Friday, December 14, 2012

Bowl Picks and Other Stuff

Non-Football: Can someone please tell me where December went?

Jeez…between holiday activities, practices for kids and life in general, the “extra” week this year from T-day being as early as could be just kind of up and disappeared…It’s true what they say…As you get older, the time starts slipping by a little faster.

Want to know how old you are? I’ve been making the kids listen to the 70’s on 7 on Sirius….A television retro theme came on this morning and my kids didn’t have a clue to what I was talking about when I said,

“This is Jim Rockford, at the tone, leave your name and message and I’ll get back to you…”

Folks, that was every Friday night at 9:00 for this TV viewer from the time I was about 9 until I was 13 or so…And for a great compilation of what used to come after that, we have Wikipedia that can walk you down memory lane….There were some classic messages that Rockford received in the 6 seasons the show was on….

A couple of FMQ Favorites:

"Good morning, this is the telephone company. Due to repairs we're giving you advance notice that your service will be cut off indefinitely at 10 o'clock. That's two minutes from now."

"This is Mrs. Owens with the Association For A Better Malibu. Thanks for your contributions. We've made real strides, but it would help dear, if you could move your trailer."

"Jim? This is Manny down at Ralph's Bar. Some guy named Angel Martin just ran up a fifty buck bar tab. Now he wants to charge it to you. You gonna pay it?"

"That number four you just picked up from Angelo's Pizza? Some scouring powder fell in there. Don't eat it. Hey, I hope you try your phone machine before dinner."

"It's Aundra. Remember last summer at Pat's? I've got a twelve hour layover before I go to Chicago. How about it?"

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed the diversion….God knows it gets hectic this time of year and everyone could use a little break from reality….

Conference Re-Alignment

So, it would appear that the non-FBS Beast schools have had it with being jerked around at every turn when it comes to conference re-alignment. What I never thought would come to pass (the non-FBS Beast members leaving an AQS conference) is going to happen: The primarily catholic/religious institutions are splitting off and forming a new league. What does that mean for everybody else? Well, it can’t be good for the Beast FBS schools that are left. There was some chance that the Beast stayed together with the stability of the Basketball schools, of all things, but now that they’re moving on…it could be over for the Beast. Look for the ACC (which is the next conference to suffer upheaval) and the Big 12 to start looking to dice up what is potentially left. Maybe.

Conference re-alignment is a tricky thing and the conferences only want to do it for the bucks. If the money isn’t there, well, if you’re U-Conn or other Beast teams, you might start feeling cold…

Bucktard Alert

Thanks to several readers for sending me the link. Mike Vrabel, legendary NFL player and graduate of ohio, headbutted a player that was “wearing” a helmet when he wasn’t wearing a helmet during the week of practice leading up to the Michigan Game. The results were obvious to everyone except Vrabel…


The Bowl Picks

The FMQ has had some pretty bad weeks this year and I’m hoping the bowl picks come through to get us back into the black. If we don’t make it, it’s going to be a losing season which isn’t the goal of the FMQ at all!

So, here goes nothing….OR everything. Depends on your point of view!

National Championship: Domers vs. Bama (-10): This seems like a LOT of points to give the Domers and I’m leaning towards the dog in this one.
Take the Domers and the 10 for $50

Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Wiscy (+7): I don’t know why, but I’m really liking Wiscy here getting points. Barry Alvarez coming out of (sic) retirement to lead the team might be a huge shot in the arm and Wiscy might pull the upset.
Take Wiscy and the 7 for $40

Fiesta: Oregon vs. K-State (+9.5): If the play-off were alive today, one of these teams would be playing for the title. I like the Ducks and I don’t think that a healthy, rested Quack Attack can be stopped….So, in this one game, I’m thinking of laying points….
Take Oregon and lay the 9.5 for $50

Orange: FSU and Northern Illinois (+14): Really? There’s no respect anywhere for the MAC and I think the Huskies might be more than anyone bargained for. FSU will be ticked they’re not playing for a National Title and won’t really want to be there….Still, if that offense gets rolling and the defense is playing like it’s capable of, NIU is in for a lot of headaches….
Take NIU and the points for $20

Sugar: Florida vs. Louisville (+14): Here’s another one with no respect factor: Yes, Gatorland is back. And they’re good. And one win from playing in the National Title game. But strong knows that team and he’s staying where he is. I expect inspired Cardinal Football that evening….
Take Florida and lay the 14 for $20

Capitol One: Georgia vs. Nebraska (+10): Hmm….This is one of those lines that makes you kind of scratch your head. On one hand, we’ve got a B1G team that just got pantsed in the B1G Championship game and another team that was a defensive stand from playing in the National Title against a pretty good Bama squad…I think I have to lay points here again….
Take Gerogia and lay the 10 for $30

Cotton: Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma (+4.5): Big 12 traditional match-up on a weird day…January 4th…..Friday. Hmm….I think I like Johnny Football, but is this one of those Heisman curse games for the winner? Scratching my head still on this one….
Take Oklahoma and the 4.5 for $20

Chic-Fil-A: LSU vs. Clemson (+4): This one scares me as well…The ACC is NOT good and LSU traditionally plays very well in this game. Laying points again????
Take LSU and lay the 4 for $40

Outback: Michigan vs. South Carolina (-5): Michigan getting points in Florida against the Ole Ball Coach. Will Borges unwrap the De-Rob/Gardener Explosion package or run up the middle of one of the SEC’s best defenses? I shudder at the thought of this game plan, but I do like Michigan getting points.
Take Michigan and the 5 for $40

Gator: Northwestern vs. Miss State (-2): What????? I figured NU to be favored in this one….That’s a good team and this might be the pick of the bowls. Take the 2 points and call it a gift.
Take Northwestern and the 2 for $30

Buffalo Wild Wings: TCU vs. Sparty (+2.5): This might be another gift, depending on which Sparty offense shows up. The one that beat Wiscy or the one that played the rest of the B1G season?
Take Sparty and the 2.5 for $30


(All pay 6 to 1)

Michigan-Domers-Sparty - $20
And in case I’m totally wrong: Bama – USC – TCU - $20
LSU-FSU-Oregon - $20

That’s a lot of bets….but it is what it is….

Starting Bank:     $671.50
Total Bet:            $430
Bank:                 $241.50

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