Friday, December 9, 2016

Coaching Carousel, HSM of the Year, and the Bowls


Western, Western, Western.  What a weekend it could have been!  Parlays and the Western game would have put us back in the running to make money this season.  Last week’s results:



The Coaching Carousel Hirings….

So, in no particular order, and you’re going to need a score card to keep all of this straight next season:

Indiana:            Tom Allen

Oregon:          Willie Taggart

Houston:        Major Applewhite

LSU:               Ed Ogeron

Purdue:          Jeff Brohme

Baylor:            Matt Ruhle

Texas:           Tim Hermann

Cincinnati:    Luke Fickell

Hot Seat Mascot

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The Bowls

So, Here’s a handy-dandy Bowl list and picks by the FMQ that will be starting next Saturday (I know, right?).  Not entirely sure how much posting I’ll be doing, but you now have everything you need right at your fingertips.  Dates, Times, Locations and Networks.  Mostly ESPN for all, but as we get closer to New Year’s the games are all over the place.

The only thing I didn’t provide was a rank for the office pool (those pools that make you assign a point value from 1 thru 40 for your picks and you end up with the total points on the games you pick correctly).


’ll perhaps work on that next week and re-post if you’re looking for that kind of insight.  Suffice it to say, if I’m betting on the game, chances are those will be my highest point games in that type of pool.  And I have bets on 13 games, so 27-40 are covered for you.  Put them in whatever order you like.

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