Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dantonio vs. The Rod in the Detroit Media

Can someone - ANYONE - Please explain to me how Sparty (and Dantonio) can somehow not be in the front pages of the press in Detroit when they suspend 8 player's for brawling?

And what's with the suspension? THESE THUGS SHOULD BE KICKED OFF THE TEAM!

It makes me sick, in a way, to see the unfair treatment that the Rod has been getting from the press vs. Dantonio treatment...Dantonio let Winston, a kid who nearly ruined the life of an MSU Hockey player return to the team after a 6 month jail term citing it was only a misdemeanor and he did his time....EXCUSE ME? Cissoko got "Kicked off the TEAM" for violating team rules and missing a homework assignment and Dantonio let's a kid that did serious time in the pokey back on the team and doesn't get blasted in the press as a result?

I am done with Detroit news media...

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