Monday, December 14, 2009

Tuesday Morning Post Season Blues...

I was going to do a long, elaborate report card and literally bore everyone to death on what MY TAKE of the Season at the University of Michigan meant. But where does that get us in the end? I would rather look to the future and see into the murk to disseminate ANYTHING that could be labeled as bright. In as much as it sucked, was there anything, besides beating what turned out to be a lousy Domer squad, anything at all to take away from this season?

My review of my posts this year mention one word from the defensive side a lot: Graham. And he's not coming back. Warren is iffy, but he certainly has motivation to not come back if he believes his stock can't get any higher. And based on the defense overall, I doubt that can seriously happen. So, were losing two of the better, if not best, defensive players we had.

Offensively, well...I am not sure anyone's really going to like what I have to say here. But here goes: Maybe, maybe, I was a little eager to jump on the Forcier band wagon. I know he's an 18 year old kid and the maturation of 1 year is going to be huge for his psyche, intellect, humility, and hopefully, but not damagingly so, his patience.

If there was one recurring theme that was in every Monday wrap was that Tate rushed this or hurried that or threw that interception. I am hoping that each and every one of those errors was another brick in the foundation of what will be a great starting Quarterback next year...

Special Teams: What are we going to do without Zoltan? He's been there forever. And if we can find a frosh that will catch the ball on kick-off and punt returns - that would be great.

So, what's it all mean? I'm scared.

Yes, I am desperately afraid for the future of this program. Other teams have found their way back - Nebraska, Miami, even Clemson and GT with a first year coaches found themselves in the ACC title Game.

Rich Rod has a tremendous task for himself next year that could have been reduced (a little) with a bowl trip (victory) this year. Right now, he's looking at the end of his contract before he's competitive enough to play The Suckeyes evenly.

IF the Rod can't find a way to get to a bowl on New Year's day - or at least a bowl, the new AD will see to it he doesn't get a 4th chance. There's too much at stake for this university to not have a successful program.

Hot Seat:

Well, it looks like the blood letting is finally over. As another blogger stated: If the Axe hasn't fallen by mid December, it's not gonna fall. Too much at stake recruiting wise and with respect to the vistitation schedule. What we know:

1. Bobby
2. Wuzzles
3. Mangino
4. Kelly - but not fired, so shouldn't be on the list...But his seat was hot with respect to how he left the Bearcats high and dry going into their BCS bowl. I would have coached the game if Cincinatti would have let me, which it sounds like they were willing to do. Undefeated seasons are hard to come by and will get tougher where he's going....

1. Kelly - Domers are still complaining that the University "Caved" and didn't go after Stoops and Meyer hard enough and went with the "Hot" coach - believe it or not, similar to what Michigan did with the Rod and not pursuing Les Miles hard enough. I can't believe some of these people. Kelly has wanted that job for 19 years and has won everywhere, immediately, pretty much. What do the Domers want? Herbstreit was right when he said the Domers haven't mattered for 20 years. They need to matter again and I have a sick feeling they are gonna matter with Kelly at the wheel.
2. Turner Gill - Kansas, also, just got a little better. Turner and Bo could turn Nebraska-Kansas into the next big rivalry game. In fact, the Big 12, as if it weren't tough enough, just got a little tougher.
3. Virginia still hasn't made an announcement which has me thinking that Boise State's Peterson is a viable candidate. If that happens...Well, the Big East will have also gotten just a little bit tougher... CORRECTION: Somehow, your MMQ missed the fact that Mike London was hired as the head man for the Cavaliers....I apologize profusely if you are using this sight for your most up to date news....

The Bowls

I made some earlier predictions and they pretty much stand. If I said I liked MSU, I take it back...Texas Tech is going to destroy them....

Tiger Woods - Final Comment. My guess is this guy had it all. He wanted for nothing. A job where he was outside all day in the sun in great places. Luxury everywhere, anything his heart desired was a nod or a phone call away. Think about it: What did he yearn for? What was his new "passion"? Okay, more titles than Nicklaus, but that's a goal, not a passion...So, when you don't have something, anything, to be passionate about - and it doesn't sound like he was too passionate about his family, he found something to fill the void, so to speak. And now his new passion has claimed his former passion and profession, at least temporarily.

And what is the tour without Tiger? TV ratings will drop, sponsors will dry up, and pro golf is going to go the way of the NBA without Michael...which is to say, "Yeah, I'm sort of interested, but it's just not the same without Jordan in there winning titles or seeing if someone else can stop him."

Sad...I really hope everyone learns something from this, but we probably as a society won't. There will be more scandals, more people willing to step beyond the bounds of decent social standards via temptation and availability of whatever it is they desire.

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