Friday, December 7, 2012

Day of Infamy

Someone (Who Shall Remain Nameless) wrote to me this year and stated that I should give the Domers credit as a school/university that “does it right” with respect to having true student athletes playing the game and having a high graduation rate without any NCAA incidents, etc., etc., etc….. Everyone and every fan “believes” or wants to believe that their alma mater is doing it right until something comes up and they discover that maybe the school they know and love isn’t doing everything above board. That’s just the way it is. PSU thought that way. Michigan thought that way. And of course, the Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) think that way…

With respect to the Domers: The Domers just haven’t been caught yet. But, their time will come. Just like it (kind of) did at PSU, even though I don’t agree with that decree that was handed down by the band of NCAA merry men. And just like OSU, Bama, Miami, NC State, and yes, Michigan. The NCAA comes a knocking on everyone’s door at some point in time.

The only FBS programs to date that have NOT had the NCAA come knocking on the door for whatever reason(s):


Air Force

If you want to hold up an example of young men that are students first, warriors second, believe in their country third, and then, oh yeah, play a little football (or basketball) while attending college, you need to look no further than the three institutions above. They are the epitome and measuring stick of “Doing It the Right Way” and I believe that’s what makes these institutions and the students that attend these institutions and participate in athletics special.

Which is why I like the fact that the Army-Navy game is still the ONLY game on the last day of the regular season. Not the Domers….Not Michigan-OSU….Not any other rivalry game. And I’m glad we’re keeping it sacred.

Just one game that counts between schools that are doing a lot more for this country besides “Doing It Right” on the field and in the classroom.

On this day of Infamy, the FMQ throws a hearty salute to the service academies for everything they do and represent that is right in the world of student athletes.
Coaching Carousel
Malzhan to Auburn…The Crafter of the 2010 offense featuring Cam Newton is back
Butch Jones Hired as Tennessee’s 14th choice…Meaning Cinci is looking again….
Hazel At Purdon’t…Not sure what this means…
Sonny Dykes at Cal….
Beliema at Arkansas…This one still floors me…
Alvarez WON’T hire Chryst from Pitt…..(yet)…
Adazzio to Boston College….
So many openings, so few Rich Rodriguez’s out there looking for gigs…

Conference Expansion – B1G Style
Read Frank the Tank for all the details, but the latest rumor:  Florida State to the B1G…Yep…That’s the latest.  I know…What’s the world coming to?  The MMQ’s comments:    As stated here a couple of weeks ago, whereever the Domers go, disaster follows.  The ACC is vulnerable for a REASON:  Instability and everyone not getting a fair share….FSU is pissed and a pissed school is easy fodder for whatever games Delaney wants to play.  And play he will like the Chess Grand Master he is!  He might court and romance FSU and then glance the Domers way with a “Last Chance, Babe…” look that Daddy $warbuck$ just might have to seriously consider.  Because once the B1G is at 16, it’s over….

MMQ/FMQ Last Minute Christmas Shopping Idea
For anyone that was thinking about getting me something, a last minute gift suggestion is in order:

Yeah, it’s a little pricey. Unless you won the Power Ball last week…Anyone? Anyone? No, huh?
Well….At least the FMQ/MMQ can dream a little…. Thanks to Mike F. who lives in the land of “Forever Turning Left” for the pix…Made my Friday!

This Week’s Pick

Army (+7) vs. Navy:  Navy holds a commanding 11 game winning streak in this rivalry.  And while 2 win Army team probably can’t pull the upset, I can’t help but wonder if they can keep it closer than the spread….After all, this is the Army team that somehow found a way to BEAT Air Force…But then got 63 hung on them by Temple.  So….Which Army team shows up?  I think it might be the latter…But I hate rivalry games.
Take Navy and lay the 7 for $40

Starting Bank:   $711.50
Total Bet:            $40
Bank:                 $671.50

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