Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bubbling Along...More Bubble Talk

I have to admit that I do love College Hoops…Maybe not as much as College Football, but once Football is over and there’s 4 teams left in the NFL play-offs, it’s either college hoops, NBA Hoops or Hockey for the sports fan.  I don’t start watching College Hockey until Michigan makes the NCAA Tourney and I don’t watch the NHL until the Wings make the 2nd round….I will occasionally tune in an NBA game just to see how good franchises other than the Pistons do it, but I’d rather watch the college game.  So unless you’re one of those nuts that counts down to the day when Pitchers and Catchers report…College Hoops it is!

(Which is February 14th, 25 days, 14 hours and 44 minutes away as of the penning of the post..)

Michigan did what they were supposed to do last Saturday and put Nebraska away handily.  I know, I know, they still stunk on defense, but they were able to outscore the Cornhuskers anyway.

At the Kohl Center in Wiscy on Tuesday night, Michigan couldn’t hold on to a 6 point lead with 6 minutes to go.  BUT, and that’s a BIG BUT, Michigan got completely and totally hosed by the refs.  I get a little riled up with College Football refereeing, but I REALLY, REALLY HATE IT when the refs blow simple calls in College Basketball…And the refs in the Wiscy game blew a lot of them…

For example, the out of bounds call on Michigan with less than a minute to go had Dakich openly asking, “Wait, What?  Uh, Where and when, exactly, was this out of bounds??”  (I apologize to the loyal readers hoping for a photo.  Scouring of the internet yielded nothing on this atrocity…But atrocities in college hoops abound on a nightly basis.  It is what it is.)

I’m really glad Michigan gets Dan Dakich as the color guy most of the time when Michigan is on ESPN.  He has a slight Michigan tilt (due to his kid being on the team) but I also think he respects the hell out of Beilein.  And I think he gets just as frustrated at the horrible calls as Coach and Michigan fans do.

But, winning on the road in the B1G is tough.  Wiscy was a 10 point favorite and will be much less of a favorite when they visit Ann Arbor.  Forgive me if this sounds familiar, Michigan is again in a must win situation on Saturday vs. the Illini at Crisler.  Gotta happen or things go down hill from this point forward pretty quickly. 

Back to Beilein.  I haven’t seen this much venom for a Michigan coach for quite some time.  I don’t get what people all of a sudden are saying about him as being anything “new” or revealing.  Look, Beilein’s approach is to find and recruit kids that can shoot, develop them and win the 3-point game.  I’m sorry if you don’t like that or you’d rather see a different brand of hoops.  My point is Beilein has been very successful at Michigan and when he gets the right personnel, his system works extraordinarily well.  On top of that:  IT’S A LOT OF DAMN FUN TO WATCH!!!

I will take a myriad of guys lighting up opponents for three vs. watching a team run some set plays down to a goon in the low post that scores two. 

I know what I like. 

And to the naysayers and the “Fire Beilein Brigade”, I simply ask, “Who you gonna’ get?”

Michigan will have to ask that question regarding Beilein soon enough, but I really hope they get someone very similar because I don’t want to go back to a boring, slow pace of play. 

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