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MMQ Week #2 And Some Dreams Are Shattered!!!

God Bless America!

Today mark’s the 16th Anniversary of our nation’s worst attack on US Soil.  Let’s continue to remember the victims and take strong actions that insure something like this can never happen again.

Man, I hate being a fan that bitches about a win…However, I could be a Domer or a Suckeye this AM and I’d feel a lot worse

But I am the MMQ, so I’m going to bitch a little because if the little lights aren’t twinkling…

Speight continues to be a pain in this team’s Heiny with the occasional Craptastic play or floating pass that sails incomplete.  And he seems to miss guys that are open and force balls to guys that are covered.  Also overheard at the post game Tailgate discussion:  I’m feeling a little John Navarish….Truer words were never spoken…

All the other offensive parts seem to be functioning well (some O-line issues) but Speight continues to have moments of pretty good to downright awful. After starting out looking like Speight-o-tron with the long TD to Crawford, he proceeded to produce a “meh” first half without anything remarkable happening.  For a home crowd that was looking to destroy a cupcake opponent, that’s not good.  In fact, the natives were getting quite restless in the 2nd quarter when Speight fumbled a hand off to Crawford and Boo-Birds could be heard.  Speight picks some very bad times to be…well, bad. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  I’m not a boo-er, these are 18-22 year old kids. If it was a Lion’s game, than sure. However, if I WAS inclined to boo, that would have been an appropriate time.  But please, as the young M-Fans that sit behind the MMQ were lamenting, the BEST QB IN ALL OF THE COUNTRY is always the 2nd (or even 3rd) string QB when the starter is having a bad game.  These two guys were trying to get a “Peters!” chant going.  Cumon’ guys…Harbaugh is playing his best guy right now.  Be patient.  But be leary…I have a feeling that O’Korn will get playing time against the Falcons.  Actually, he SHOULD get playing time.

Having re-watched the game, it didn’t look as bad on TV as it did live and in person.  

Speight finally had a long completion to Perry and TD in the 2nd half, but it was a less than inspiring offensive performance.  And I wasn’t impressed with the play calling (after seeing the replay on Sunday).  Harbaugh owns part of this “malfunctioning” offense malaise and needs to put the players in better situations to succeed.

One creative play in the 2nd half had the entire defense wondering where the ball was and Speight finally revealed that he still had it.  But he locked in on Khalid Hill when there were TWO OTHER OPTIONS that looked a lot more open than Hill was.  Speight forced an incompletion to Hill and I heard more grumbling (some of it my own).  Speight owns THAT one as I loved the play, but hated the final execution/decision. 

The Defense produced 2 scores, Kinnel and Hill, but if you take those off the scoreboard along with the late game safety, Michigan only put 20 offensive points on the board.  And Cinci’s Boone somehow found a way to get 100 yards squirting through the “aggressive” middle (Don Brown’s slicing his own throat with his aggression at times) and some “around the end lost containment” runs that should be fixable.  Thank GOD for dropped passes as a Cinci receiver had a sure TD slip right through his hands… 

And don’t get me started on the kicking game.  Nordin was fine, but punting produced two really bad shanks that put the defense in difficult spots. Luckily, the cub-kittens punting game is worse than Michigan’s and produced a nice cushioning safety in the 4th quarter.  DPJ got benched for Grant Perry and deservedly so after letting two too many punts hit the ground or worse, hit a fellow team mate and Cinci recovered.  I think the DPJ issue is fixable.  CATCHT THE DAMN BALL!!!

Not saying it’s bad, just saying that if you’re game plan includes the defense scoring points in each and every game, you might be in for a few problems down the road.
As was stated at the Tailgate, by extremely wise people, “I feel like I’m gonna suck today, but I just need to SUCK LESS than the guy I’m going up against!” 

Anyway, a win is a win and I’ll take it! 

“Let’s Suck Less!!!”

The Rest of the Mess

Where to start?
Saturday was great if you were a Michigan fan.  Actually, it was great for a LOT of fans that hate certain teams!!!

CUD – Complete, Unmitigated Disasters!!!
Suckeyes:   I don’t know what happened to the suckeye’s offense and I’m not sure anyone knows what happened to it, other than it would take the field, and mysteriously disappear once it was out there.  This game could have been over in the first half if it hadn’t been for several miscues on the Laters and the suckeyes stalling on drives and having to settle for Field Goals (Harbaugh – Are you paying attention?).  Hat’s off to Riley for drawing up a quick release quick strike passing game for Mayfield as he was never pressured by the suckeyes D and was more or less able to pick them apart, seemingly at will.  For anyone who watched, this game wasn’t as close the final score led you to believe. Hence the reason for the CUD rating.  Yeah, win the B1G and your fine, but the viewers (and the committee) will remember who the dominant team was in this game.  As will the players.  I loved the post-game flag planting performance as Mayfield joyously got rid of 365 days of frustration after being embarrassed on his home field.

(Speight – Are you paying attention?)

