Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spin, Spin, Spin

For those of you following along, with ESPN reporting from the "Big 12: Lite" Spin Doctors, this is the SINGLE BEST THING THAT COULD HAVE EVER HAPPENED TO THE BIG 12! Dr. Saturday has a great take and all the details on this, but I of course have my own...

1. Teams are going to get more revenue because:
- There are less mouths to feed
- Nebraksa and Colorado's penalty fees will go directly to bottom lines for the individual schools (prorated, of course)
2. In addition, THERE IS NO MORE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! Which, if you listen to anyone from Texas, was the worst idea since the invention of sliced bread. This is due to the fact that the Big 12 somehow managed to eliminate 2 possible National Championship Teams that would have played in the Title Game, but lost the Big 12 Championship.
3. They can now play a round robin schedule, which is better for everyone involved.

Just in case anyone was wondering if any of this was a good thing, allow your MMQ to sift through so much Bull Shit and communicate to you accurately what the Big 12 is REALLY saying:

1. More revenue because of fewer members. While this is some what true, the idea that you can lose Nebraska and Colorado, two of the biggest draws in the Big 12 cannot possibly help revenue. Beebe only stated that the potential new contract would be larger and therefore, produce bigger revenues. Let's look at the Big 12: Lite for a minute:
Texas Tech
Texas A&M
Oklahoma State
Iowa State
Kansas St.

Any match-ups (with the exception of Texas Oklahoma) that are must see TV? Didn't think so.
So, are TV executives going to cough up more money to air these products? Didn't think so.
2. The Chancellor/President (?) at Nebraska has brought up a really good point. If Colorado's and Nebraska's exit from the Big 12 does NO FINANCIAL HARM, than the penalty cannot be enforced, per the Big 12 guidelines.
3. Schools get a chance to develop their own TV networks. Let's restate that to the obvious: TEXAS gets to develop it's own TV network.
4. The Big 12 doesn't have to play in a Championship Game: What the #$#!$@#%"???? are these clowns talk about. The championship game is supposed to be the game that generates ton of extra revenue for the conference, and now that the Big 12 doesn't have one, it's claiming that things are going to be even better financially because they have a better chance of getting two teams into the BCS and a better chance to get a team into the National Title Game...(Okay, I did some research on this one and there was one year that Missourri was ranked number 1 and would have went to the title game (2008) if they hadn't lost to Oklahoma. That year, Mizzou also got screwed out of a BCS game, just like K-State (ranked #2) in 2003.) The former Big 12 simply did not get any love with that 2nd qualifier....So, maybe this point makes some sense....
5. Playing a round robin schedule: This is one that is laughable, but so pathetic in it's premise that it needs to be addressed. If the Big 12 is now going to be playing everyone at there house, well, let's just say that for the remaining Big 12 teams, it's a better deal as Texas will be going (now) to the likes of Iowa State, K-State, etc. But I will bet that Texas fans start to hate the round robin thing the first time said team above upsets Texas on their turf....Just a hunch.

The big driver in all of this: FSN claiming they will up the season purchase some 600% to the Big 12: Lite with reduced content....Now, I don't know who has the naked pictures of the FSN executive with BEVO the cow or some Oklahoma sheep, but whoever it is, I'll bet they aren't around for long and that contract gets renogotiated "Relatively quickly".

Still you will never convince this reader that there was a financial "windfall" in losing two teams...But you might convince me that you'll have more BCS success without a Championship game...

All the more argument for a play-off....

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