Wednesday, September 6, 2017

MMQ Follow-Up and Some Links

Whenever there’s a big win and I’m trying to get Everything in I thought was cool or tapped out notes to myself on my phone to remember to put in to the MMQ, there’s always some stuff I leave out or miss…
How Hard IS It To Defend Michigan’s “New Defensive Look”?
Here’s the last play of the game (HT:  Watch this a couple of times to see how Winnovich more or less gets through UF’s line untouched.

Michigan is now deploying – dare I say this – a 3-3-5 look on defense (I know, I can’t bear to utter those words from the Rich Rod Era) that is in fact, a very dastardly look when trying to figure out who to block.  It also helps Michigan is NOW executing this defensive set the way it should be executed.  Ball is snapped.  Gary picks up a double team, cause Gary.  LB Singleton (8) starts dancing on the line making it appear that he’s going to blitz and then backs off, faking Florida guard (61) to bite on the fake and temporarily pull off the double on Gary. Winnovich’s man, the left tackle (73), for some unknown reason moves to the outside giving Winnovich a straight shot on Zaire.  It’s truly a thing of beauty and it all works because Michigan’s LB core are all threatening to do…something.
Great play.
Injuries Suck….
Maryland lost their starting QB, Tyrell Pigrome, to an ACL tear.  It’s sad to see…Kasim Hill is the freshman who will start against Towson next week.
True Freshmen Blackman will be the FSU starter. 
And Texas A&M also lost their starting QB for the season….
Bama lost two starting linebackers for the season, but Satan will simply fire “the cloning machine” back up and have two new ones ready to go by Saturday.
LSU Has A Defense
I didn’t mention the LSU – BYU game but it should be noted that LSU never let BYU across the 50 yard line.  BYU is not a bad team, but didn’t even get 100 yards of offense...  Which one could infer that LSU’s defense is pretty damn good…
But let’s wait and see what happens when LSU plays an SEC West Team….
Jake Olson Gets His Moment
And in case you didn’t see or hear about this:
Jake Olson is the kid that lost his sight at age 11 and used USC as his motivation in life.  Peter Carrol had him in the lockerroom and at practices.  Every coach after kept Jake around and he’s now on the team as a long snapper.  Helton called first year head coach Lester at Western and asked if he allow Olson to snap.  Obviously, Lester said yes and the officials were also in on it.
Slappy Fan Grief Mid-Week Edition
Gatorland has a movement afoot to get McElwain canned after the Michigan fiasco.  Apparently, all the usual stuff is up and running including a facebook page and twitter handle to firemcelwain.  What I don’t get is why aren’t the fans getting on the team more?  Granted, McElwain’s O leaves a lot to be desired, but the kids still have to execute.
Forgot to mention the “Classy” Texas fans that started littering their own field with trash in the middle of the 4th quarter.  Not a good look for the ShortHorn faithful.  It’s going to take awhile and you simply have to be patient and go for the ride…
To pile on the Aggies misery, replays of the last TD with 43 tics left show that the UCLA receiver did NOT HAVE POSESSION of the ball when he stepped out of bounds.  There was no replay (weird – I thought all scores in last minutes were reviewed?  Is that NFL only?) and UCLA tacked on the PA.  Case closed, game over…
East Carolina, in a state that has two pretty good football teams, Clemson and South Carolina, sits almost exactly in between those two schools in GreenevilleThey fired alumni coach McNeil who had beaten some big names during his tenure for what was supposed to be off the field shenanigans.  AD Compher hired Coach Montgomery and the program is slipping into oblivion, including a loss to James Madison Saturday.  It’s been rumored that AD’s will do stupid things like that.
UNLV lost to Howard who was a 45 point underdog, making that the largest loss in FBS history, against a Pointspread Dog.  While that isn’t that unbelievable (often times gambling houses won’t even post a line on say, FCS against Bama) it isn’t as relevant as Michigan’s loss to App State as UNLV wasn’t ranked.  But that doesn’t make the fans feel any better…
Colorado and Colorado State clashed in their annual meeting and C-State fans got out of hand when the 2nd of 2 TD’s was called back for ticky-tack officiating calls.  Fans started littering the field there, also, in protest.  Fast way to lose concessions in the stadium. 
“We are subpar and I’m not surprised” — (USC)
“This game alone killed the program for the next several years” —
“Take the lockers away” — (Texas)
“Anyone else feel like McElwain’s shark?” —
“Maybe the days when a program like BYU could compete at the top are past.” —
And Then There’s Other Things You Should Know
Taylor Swift performing at the CFP Championship halftime show.
Army scored 62 points on Saturday…And NEVER COMPLETED A FORWARD PASS!!!
Cincinnati RB Mike Boone…Why you say this?  Why?  WHY?  You’re a 34-point dog.  Let your talking happen on the field.  I feel sorry for you at this point, but not very sorry.  Thank you for the motivation!

10 Years Ago…..This happened. Stanford upset #2 USC (41 point favorite) led by now Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh.
20 Years Ago This Season
Dr. Sap is guesting at with a series and game reviews of the 1997 season.  Part I: Those Who Stayed

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