Suckeye fans everywhere are bargaining and thinking that they can still with the B1G and everything will be fine.  This Suckeye team doesn’t have an identity on offense (except for Barret Left, Barret Right) and may stumble again this season.  While not out of it, there’s no room for error.  Congrats to the Laters for beating a #1 or #2 ranked team on the road for the first time in 50 years!  This Week In Schadenfreude is dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to the suckeyes!

Domers:  This was another mistake filled slugfest between two teams that weren’t at mid-season form.  About the same time that Mayfield was planting the flag in Columbus, Georgia was putting the final touches on it’s Vegas-Line upset of the Domers.  Domers will be out of the Top 25 this week and what shocked the world in this game was the sea of red and Bulldawg fans that took over Notre Dame Stadium.  Estimates were that at least 30K to 40K fans were from Georgia.  SEC Shorts video shows what EXACTLY transpired!

That’s a bad sign if the domer faithful would rather take the cash in a big home game than root on their teamThe Under The Lights Games were extremely tempting to take the dough, but most Michigan fans held on and supported their team, even during that “dark period” of Michigan Football.  The average Domer fan has given up and I love seeing it!  The new, softer gentler Kelly kept his cool until the last question of the post game presser, and then Kelly the Ass appeared.  Kelly is back on the ECOD in the Hot Seat.  This loss is a lot worse for the Domers than, for example, the suckeyes loss as Georgia is going to lose a few more games down the road.  I’ll call it:  Without a conference championship, the Domers just got knocked out of the CFP.   I was really surprised that Kelly lost it on the last question…Oh, who am I kidding?  I’d like to buy that reporter a drink at some point!

CBOTL – Come Back Off the Ledge

These are losses that looked bad, but there’s no reason to panic and sell the season duckets yet.

Stanford:  This game surprised the FMQ and it just goes to show you that you cannot put too much into the first game of the season.  Stanford blowing out Rice and USC struggling to get past Western had everyone believing Stanford could keep it close or even squeak out a victory.  So much for applying logic.  This is still a good loss for Stanford if they can “run the table.”  Tall order, but doable for Stanford. 

Auburn:  Playing Clemson, a team that right now looks like it might be better defensively than last year’s team, and losing, isn’t critical, assuming you can take care of business in the SEC West and then win the SEC Championship.  It’s a good loss and someone had to lose…

Arkansas:  The SEC West had its own terrible outing (following the footsteps of the SEC East last week) with Auburn and Arkansas both losing.  TCU spanked Arkansas by three scores.  And while it’s not over for the Hawgs, it’s no mistakes from here on out…

Texas A&M:  Squeaking by FCS Nichols by a score of 24-14 isn’t going to quiet the Sumlin critics…

PGL – Pretty Good Loss

WMU:  Too bad the Broncos couldn’t have had Sparty in game 1.  They hung tough, but Sparty was just too much. 

Pitt:  Narduzzi wasn’t able to work the same magic this season as he did last season against the Nittany Lions.  But that doesn’t mean Pitt can’t look forward to the ACC Conference play and either look to win it or be a pain in everyone’s butt…. 

WWB – We Won, But…We Should Be Worried

Sparty:  Sparty has problems.  They will reveal themselves further into the season, but they have issues and appear to be fairly one-dimensional. 

Michigan:  Yep – I’m putting Michigan in here, even though maybe I shouldn’t.  (Please check out Dr. Sap’s “The Climb Part II:  The Hit” for insight as to why history may not repeat itself, but it often rhymes!)
This is a game that Michigan Fans should be happy with (414 yards to 200), but everyone that was there or watched on the tube has that “Oh Crap, this team can easily lose a game somewhere along the way” feeling.  Again, I think we were all thinking that after Baylor in 1997, but there’s a lot of good stuff happening here.  And Harbaugh’s the guy to get it worked out. 

Iowa vs ISU:   Game lived up to its billing and finished with Iowa coming back and eeking out a victory over the cyclones by a Figgie in OT.

And the Rest…

Bosie St vs. Washington State:  A late 3-OT thriller with Leach the Pirate coming out on top!

Gophers at Beavers:  I can’t believe I didn’t come up with the “Rodent Bowl” moniker, but whoever did – KUDOS.  The Gophers, as predicted by the FMQ, hit those Beavers HARD and more or less established who was wearing the pants in that relationship. 

Wiscy vs FAU:  Wiscy and Michigan fans have some of the same feelings today.  Wiscy rolled up almost 600 yards of offense, but could put any more than 31 points on the board.  Sooner or later, drives need to turn into scores. 

Cornsuckers vs. Quack Attack:  The Quack Attack outlasted the Cornsuckers in Autzen and Riley can’t be liking life this Monday morning.  B1G West is still out there for the taking….

EMU HURONS vs Rutgers:  While I’m not normally rooting against the B1G in any game, Eastern beating Rutgers was kind of nice.  I know that loss brings the B1G conference down, but look, Rutgers.  EMU needed that more than Rutgers did.

Lousiana Tech vs. Mississippi State:  Didn’t see the game, but saw THIS:

Yep, that’s a 3 and 93 that LTU is staring at.  Classic!!!

