 for $100

Georgia vs. LSU (-13.5) (The SEC pseudo Championship)
This game seems like it should be an easy pick. However, when you start looking at Georgia, you start to see that they have improved defensively every week. Against weaker competition, mind you, but improvement none the less. LSU has pretty much owned everyone that they’ve played and their record against the number this season (9-3) is a bit misleading as the only games they haven’t covered are lopsided spreads (41, 30, 29) that really could have been part of the 2nd string being in those games. As much as I want to take a value play on the Dogs here (I REALLY, REALY DO!) I can’t bring myself to go against the Hat in this game.
Take LSU and lay the 13.5 for $60


3 way pays 6 to 1
Hoakies – Ducks – Wiscy for $50

Starting Bank: $1409.50
Total Bet: $400
Bank: $1,009.50

Enjoying the Ride…MMQ

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