Monday, October 26, 2009

A Legend That Will Go Out With Style & Class

Instead of opening up with what can only be described as, with the exception of an impressive first drive for a TD and a draft enhancing performance by Brandon Graham, a total train wreck of a game for the University of Michigan, I would like to start with these Idle Thoughts that I actually shared with my daughters that had to be pulled to the “Front Page” this week:

1. Joe Pa was hired as the head coach of Penn State in 1966.
2. In 1966 Johnson was President.
3. We had not been to the moon.
4. The Mustang was just introduced by Lee Iacoca as Ford’s Muscle Car.
5. Color TV was in its INFANCY (Most homes in 1966 had black and white sets as the primary, strike that, ONLY TV in the house).
6. The MMQ was less than one year old, and a lot of you weren’t even born yet.
7. Disposable diapers were unheard of.
8. I know some of you were already born, and those people would rather not talk about that fact – So I won’t say who you are.
9. Kirk and Spock had the only Cell Phones that anyone knew about.
10. If anyone asks me who Kirk and Spock are, you’re off The Distribution.
11. Air travel was not common place and people actually dressed up for the occasion.
12. Michigan (Canham) interviewed JoPa and offered him a job…in 1969.
13. JoPa looked like this in 1966.

14. And JoPa looks like this today.

15. Does Blue and Khaki (rolled up) ever go out of style?

16. Does JoPa know how to do anything else?

This guy has been doing the same thing for 43 years. With the exception of eating, sleeping and taking care of other bodily functions, I can’t tell you anything that I have done day in and day out for my 43 years on this earth.

That’s impressive. And regardless of where you fall as a fan, that should be respected. For the most part, PSU, the regents, and everyone around Nittany Lion Football has respected JoPa. Oh sure, they’ve QUESTIONED his motivation for staying and whether or not, after a 4-7 season, the game had passed him by…As THEY SHOULD HAVE. Everyone needs to be questioned and that is what focuses that person on either doing a better job or quitting.

And JoPa went on to do a better job. I wonder why Florida State isn’t as happy with Bobby Bowden? Again, I guess it’s all about wins and losses and unfortunately for Bobby, he is on the losing side of that equation. (Even though those same Seminoles had a really nice comeback win over North Carolina on Thursday Night).

But, as it were, The Rod is now “O-Fer” October against any opponent worthwhile. And while this wasn’t completely unexpected, I will say here that I had high hopes for this game. I thought Michigan had turned some corners. They obviously have a lot more corners to go. I don’t want to see Denard Robinson throw the ball. Ever. Again. This year.

Michigan is now into the Final Four. They’ve changed over the years, but for the most part, they are always big games. Illinois, Purdue, Wisconsin and, of course, The Big Ugly…

The Ledge – or the Race to 6-6….

Michigan Reasons to put one foot on the ledge (no change)
1. Wisconsin Road
2. Defense…and now Offense….
3. Purdue Home – beating OSU has to give them some confidence…And they beat us last year with the ole’ hook and ladder.
4. OSU Home

Michigan Reasons to leave one foot Off the Ledge:
1. Illinois Road – WE should win but how can you be certain??? It looks like Zook will be gone – will he rally the troops one more time against Michigan?
2. That get’s you to 6 wins. 7 would be more comfortable.

And the reason 7 would be better, you ask? Because at 6 wins, assuming Sparty manages 2 wins in it’s last 4 games, puts us in a tie with said Spartys – tie breaker to Heads up winner. And at 6-6, that puts us in either 7th or 8th place in the Big 10 overall. And assuming that The Big 10 doesn’t get a 2nd BCS bid, which actually might be a bad assumption, dare I type this….Michigan is in a race for the Motor City Bowl.



FSU at North Carolina – Bobby finds a way to hold off the vultures and does it with style…Why can’t this team win at home? Is it their MASCOT? We know it’s not the fans….

SPARTY vs. Iowa – Oh Sparty…I honestly thought you should have gone for it on 4th down when the score was 3-3 and you had it on the 2...Granted, you had already had 4 shots at it with a penalty, but I would have pulled out the Dantonio bag of tricks and tried it again, anyway. Iowa wasn’t coming out of there and there is always a chance they screw up a punt deep in their own end. Your road to 6 wins is a little tougher, but you have Western in there that helps. Minnesota is going to be the tell. If you lose there, don’t bother packing your bags.

BC at DOMERS (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!): Well, a win is a win. But the Domers have more losses coming. And yes, I used the plural there….Pitt is looking tough and Navy might do a number on you again this year…Not to mention Stanford.

Gophers at THE OSU: The OSU looked pathetically inept in the 1st half. I mean pathetic. But then, athleticism and Pryor took over and the Suckeye train got on the track…but the Suckeye Offense goes the way of Pryor…If you catch him on an off day, they are extremely beatable…

PITT vs. SFU: Uh, Domers? Getting nervous? Pitt looks Goooooood…..

Georgia Tech vs. Virginia: So much for Al Groh…I think Georgia Tech wins the ACC, but what do I know? That conference is more screwed up than the Big 10….To wit

Clemson vs. GANGSTAS: Another top 10 upset by a team that wasn’t supposed to do that….I guess we can stop talking about the return of the U now….

Cornsuckers vs. Cyclones: I TOLD YOU! Look out for the Cyclones! Hmmmmm, while I can’t blame the defense in an 8 TURNOVER GAME BY THE OFFENSE, Pelini has probably shipped the blackshirts back to the manufacturer and requested pink or some other color….

