Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lou Holtz Says, "Notre Dame Should Join the Big 10"

Yes, 4 posts in one day is a new record, but this is simply too good not to post:

Lou Holtz says that the best thing for Notre Dame is to Join the Big 10.

Allow your MMQ to comment openly here for a minute:


I really don't know what to say...This is like brain overload. Can this be really happening? One of their own? One of the most loyal and deserving coaches that should be put into the Notre Dame coaching legend book next to Rockne and Parseghian has come out AGAINST INDEPENDENCE????? Is Lou drinking or what?

Oh, you poor, poor Domers...what are you going to do now????

I know, you all think Lou slipped a disc way back when, so he just doesn't mean anything any more...Unfortunately, there's a lot of fans that remember he was the last winning coach you had and still watch and respect what he has to say on ESPN. So, I'm beginning to wonder what those fans might be saying to the powers that be on this whole thing now....

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