Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big 11 Going to 12????

Once again, the discussion for adding a team and a play off game to the B1i1g 10 is heating up. And once again, Notre Dame won't be part of the discussion...

Rittenberg and others are covering the news release here.

While it makes sense and your own MMQ has covered it more than I care to mention, it's high time the powers that be revisited it and kept the B1i1g 10 playing for another two weeks during the regular season. Alvarez and Joe Pa are right. The Big 10 is sitting around watching everonye else on TV while everyone else is practicing, playing, and getting better. It's more than overdue...The question remains, who????

THE MOST Logical Choice:
1. DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) Draw a circle, ellipse, whatever the hell you want to call it and the focal point of Big 10 country is Notre Dame, give or take 50 to 100 miles. On top of that, Michigan, MSU, Purdue, Indiana, and now it looks like Wisconsin all have some sort of lame ass agreement with these clowns for the next 5-10 years. Delaney and others: Get it through your heads! WE DON'T NEED NOTRE DAME! We offered it once and were flat out rejected...It's sad, really, that this school is run by a bunch of old timers that can't see the change that's happening around them...However, $warbuck$ might figure it out and realize that the road to a National Title is via a conference with a play-off and he might get everyone else who's against it to see the light as well...

Logical Choices:
2. Iowa State. Great Basketball, decent football from time to time.
3. Missouri. The proximity and border rivalry of Illinois and Missouri make it a natural choice...Basketball is strong as well...And bringing in Iowa State or Missouri makes room for Colorado State in the Big 12.
4. Pitt - But then the Big East has to do some major overhauling looking to replace these guys...
5. Syracuse - See Pitt. And this program doesn't really match up to the Big 10 in terms of football. They would be bringing us down, and we don't need that.
6. Cincinatti. Yeah, I said it. Go get the team that has managed to dominate the Big East in 2 years time. And then OSU will have to play them.

Not So Logical:
1. Any MAC team that's ready with a program and willing to take the next step. CMU, Toledo, and Western all come to mind. But there's a reason they're MAC schools...
2. West Virginia, Temple, Rutgers, and the rest of the Big East. Basketball schools with some football skills...But it's a long way to travel.
3. Kansas, K-State, or some other Big 12 that wants out of that conference...Not likely...

So, boil it all down and you have, maybe, 5-8 schools that can even be considered. Otherwise, it's a whole bunch of noise and hype that won't amount to much.

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