LATERS vs. Kansas: Wow. Jayhawks were unmitigated FRAUDS….Laters can play without Bradford which makes you wonder how good a QB was he, really? Or was he a product of the Offensive Scheme? Anyone?

Cremesicles at $atan’s Warriors: Damn….This game had everything. An upstart Tennessee team that almost pulled off the impossible. I didn’t like the fact that we had to put it all on Tennessee’s kicking game, but that happens. If only…and I sure wish the SEC officials could get calls right. That has to a BIG ISSUE in the off season.

GATORLAND vs. MISSISSIPPI STATE: This one wasn’t as close as I thought – but Miss State did comfortably beat the spread…And Gatorland and Tebow are vulnerable…

RUBBERS vs. BEAVERS: Rubbers didn’t get lost in a Beaver this year, but that was one hungry Beaver team that put the Rubbers to a test….

AUBURN vs. LMU: Well, when I don’t go with my heart and I stay out of the Big 10, I am pretty good at picking the upsets…Did this year’s Auburn team show up in this game? I know playing LMU at night in LMU is tough….But seriously…LMU hasn’t done that to ANYONE all year…Is LMU trying to make a little run here? Could they come on strong at the end and upset $atan’s Warriors?

Idle Thoughts From Saturday

1. JoPa & Penn State…What will they look like when they get a new coach?
2. AWESOME! Opening TD sets the tone!
3. Oh my God we suck….STOP SOMEBODY!
5. BC can beat these guys…
6. Okay, maybe not.
7. I don’t think the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) can win out…
8. And if they do, so what? Does that make them BCS worthy?
9. Are we going to have to “Even Out” against PSU? 10-5 against them is impressive…
10. And can Wuzzles survive 0-5 against USC?
11. After all, this was THE YEAR!
12. Any of the top 3 teams could still lose…
13. Meaning Boise State has a nice seat...and it’s making me sick.
14. I felt better after the BCS standings came out and Boise fell….
15. Is there anyone that’s going to make a Heisman Statement?
16. Tate could have won it had he stayed consistent…Don’t laugh. Who else is there?
17. Domers are rooting for Clausen…But he’s lost every big game.
18. Sparty, Sparty, Sparty…Why did you go into a prevent?
19. Iowa really isn’t that good…I feel for them because they might get killed by whoever they play in their bowl game…

The Hot Seat

Searching for Hot Seat Mascots is always a difficult challenge, but your MMQ never the less, rises to the occasion with a desire to make sure that the Mascot is worthy of the sacred tradition. I’ve heard that they have formed their own group, like former Playmate Bunnies, and sometimes meet up for drinks and what not…

No, I haven’t been invited. And since Courtney Cox made the cut, another one of the Friends Cast seemed logical for the Hot Seat….And she is hot… Jennifer Anniston!

I like her in this dress…

I think I like her OUT of that dress…

I offered to be one of the guys in this photo….Something about beer bellies and grey hair in the fine print on the application that I missed…Forgot to use my glasses when filling it out…

By the Way:
You can vote for the Annual Hot Seat Mascot!
Pick the Hot Seat Mascot that you think should be the Hot Seat Mascot of the Year. If you can’t decide on one, that’s okay. You can vote for multiple Mascots…Every Week I will post the Leader in the Vote getting on the Side Bar.

1. Zookie – I guess he’s here till season end.
2. Wuzzles – Creeping back up the ladder Charlie…
3. Bobby Bowden – Technically gone – We just haven’t started the gone list yet.
4. Richy Rich – Georgia helped themselves – Vanderbilt will do that for you, but still hurting.


1. Ole Ball Coach
2. Al Groh…Going on annual run that saves his job.



North Carolina at Va Tech – Hokies, this could be dangerous…Butch Davis is looking for a big win. I would be nervous is I was you.

Every Day Should Be Saturday

MICHIGAN at Illinois: If I was a gambling man, I would take Michigan and the points…But, you need to believe that Michigan can show up….
Purdue at Wisconsin: If the Spoilers can beat the Cheeseheads, I am very nervous indeed…
SPARTY AT GOPHERS: If Minnesota wants to be bowl eligible, they need two more wins, also. Hmmmmm……
Indiana vs. Iowa: If Indiana can pull it together…Who am I kidding? Iowa just finds a way to win.
Kitty’s vs. Kitty’s: PSU vs. Northwestern. PSU should win handily...
Ole Miss at Auburn: Auburn needs to prove itself and Ole Miss might be that opportunity…
Mizzou vs. Buffaloes: While this isn’t a big game, it’s huge for the Big 12 north..
WORLD’S LARGEST OUTDOOR COCKTAIL PARTY!: I like Florida, but Richy Rich needs a big win this year…And these two teams don’t really like each other…Hmmmmm
DOMERS vs. Washington State: Looks like a breather on the schedule, but Domers are giving 30? Really? They haven’t beaten anyone by 30….
SOUTH CAROLINA at TENNESSEE: Ole Ball Coach is giving 6….Hmmmm
TEXAS at OKLAHOMA STATE: Could this be a danger Game for Texas?
RUBBERS at OREGON DUCKS: Rubbers are giving 3 on the road…Oregon has let up since the loss to Boise State…Hmmmmmmm


Your MMQ refuses to look at any upsets in the Big 10. I was right on last week with Mississippi State and LMU….So, therefore, this week:

GATORLAND and Tebow meet defeat at the hands of the PUPPY DAWGS!
Kiffin gets a “signature” win over Ole Ball Coach….
I like Oregon...Rubbers break in Autzen Stadium.

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