Thursday, June 10, 2010

And While We're at it - USC Gets NAILED!

In case you haven't heard: USC has received it's punishment from the NCAA.

1. 20 Scholarships rescinded.
2. 2 years of no post-season play
3. Vacated wins to 2004, including the National Title.

HERE'S THE PROBLEM: The head coach responsible - GONE. The scholarships that the NCAA is taking away from USC - That's punishing some well deserving athlete of an opportunity to play at a major university. Vacating wins - WHO F@#$%#ing cares????

What the NCAA SHOULD DO (or, if your MMQ Ran the World, as I plan to do at some point):

1. Keep your scholarships. However, for all the years in question, which I believe is 2004-2008, you are required to pay back any and all bowl money that you received to the NCAA which will redistribute to all Division 1 FBS institutions. You will have 10 years to make good on this payment.
2. For the IDENTICAL TIME PERIOD, you will pay the equivalent fine of
- The Head Coach's salary
- All Assistant coach's salaries (offensive coordinator, D-coordinator, special teams, receivers, running backs, etc.)
to the NCAA. That money will also be redistributed to the D-1 FBS institutions. You have the equivalent of 5 years to make good on this money.
3. Any coaches still associated with the program for the period in question are on probation for the next 10 years. No questions asked. No time off for good behavior. Another incident, you're out of coaching.

Now, doncha' think that would be a MUCH BETTER DETERRENT than what they have done? I mean, you're hitting the University in the pocket book (Which they should do), you're taking the money away via penalty that they unfairly won, but you are giving them a chance to pay it back with the only vehicle they have that makes any money. When you ban the team from playing in bowls and limit their scholarships, it not only hurts football, but it penalizes the other sports as well.

Penalize the Institution and the coaches and make everyone aware that this is what happens when you pull stunts like this and you might see an improvement in the behavior of Major Univerisities and how they report on and observe issues like this.

But, when was the last time the NCAA ever did anything right?

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