Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tiger Contraction

Okay. I take it all back. I stated in no uncertain terms that Tiger was not 100% to blame last Monday. Well, I’ve changed my mind. And it wasn't because I believed what I wrote on Monday...It's because I can't believe what's unfolding before the world in the press...

Here’s a guy who literally had everything…Perfect swing, perfect wife (as far as we know), perfect family, perfect life - Money, Fame, and a personal life that he was in control of....perfection achieved in the eyes of the public and the “wannabe” guy that every golfer, young or old, wanted to be. And yet, he alone figured out a way to screw it all up. And I do mean he has screwed it up.

Even if he goes on the Rick Reilly suggested image make over tour, he’s only going to be able to recover so much…The innocence is gone. Replaced by that is a recovering sex addict that we will view much the same way we view John Daly. Wasted talent all for the want of a drink…Or, in Tiger’s case, something else.

So, what becomes of Tiger? Does he play again? Does he try to take to the links where there will be “Happy Gilmore”-like crowds waiting to shout “KNOCK IT IN THE HOLE!” and "WANT SOMEONE TO PUT SOME FUR AROUND THAT?" with every backswing, practice swing, and putt stroke that he takes? And this was the guy that once belittled and removed a professional reporter that had accidentally used an auto film wind motor that was too loud. Think there might be some “noise” out there now? Think everyone on the tour isn’t going to pay a price? Do you think golfers trying to make the cut will have a legitimate beef when they say that they don’t want to play Thursday or Friday with Tiger? Women everywhere at this point are going to come out of the woodwork, so to speak, looking to get their 15 seconds of fame, wearing everything from the “I’m the next mystery girl” to who knows what…Guys will be asking him for Elin’s phone number. And Lefty and everyone else are getting that crack in the door that I am sure they all traded their souls for.

Which makes me wonder: How many other golfers are out there shagging balls into the field? With this much evidence against the Tour's Crown Prince, it’s hard not to believe that there might be more than one Tiger. And if there’s more than one…Well, let’s just say that the PGA has enjoyed a “holier than thou” level of press attention. The NBA, NFL, MLB and others have had to deal with this kind of attention since the beginning of time, or at least since every thing that you do, say, or think is immediately on YouTube for everyone’s review and commentary. Now, there's going to be a new hell to pay on tour for everyone involved.

And of the women, now numbering in the double digits with a love child, video of the Tiger in the act, and who knows what else might come out “evidence” wise, I guess I can only say that there are parents out there for all these girls and that I hope they are proud of how they have raised them and taught them to be the wonderful, decent women that they are. Whether or not any of it any more is real is a non issue. The fact is, they did it. So, yes, you have to believe each and every one of the women who are making a claim until something or someone proves otherwise.

So, Tiger. Thanks for being one more issue that I need to explain to my young daughters. Why you’re in a fight with you’re wife. Why you got in an accident. Why you have girlfriends when you’re married…Why, why, why…..

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