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The FMQ Week #6

There’s a game on tonight that I’d like to get a bet in on so the FMQ is posting Thursday!
Roy Williams is Delusional
More and more coaches, AD’s and university presidents have come out claiming that they’re shocked and that their programs are “clean”!  More and more keeps coming out as to how sleazy and how LONG the sleaziness has existed in college hoops.  Here’s a great link that implicates Roy Williams, still sleazier at UNC (no classroom “A” scandal) than he was at Kansas. 
(SIDENOTE:  The NCAA finally announces penalties, sanctions, and punishment for UNC TOMORROW regarding the no-class “A” scandal!)
 Stay Tuned! 
Selective memory or amnesia…Your call.  The U-Conn president is also a little early in her proclamation of “no issues here!”   I hope this thing goes deep into everyone’s shorts and they all have their words handed back to them on a platter…

At least they got Pitino….
I’m Gonna Miss This Guy
Beilein will retire at some point.  That’s a fact.  But at least we can enjoy him while he’s around! 
“And how isolated is it? I do not think it’s rampant among (the) NCAA. I don’t think the sky is falling in college basketball. I think there’s certainly some rogue coaches. How many? Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but I can’t believe there’s too much of that going on out there.”
Beilein jokingly was asked if he has been contacted by the FBI.
“They have not approached me yet,” Beilein said, smiling.
While he was pleased to be named “cleanest” coach in college basketball, he pointed out it was an “inexact poll.”
“It’s better than the alternative,” he said. “There’s a lot of really, really clean coaches out there. They must have caught me on a good day, they probably talked to all my assistants during that time.”
And then, for good measure: “I take a couple showers a day so that keeps me nice and clean.”
Imagine That!  Shitty Columbus Fans!!!
There’s a great article/interview on SBNation about the Washington State Flag you see flying on every Game Day.  It’s a great read, but this one made me snort water on my key-board!

6. Fans at other campuses used to give the WSU folks a hard time.

“The really fascinating thing to me is there are some sites that were notoriously difficult to be at because the fans were just aggressive towards us, and especially in the early years, Columbus being one of them, where they just were abusive and you had to just stand there and take it and get the flag on TV and go on your merry way,” McCoy says

Stay Classy, Columbus.  Stay Classy.
So, another losing week, but the loss was contained.  Maryland was a big surprise and PJ needs to slap another set of oars on the boat (or add some more geese to the practice facility…) 
Again – I can’t make crap up that’s funnier than real world stuff…

Lost a Little…Let’s win a Lot This Week!
On to this week’s picks:
Week # 6 is when lines start getting really close.  I reviewed week #6 for the last 3 years and it’s been really good and sometimes bad. (Last year was AWESOME!) It really comes down to looking at team stats, opponents, where they’re playing, and REVENGE
Louisville @ NC State (+3.5):  Speaking of revenge…Louisville destroyed a pretty good NC State team last year in Louisville. In fact, it was one of the games that got Jackson a lot of the Heisman Hype that he carried with him for the rest of the season.  The Wolfies 1-loss came against S. Carolina and it was their first game, and they’ve improved every game since.  This should be a great game tonight and I like the Wolfpack at HOME. 
Take NC State and the 3.5 for $30
Gophers @ Purdue (-4):  The Battle of The NEWBIES Bowl.  Two new B1G coaches square off for the first time.  The Gophers have a problem rushing the ball.  I noticed that against Maryland and did a quick search to find that they rank pretty crappy in that statistic nationally.  Purdue has an explosive offense and they’re at home.  
Take Purdue and lay the 4 for $40
Domers at North Carolina (+13.5):  Domers are coming off a bye.  North Carolina players and fans will be in a state of shock…SHOCK when the NCAA dumps on them tomorrow.  And North Carolina doesn’t have a run defense and the Domers are actually pretty good at rushing. 
Take the Domers and lay the 13.5 for $40
Maryland @ the suckeyes (-31):  This seems like a lot of points…But again, I wasn’t high on Maryland last week going into Minnesota with their 3rd string QB.  And they won.  But can they do the same thing against the suckeye defense and will Durk’s Terps be able to contain Barret?  I’ve done pretty good with the suckeys laying points…But here I dunno – the line seems a little inflated.
Take Durk’s Terps and the 31 for $25
Alabama @ Texas A&M (+27):  Wow.  I mean, just- Wow…  I don’t think I can remember when Texas A&M was that much of an underdog to anyone – Especially at HOME.  There has to be someone that can at least keep up with the Bama Freight Train, doesn’t there? Bama’s a little dinged up on Defense and I think – THINK the Aggies can at least score on them.  Late cover?
Take Texas A&M and the 27 $20
Wiscy @ Nebraska (+10):  Another odd spread.  Please recall last year when Wiscy won a last second game at home.  The Huskers understand the importance of this game and even though they’ve lost twice, they’re still undefeated in conference.  Really think that they can keep it close at home, especially if Wiscy finishes like it did last week against the kitty kats (FU Wiscy!!!  EFFFFFFFF  UUUUUU)  .
Take the Huskers and 10 for $20
PSU @ Northwestern (+14):  I hate both of these teams right now…I hate PSU because, well, PSU.  The wildcats wouldn’t stop scoring at the end of the game last week.  Does the same kitty kat team show up or is it the Saquon Barkley show
Take PSU and lay the 14 for $30
Ole Miss @ Auburn (-21):  This seems like the gimme pick of the week.  Ole Miss is really, REALLY bad and Auburn seems to be getting better on offense.  Their rank doesn’t reflect it, but I’ll take Auburn at home here…
Take Auburn and lay the 21 for $40
Wake Forest @ Clemson (-23):  I have been trying to figure out is Wake Forest is doing this with smoke and mirrors or if they’re really good.  I’m CONVINCED that Clemson is really good.  Still, a league game with big of spread simply looks too inviting. I’ve laid points with Clemson several times this season and its paid off.  Something tells me to go the other way this time.  So I’m not listening to that guy...    
Take Clemson and lay the 23 for $20
LSU @ Florida (-4):  I’ve flipped flopped on this game so many times.  This is the revenge game for LSU, but LSU is not good.  And neither is Florida and del Rio is out.  Jeez…What to do?  I don’t think this is going to be a high scoring game, which means I should take the points...
Take LSU and the 4 for $20
Miami @ FSU (-1):  For all the hoopla I’ve heard about the great Miami Hurricanes, this spread is telling me that they aren’t that great.  Not yet.  But are they good enough now (and can they keep FSU off the scoreboard) enough to win in Tallahassee?  Hmmmm, Ricth could use a big-time win which would keep the Canes in the CFP discussion.  Otherwise, its wait till next year.
Take the Canes and the 1 point for $20
Sparty @ Michigan (-10 Over/Under 40):  Oh, Brother.  I mean, Little Brother.  I mean – you know what I mean.  Sparty comes into the Big House for a night time match-up between the in-state rivals.  While this is Sparty’s biggest rivalry, Sparty ranks about 3rd or 4th on the list for Michigan.  Recent history says the matchup is close and Sparty has covered the spread 9 out of the last 10 games! 

Amazing!  Sparty thinks this is a revenge game for them, but Michigan is still stinging from punt gate and other atrocities over the last decade.  It’s time to put “little Brother” back in his place.  For a long time.  History is about to change…

And remember Sparty, when you lose Saturday…Do it with Dignity!
Take Michigan and lay the 10 for $30
3 Bet/Team Parlay:   6-1

Clemson – Auburn - PSU:   $50

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