The 5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief

  1. Denial and Isolation Domers, Cornsuckers and Cardinal.  Just win out and we’re still part of the conversation!  Just win out…!   
  2. ANGER –Domers. Smart Domer fans know it’s OVER, which is probably something they suspected before the Georgia game and is the main reason why they dumped their tickets.  There are systemic problems in South Bend that aren’t going to be solved until $warbuck$ (or others) make some changes. 
  3. Bargaining –Auburn, Arkansas and A&M  Still have an outside shot.
  4. Depression –Many qualify, but ECU, A&M (losing a 34 point lead hangover depression), Domers, and suckeyes all get the nod this week.    
  5.  Acceptance – Not yet!  Season’s still young….

Ref Rants!
There was a terrible targeting call on Michigan (that clearly wasn’t) that was flagged, reviewed and then NOT Called TARGETING, but the 15 yard penalty was still enforced. 
If it ain’t targeting, pick up the flag and wipe away the “roughing” penalty.
THEN, there was a 3rd down completion to Perry (I think?) that by all counts on the Jumbotron not only looked like a catch, we couldn’t figure out what was being reviewed.  The really frustrating part is when you’re watching on the Tube, you at least understand what’s being looked at, vs. in the stadium, where you’re just in the dark...  I guess it was bobbled after the catch and the ball hit the ground.  And I didn’t see the review on the game replay. 

Idle Thoughts from Saturday

-In the lot by 9.
-Lot was already Pretty full! 
-Had to curb jump to get into the spot. 
-There’s nothing like Ann Arbor on Game Day.
-Cool crisp fall morning in early September.
-Especially when you see Florida getting hammered by a Hurricane
-Yes, we have to deal with snow, but not that big a deal.
-New Shoes at the Tailgate!
-And new pants….
-(Not sure about the pants)
-Great seeing the Michigan family in the lot. 
-Cheerleaders going to lead the Band to the Stadium!
-Everyone seems to stick with their “usual” spot in the lot, which is good.
-Nephews and friends of the tailgate cruised by, which is nice.
-Attention:  Canners needed in Ann Arbor!
-At the corner of Hoover and Greene
-Is canning not paying what it used to?
-Are the canners getting subsidized by the city council or something for not picking up cans?
-Where are the Canners, fergodsakes????
-Can Game points will be sparse this season without canners….
-Don’t get a whole lot of tailgate time with a noon kick.
-Dad and Daughter at the game….
-Nice Pass, Speight!  Stay on that mental plane….
-Way to go Kinnel! 
-Pick 6 Karma was “kind of instant”
-Figured Michigan was due after Florida.
-Hate to use it up against Cinci, but I’ll take it.
-I have seen it never come back around…
-Speight, you’re getting on my nerves.
-FUMBLE?  Seriously?
-First WTF of the day…
-How is Cinci moving the ball?
-Florida has to be REALLY, REALLY Bad
-Didn’t score in 2nd quarter…
-So much for beating the spread.
-Unless the offense explodes in 2nd half.
-What are those?  T-Rex’s? 
-WTF…number 2

-Why can’t the Band just play louder and be a little more...Bandish?
-I guess T-Rexes are bandish…
-Jeez it’s hot in here. 
-Would have froze at the Tailgate in shorts, cooking in the Stadium.
-Okay – at least Michigan scored.
-I didn’t expect Cinci to put up 17
-Thank you Hill – The Offense needed that.
-Grumble, grumble…
-Am I getting old?
-Overheard:  I feel like I’m going to suck today…
-Also Overheard:  I just need to SUCK LESS than the other guy!
-They won, we should be thankful for that.…

Will return when the Committee makes their first ranking!

The Hot Seat

Still looking for Hot Coach’s wives suggestions!
This week, we’ll go with new Head Coach of the Gophers PJ Fleck's wife!!!

We’ll keep track of who’s gone as the season progresses….
  1. “Holier than Thou” Hugh Freeze 

Electric Chair of Death Seat!
  1. Kelly– This is what BK was supposed to be working on this off-season.  Apparently, the Anger Management training hasn’t stuck.  When asked how he felt about losing another “one possession game”, Kelly snapped back with “it wasn’t a one possession game.  It was a one point loss.”

Skip to the end (Cut right to the 11:00 Minute mark and get some popcorn!) and you’ll get the snarky, snide, disrespectful Kelly in all his glory!  And don’t you think $warbucks$ ought to get the money back for those Anger Management Classes???

The Hot Seat

  1. Sumlin:  Yes, I saw the racist letter.  Believe me, Sumlin knows there’s bound to be some of that going on in Texas.
  2. Bret Bielema:  The SEC West is in a race to get the “next Big Name” in coaching.  The Razorbacks are leading the way…
  3. Mulzahn:  Gus can’t win without a “Cam Newton”. 
  4. Butch Jones - Tennesse.  Needs a big Win
  5. McElwain – Gatorland is still a mess….
  6. Mike Riley – Huskers lose a competitive game to Oregon, but lose none-the-less.
  7. Mora –I know UCLA won, but still, down 44-10 to A&M gets you on this list this week…
  8. Urban Meyer:  It wasn’t pretty in C-bus and the suckeye naysayers will be out in force over the hiring of Wilson.
Jerry Kill Seizures,

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