Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holy Crap!!!! Beliema to Arkansas????

In what world does this make sense?

3 Time B1G Champ...Three consecutive Rose Bowls...Much loved head coach at Big 10 Original University.

This is one of those times where you get to see your MMQ in action.  Thinking this through...Besides following what must have been a BUTT LOAD of money that Arkansas threw at him (BB was making $2.5M at Wiscy) I had a quirky feeling that maybe ole Barry Alvarez didn't like something he saw in BB without Chryst (the former offensive coordinator for Wiscy) that is now the head coach at Pitt.  And maybe ole Alvarez said, "You want to talk to Arkansas?  Go ahead.  We will talk after you get a number from them."

I will BET you $10 right now that Barry picked up the phone and immediately called Chryst and said, "Hey, what are you doing next season?"

Just a hunch, but don't be surprised to see Pitt left out in the cold again......

And furthermore, after thinking about Brett's Rose Bowl record (I don't think it's very good) there might have been a lot of Fan "Angst" against Brett especially after 2 last second losses last year stole away what was probably Wiscy's best shot at a National Title in.....forever.   Fans can be a rough group and they were more than likely demanding Barry's head after those losses and last season...Thinking that the players come to Wiscy but Brett can't win with them.....In other words, "We love you....Just not enough to tolerate a 2 loss season when it's clear we have superior talent."


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