Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Maisel on Tressel - BRING THE AXE DOWN!

ESPN writer/reporter Ivan Maisel finally gets it right after his first attempt at crucifying Jim Tressel and more or less echoes what I stated initially.

The NCAA looks REAL BAD after the Cam Newton incident, and no one is completely sure that we've heard the end of that deal. But this one, this coach lying to the NCAA, signing (falsely) that he knew of no infractions, and then trying to hide behind the president and AD of the University is a great example of how serious the NCAA wants to treat this.

And don't think the University of Michigan isn't watching this one very closely. Not to mention USC. After being the most recent major Universities that got put through the NCAA wringer, I'll wager that they want to see tOSU get it just as bad if not worse than they got it.

If the NCAA really wants to re-establish itself and get a handle on some of the college football activities that are less than above board, they'll start right here, right now.

This is the example.

The evidence is clear.

No one can argue the facts.

Bring the hammer down and make it hurt. I'm not saying this because I hate Ohio State (well, maybe a little). I'm saying it because I love College Football and there needs to be something that resets the bar and level of integrity that the game needs. Without it, it's not only a game on a 100 yard playing field, but it becomes a game to "see who can get away with the most shenanigans and not get caught. And if you get caught, oh well. Do your time and move on to the next opportunity."

Nobody wants to see it come down to that. Especially the guys that are trying to do it the right way.

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