Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Tressel Makes a BAD Move

In what can only be described as openly begging for NCAA mercy, St. Tressel has asked for and "Surprise!" received a five game suspension from tOSU.

SOOOOOOooooooooooo.....Let me get this straight, just so I understand:

Smith and Gee believe St. Tressel did "everything he could" initially and reviewed the situation and determined that a $250,000 fine and two games was "more than enough." Only after the nuclear fall out in the blogosphere, the national press and little known corners of the world insisting that Tressel be suspended for an entire season or, at worst, dismissed for his unacceptable actions does St. Tressel come forward and state that he should be held to the same punishment as his players.


St. Tressel, I have a news bulletin for you: The NCAA smells fear and can sense weakness. You just made a river card post oak bluff that you are somehow hoping the NCAA sees as "enough" of a penalty to let you off easy. Or easier than what you suspect might be coming at you in the dark tunnel you find yourself in....

But guess what? I think this little bluff probably just gave them the ammunition they need to push all in on your sorry behind. And frankly, you and your institution deserve it.

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