Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Herbstreit Moves to...Nashville?

In case you haven't heard, Kirk Herbstreit has picked up and moved himself and his family from Columbus to Nashville due to, "Abuse by the local minority of fans that he and his family has suffered through for the last three years."


It's funny. Kirk was a pretty well liked and respected athlete when he played for the Suckeyes. It wasn't until he went into broadcasting and tried to maintain an objective approach in his analysis of College Football that he became hated in South Bend.

I suspect Dierdorf probably lost his job on MNF because of his constant references to the University of Michigan during the games or when an alumni would make a great play. Yet, somehow, he didn't seem like a total homer when he did it. I'm sure others viewed the comments differently. But I don't have any issue with Spielman or Bob Griese making references to tOSU or Purdue when they do a game...

Home grown Gary Danielson, who went to Dearborn Divine Child and then on to Purdue, I have grown to hate simpy because of his love for the SEC. And he is therefore never welcome in my house, even if he apologizes at some point. So that's out there.

And I guess that makes me a Hater...But I haven't called Gary or sent him an e-mail telling him how I feel. Because I understand he's doing his job and it would be wrong.

At this point, all I can say is Haters are going to be Haters. And some of them are going to be vocal. I put these clowns in the same category that after having the greatest sexual experience of their life would complain that it, "Didn't last long enough." Or after giving them a drink of water that saved their life, they would ask where the ice was in the glass...Some people just weren't brought up to understand that it's not OK to express every thought, feeling and opinion you might have to others, or worse, towards that specific person or their family members. And the technology that's available today only makes that worse. Before you can even think it, you can Tweet it....

And where has it gotten us?

Herbstreit moved because he and his family simply couldn't weather the storm anymore. I'm sure there's a faction of Suckeyes celebrating today thinking they accomplished something. And I'm also sure there is a silent majority wishing that these dumbasses would simply shut the hell up and let a respected and nationally liked alumni do his job.

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