Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Will You Be Having Jive-Turkey On Christmas Eve???

In case you didn’t know (cause I didn’t post Monday to inform you) the Michigan Football Bust was last night and very well attended.  No, I didn’t go.  But there are times when you wish you could have been somewhere to see and hear exactly what went down.  Last night was one of those times.

You know…Ya’ gotta’ love a guy that just tells it like it is.  Jimmy could have come out and said something politically correct and left wiggle room for “doubt” in all of the NFL pundits minds that think, if presented the right offer/opportunity, Jimmy would be stupid not to jump at the chance.  Little do they know...

Jimmy’s in his dream job. He’s stated that in no uncertain terms.  He is the re-incarnation of Schembechler, if that’s possible.  In his own mind, he’d probably just like to live up to his old coach’s standards.  And by stating that the opposing coaches who start rumors are “Jive Turkeys”, well, that kind of fits the Bo Mold.

And as a Blogger, I am 100% completely indebted to this guy for giving me something to post about!!!

Not a lot of people know it, but Bo had a mean streak.  He hated Notre Dame, disliked Sparty and respected the suckeyes.  In that order.  If you asked him who he had the most disdain for, the answer would have been, without question, the domers.  Hence, the now famous, “To Hell With Notre Dame!” quote that I oft repeat and love so well.

Jimmy clearly has a bit of a mean streak, also.  And frankly, I don’t have a problem with that.  I’m sure the three coaches he was referring to were:  Kelly, Atonninus, and Urban Legend, in that order.   

Jive Turkey (Urban Dictionary):  jive turkey

a. One who speaks as though they know what they're talking about...though they do not. b. a bullshitter.



Gophers Suspend 10

The golden gophers can’t seem to get out of their own way and suspend 10 players for unspecified reasons and they won’t be attending the bowl game.  Curious to see where that ends up….

The Hot Seat Mascot Vote!!!

The Hot Seat Mascot voting has closed and we have our Final 4!!!  Final 4 voting will continue through Tuesday, December 20th until about 3:00 PM or so.  I will close the polls out and we will then have our Hot Seat Mascot Final that will stretch until the National Championship Game in January!!!  If you’re out shopping this weekend, be sure to log on to devices in Apple Stores or anywhere that you can surf the web and vote for your favorite!!!

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