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Johnny Football and Other Firsts…Are We SURE The World Isn’t Ending on 12-12-12?

So, a Frosh wins the coveted award of the most exciting player to play college football for the 2012 season. A first of many firsts it would seem for the 2012 season.

Johnny Football was certainly deserving of the award. But if Bama scores on that last drive, are we giving it to someone else last Saturday? My gut tells me that, yes, either Teo or Klein would have been up there making an acceptance speech. Most likely Teo with all the background stories surrounding his final season. It goes without saying that if you had a sympathy vote, with tears in your eyes, you wrote down Teo.

Klein had one bad game, but for an average workhorse QB that doesn’t have a lot of “highlight” reel type of plays on his resume, well, it’s easy to dismiss his candidacy without the perfect season holding him up.

That’s how Woodson won it in 1997. Perfect season and he started playing both sides of the ball – not to mention that he had a stellar game against the Suckeyes….

Right or wrong, its an award that is not going anywhere and I firmly believe that the voters get it right for the most part. It’s not an easy vote and if the MMQ were given one…Well, I would have had a very difficult time this year.

I might have even voted for the Domer (JEEZ, I HATE THESE GUYS!). I know…sad isn’t it? But in the end, only one player can win. It’s an elite fraternity for sure. And Johnny Football now has a chance to do something no one has ever done: Win more than 2? Is it possible? Who knows…As this sport we know and love gets whackier from season to season, I’ll believe anything is possible.

But now that college football has broken the one “unwritten” rule that remained for the Heisman (A freshman CANNOT win the Heisman), what else has happened this season in what can only be described as a weird and eerie seasons of firsts:

1. The number 1 team in the nation did NOT start the season in the Top 25 in any polls (Domers).
2. The pre-Season Number 1 Team (USC) finished outside of the Top 25 (Though this wasn’t a first, it’s a first since the inception of the BCS)
3. The Domers are in the BCS title game for the first time.
4. This is also the first time an Independent has made the Title Game.
5. Surprisingly, (And I will admit that I had to look this one up) this is the first time that the Title Game has featured two teams with a common opponent (Michigan) with the exception of last year’s SEC re-match.
6. First FBS Collegiate Football Team to reach 900 Victories - Michigan. GO BLUE! (Thanks, Sparty)
7. First time any new member to a conference has won 10 games (Texas A&M)
8. First time the Heisman Trophy winner was NOT A STARTER for his team at the beginning of the season. (Johnny’s first game: Florida)
9. An established and quite successful coach in the Big 10 leaves his team and conference for a mediocre team in the SEC West.
10. The Big 10 expands quicker than anyone predicted and goes to 14 members, adding Maryland and Rutgers.
11. Quickest a National Title Coach has been shown the door (22 months): two seasons and a 3-10 record in the SEC (Chizik)
12. Other winning coaches shown the door by impatient fans and red-ink athletic departments/directors.
13. Of course, the last one isn’t a first, but you get my point…..

I’m sure there’s more…but this is what I could come up with off the top of the ole noggin’ on Monday morning. If you can think of any, send ‘em in and I’ll add them to the list.

The Bowls and the Bets

Nothing firm yet, but the FMQ needs to do a lot of work to make up for a rather dismal season…so the MMQ is helping him think things through. Looking to take points this year and hoe the dogs come through!

National Championship: Domers vs. Bama (-10): This seems like a LOT of points to give the Domers and I’m leaning towards the dog in this one.

Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Wiscy (+6.5): I don’t know why, but I’m really liking Wiscy here getting points. Barry Alvarez coming out of (sic) retirement to lead the team might be a huge shot in the arm and Wiscy might pull the upset.

Fiesta: Oregon vs. K-State (+9.5): If the play-off were alive today, one of these teams would be playing for the title. I like the Ducks and I don’t think that a healthy, rested Quack Attack can be stopped….So, in this one game, I’m thinking of laying points….

Orange: FSU and Northern Illinois (+14): Really? There’s no respect anywhere for the MAC and I think the Huskies might be more than anyone bargained for. FSU will be ticked they’re not playing for a National Title and won’t really want to be there….Still, if that offense gets rolling and the defense is playing like it’s capable of, NIU is in for a lot of headaches….

Sugar: Florida vs. Louisville (+14): Here’s another one with no respect factor: Yes, Gatorland is back. And they’re good. And one win from playing in the National Title game. But strong knows that team and he’s staying where he is. I expect inspired Cardinal Football that evening….

