Thursday, December 1, 2016

FMQ Championship Week!!!

It has been a fun season, to say the least.  When your team is relevant, the season goes by a LOT FASTER than when you suck…So sparty and the domers had a nice, long enjoyable Fall of 2016…No pun intended!

In the coaching carousel, Oregon surprised me (a little) and dumped Helfrich, a Chip Kelly disciple and will be searching for a new head coach for the first time in 40 some years (that didn’t come from within the ranks).  That surprised me.  That and the fact that Helfrich will get $11M in his buyout this year and if Oregon would have waited until after next season, they would have only paid $3.5M.  But when you have Phil Knight lining your pockets, money for coaches is no object.  The question still remains – who are they gonna’ get?



The Championships!

Last week wasn’t terrible, but Michigan and osu getting to the OVER kind of screwed me.  That parlay would have been nice.  The results:


So, on to the Championships!


Washington vs. Colorado (+7.5)

This game is a tuffy.  I like Washington and have seen them play, but I also know that Colorado is playing at the top of it’s game, also.  I think Colorado may have had a slightly easier schedule coming down the stretch, however.  But does that mean they can’t keep it close against the Huskies?

Take Colorado and the 7.5  for $40


Florida vs. Alamaba (-24)

Strangely, I had this spread at about 4 TD’s based on Florida’s average PPG and Bama’s average PPG.  Vegas thinks (I guess) that Gatorland’s defense might be able to contain Bama’s offense?  But what about Bama scoring on Defense?  I may have to do something I hate to do and lay big points in what I see ending up as a big blowout….

Take Bama and lay the 24 for $20

Clemson vs Va Tech (+10)

Va Tech is playing REALLY GOOD FOOTBALL right now and the evidence was there when they destroyed a pretty good Virginia team last week.   10 points seems like a gift in this one and I can’t ignore it. 

Take Virginia Tech and the 10 for $40

Row the Boat vs. ohio (+18)

In what will be PJ Fleck’s penultimate game on Saturday, I don’t see the Broncos getting wet vs the pesky ohio Bobcats.  Fleck is going to finish the regular season with a flourish and coach a football game on New Year’s Day down in Dallas….

Take the Broncos and lay the 18 for $75

Wiscy vs PSU (-2.5)

So, here we have two teams that Michigan and the suckeye are 3-1 against.  Yet, somehow, both these clowns are in the title game.  This irks the ever living shit out of me and somehow, I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that Michigan was one first down (in two different games) away from being in this game.  That being said, and the way one team is trending,

Take PSU and the 2.5 for $30


Parlays pay 6-1

Va Tech – Bama - Western:  $20

Va Tech – Western – PSU:  $20


Msuperfan said...

So, I fully understand that there is absolutely no actual cause and effect here, BUT, I predict that VT will lay an egg against Clemson; just to further frustrate M fans. You see, VT just beat our hapless, lazy hoopsters at Crisler, despite not taking their first lead until less than 3 minutes in the game. Thus, VT will do further damage to us, this time by losing to Clemson.
BTW, thanks for no adjustments and not much moving without the ball; pathetic and embarrassing effort on our home court. Of course the crowd sucked as well, so a poor effort all around:(

On a different note, in addition to referring to osu as ohio, I propose a new name for the snake-pit (AKA, the whore'shoe), in columbus.

MMQ said...

Whores show it is!!!