Thursday, January 12, 2017

What's WRONG With Michigan Hoops?

What’s wrong with Michigan basketball?  Nothing and Everything. 
How’s that for an observation?
As I watched the Illinois game unfold last night, I started questioning and thinking abot what all the nay-sayers starts chirping about when I watch games with them.  The naysayers are frustrated with Michigan hoops for the following reasons:
Michigan doesn’t crash the boards
Michigan doesn’t play defense
Michigan lives by the three and dies by the three…
And so on.
And right now, all those frustrations are 100% accurate.  Michigan’s overall Defense and rebounding stinks.  And they’re shooting is atrocious….when compared to Michigan standards.
But what I have noticed a lot more of lately is that Michigan’s Seniors are NOT leading this team.  Not that Seniors have every really “Led” the Michigan Cagers.  Trey Burke only played two seasons and Stauskas lasted 3. They were both vocal and example setting leaders….
I want to focus on the group of Irvin, Walton and Donnal.  Granted, Donnal has been a non-factor and a Beilein project that never fully developed.  But Irvin and Walton have shown glimpses of greatness over the years.  Until this season.
I would have to say that it “seems” like Walton has regressed more than Irvin, and neither one seems to be leading the team when they’re on the court.  So what gives?  This team needs your guidance guys, even if it’s to convince someone else they have the ability to do more than they’re doing.  Encourage and build confidence in others to take the shot….
That’s a big problem with this team right now:  Who’s the leader on the floor?  I haven’t figured it out.  But a leader is desperately needed or else it’s no post season for the Maize and Blue.
Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble….
That’s what I was going to title this entry, but I was thinking that maybe it’s a little too early to start with the bubble talk.  However, a little analysis can either calm everyone’s nerves or make us start sweating. 
Michigan needs to figure some things out and really start hitting some threes.  But one more B1G loss and it’s going to be hard to see a path to the Dance.  1-3 is bad….But survivable.   If they can win the next one, 2-3 at least gives you something to work with. 
1-4 with 13 games left to play is nearly impossible.  That would mean that Michigan needs to go 10-3 or at worst, 9-4 and do a lot of B1G Tournament damage.  Or win the damn Tourney….In other words, Michigan needs a win RIGHT NOW.  NEXT GAME.  Unfortunately, a red-hot Nebraska comes to Chrysler Saturday and winning that one will  be easier said than done.
I’m not ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater, either.  Bielien has technically won a National Title as Louisville should have vacated the 2013 Title after Prostitute Gate.  So, that’s a big deal and should lock you into the head coaching job at Michigan for as long as you want it, assuming you keep your program above board and clean.
Let’s just stop with the talk that Beilein can’t get it done.  JB is the guy for Michigan.
‘Nuff Said on that…
But back to this Bubble talk.  After reviewing the schedule and with the funk that Michigan’s in right now, The Bubble is unfortunately all too real as 7 of Michigan’s last 9 games are against teams that are in the top of the standings. 
Okay…Sweat now.  It’s Bubble time…


Maroon & Gold said...

Do these games mean anything?

MMQ said...

Of course they mean something!!!!