Capitol One: Georgia vs. Nebraska (+10): Hmm….This is one of those lines that makes you kind of scratch your head. On one hand, we’ve got a B1G team that just got pantsed in the B1G Championship game and another team that was a defensive stand from playing in the National Title against a pretty good Bama squad…I think I have to lay points here again….

Cotton: Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma (+4.5): Big 12 traditional match-up on a weird day…January 4th…..Friday. Hmm….I think I like Johnny Football, but is this one of those Heisman curse games for the winner? Scratching my head still on this one….

Chic-Fil-A: LSU vs. Clemson (+4): This one scares me as well…The ACC is NOT good and LSU traditionally plays very well in this game. Laying points again????

Outback: Michigan vs. South Carolina (-4.5): Michigan getting points in Florida against the Ole Ball Coach. Will Borges unwrap the De-Rob/Gardener Explosion package or run up the middle of one of the SEC’s best defenses? I shudder at the thought of this game plan, but I do like Michigan getting points.

Gator: Northwestern vs. Miss State (-2): What????? I figured NU to be favored in this one….That’s a good team and this might be the pick of the bowls. Take the 2 points and call it a gift.

Buffalo Wild Wings: TCU vs. Sparty (+2.5): This might be another gift, depending on which Sparty offense shows up. The one that beat Wiscy or the one that played the rest of the B1G season?

Idle Thoughts From The Season

-Michigan could actually be better next year.
-More home games with the tougher opponents.
-De-Rob never given a chance to fully show his mettle.
-Borges problem or Hoke problem?
-College Football Head Coaching formula: Find a new coach. Win. Repeat.
-I think Sumelin at A&M has the formula down….
-And he has Johnny Football for at least two more seasons.
-That has to feel pretty good.
-But as soon as you break the formula (Chizik), it’s the front door.
-Talk about your bad deals….
-Of course, Chizik is getting about $5.2M out of the deal to sit on his but for 2 years..
-Or $220,000 per month
-I KNOW I could live on that…
-Who couldn’t?
-Is college football the best season going?
-Tried (really tried) getting into the NFL this season.
-Just doesn’t have the same feel.
-Enjoyed the games, don’t get me wrong.
-But it wasn’t like I was feeling awful if I missed one that I wanted to see.
-But maybe that’s the Lions getting me down
-I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but Michigan Basketball appears to be Back!
-Not that an appearance in the Dance last year is anything to sneeze at…
-They just exited too early last season.
-Wait, it’s still football season.
-Will there EVER be another player that comes through Michigan like DeRob?
-Of course, I didn’t think there would be another Woodson..
-And while there hasn’t been a Woodson, we’ve seen some pretty good kids since then.
-It’s hard to remember that they are kids.
-18-22 year olds playing with their hearts on their sleeve.
-Thank you, Kovacs, for helping me remember that….

The Hot Seat

Well Folks, we have a Winner! The 2012 Hot Seat Mascot is: Elaine Alden! Kind of like the Heisman race, there were no bad choices here. Just some choices that were better than others. And one of the TIGHTEST finals that we've ever seen for the Hot Seat Mascot! One vote was all that separated the top two picks...We could have done worse with our 2012 Hot Seat Corner girl. I think she’ll keep us all warm through the off-season. In case you forgot, here’s some shots of Elaine!


The Hot Seat

1. Paul Johnson. Check again – is he still the head coach of GTU?
2. Pasqualoni – What is UConn going to do now that Cinci is taking there spot in the ACC?
3. Randy Edsall: So, who does he have photos of?
4. Mack Brown: He still has a job after losing to K-State….Amazing.

GONE (Find a full summary here):

Surprises on the list: Tommy Tubberville leaves Lubbock in a pinch (again) three years after Mike Leach left. Lubbock is not a hot bed for football, but then again, it’s better than some other places…I think Cinci is kind of one of those places that might be WORSE than Lubbock? I dunno…but Tommy Twotone and the Cinci AD know each other from the days at Auburn.

What is Wiscy gonna do? There’s no logical solution now that Chryst is off the list…Meaning that either Alvarez has another ace up his sleeve or perhaps an assistant gets the nod?

Colorado is just in a shambles…I somehow feel the best coach for that job was already there…

2012 Coaching Carousel tracker : by SB Nation


Army (+7) vs. Navy: OOPS….Didn’t I say I hate rivalry games?

Take Navy and lay the 7 for $40 - LOSE

Starting BANK:    $671.50
Total Win:             $0
BANK:                  $671.50

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