Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cissoko Dismissed

Well, the defense just got a little thinner yesterday evening. The Rod dismissed Cissoko for a violation of team rules. It sounds like Cissoko didn't like school according to Thomas Wilcher, former tailback at Michigan.....

Cissoko's high school coach, Thomas Wilcher of Cass Tech, said Cissoko was dismissed from the team for missing class, workouts and study table.
"That's what he was suspended for in the first place," Wilcher told The Detroit News. "He's upset. He's going to transfer as long as he can meet the requirements."
Wilcher said Cissoko had a difficult time handling the "social structure" at Michigan.
"He's always been a quiet kid," Wilcher said. "(But) he needs to do what needs to be done as a student-athlete. Nobody is bigger than the program."

So, for what it's worth...I think Cissoko was a nice kid that was trying to fit into the program and just couldn't handle the pressure and responsibility. Let's hope he lands on his feet somewhere.

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