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The Last Monday Before the Real Deal!!!

Michigan Tickets for App State STILL NOT SOLD OUT!

Well, DB, I hope you’re happy.  With less than a week to go, Michigan has still not sold out the App State game in what YOU THOUGHT would be a cute re-match on a holiday weekend, no less.  What’s the plan now?  Donate the tickets to a worthy cause just to keep the 100,000+ sell-out run alive?  And then have a bunch of obvious no-shows in the stands?  Yeah, that’s brilliant.  You better hope that Hoke and company develops this team this year and saves your bacon.  I’m calling you out, DB.  And I’m going to challenge you to the following:

1.     Be honest, for a change, and recognize that Ticket Prices and the cost associated with attending a game are TOO DAMN HIGH!.  State unequivocally that mistakes have been made and that the ticket buying public is getting the short end of the stick in this whole deal.  A three-fold increase in 15 years?  Come on…Even the most avid fans have a tough time swallowing that.  For comparison: (and I have the ticket order sheets to prove it!)

Tickets (1999):  $360 for two Season Tickets in the End Zone ($30 each – 6 home games.
Parking Pass:  $120 ($20 for each home game)

Hot Dog:       $2

Coke: Souvenir - $4  Regular - $3

Total Budget (assuming two dogs and two cokes per game)

            $360+$120+$24+36=  $540

Tickets:  $1050 for 7 Home Games +  $300 for PSL’s!!!
Parking Pass:  $280 for 7 games ($40 each)
Hot Dog:  $4
Coke:  Souvenir - $9 !!! Regular - $5
Total Budget:

$1350+$280+$56+$70  = $1,756!!!

And I’ve left out all the incidentals due to the fact that they are there regardless and haven’t gone up as much in comparison.  Drop the concession prices and reduce the ticket prices and you might entice a few season ticket holders to stop thinking about, “Well, my annual entertainment budget is $X and I’m spending this much on Michigan.  IF I didn’t spend it on Michigan Football, what else could I do?  Hey, that $1,756 buys a 70” HDTV at Costco!!!

2.     Scheduling.  God, please  - PLEASE – Let this be the last stupid and moronic thing you do as an AD.  Scheduling the likes of App State, I mean.  I’ve had to listen and watch way to much in the last two weeks and there’s still 5 more days before game day.  Don’t ever do something like this again.  I would prefer an SEC opponent, a Big 12 opponent and the B1G has a Pac12 agreement which is good for the future.  I also wouldn’t mind getting rid of the MACrifice and would enjoy seeing anything else on the schedule.

3.    Stop being jerks with respect to getting into the stadium.  At least you let the Seat Cushion thing go last season, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you’re going to try to enforce more and more.  Don’t do that.

4.    If a fan wants to bring in a bottle of water vs. having to pay you $4 for the same bottle of water, let them.  Or sell water for a buck, whichever.
This isn’t a complete list, but it’s a start….Read it.  Do it.  Adding Wi-Fi to the stadium experience isn’t going to solve your problems, DB. 

MIKE before you Hike!!!
Twitter and the internet literally BLEW UP when Devin Gardener tweeted that until Nuss arrived, he had never identified the MIKE before.  Now, he is the key MIKE caller.  First:  For details on what a MIKE is, mgoblog does a great run down and explanation of the entire thing.  If you don’t want to link its more or less the “2nd level” defender in the middle of the defense that doesn’t necessarily have an offensive counterpart; strike that, it’s really about blocking assignments once the inside middle linebacker is called out.  And before going on that Borges rampage, it was the center’s responsibility to figure that out in the Borges offense, not the QB’s.  But generally, the QB reads the Defense and makes the call.  It’s not a huge deal, but nevertheless, it’s something Devin should have probably been doing all along.

And I Was Worried…
That there wouldn’t be enough to talk about to justify an additional post before next Monday.  But look at everything we have:

Domer academics – 4 players still sidelined
Ohio’s Miller out for the season
Sparty – Strangely quiet up in East Lansing, doncha’ think?  Of course, LeVeon Bell getting nabbed on the marijuana thing has hurt the Steeler’s chances this season…

I’m sure whatever Black Magic that Hoke and Michigan fan’s in general are being accused of, we certainly wouldn’t leave sparty off the list.  Maybe God was listening to a hard praying Michigan Fan that said they would trade their soul for three wins over its three arch rivals.  So, sparty, if I was you, I would tread lightly…These things happen in “3”’s….Not saying it will happen that way, but Instant Karma can get you anywhere…

Brady Hoke working his Black Magic….Could he also have an upside down “M” hanging in his office and is he trying to conjure the old Michigan Spirits?  Nah....

I’m actually a little surprised the domer thing hasn’t been cleared up yet.  According to Daddy Swarbucks, the investigation committee has to pour over thousands (?) of e-mails and try to figure out if there was anything in those e-mails that could be construed as plagiarism.   I’m no expert, but plagiarism is downright hard to prove, unless it’s blatant copying word for word of someone else’s work.  Too many people think identical things on any given subject, and I would think that this academic investigation team would be getting pushed hard to complete this review.   On Rock’s House, the quorum is that these 4 will more than likely all be re-instated once they are cleared of any wrongdoing. 
Still, I believe where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  And I’m willing to bet another 1 or 2 “innocent” domer players get the boot.

Ohio, on the other hand, is the first fan base to experience the “5 Stages of Slappy Fan Grief” all by their lonesome selves...  For a brief reminder, they are:

1.     Denial and Isolation – The ohio message boards are of course full of emotional outpouring for Miller (as, frankly, I feel for the guy, too – Not even I want to see a kid’s career come to an end in that fashion).  And some of the fans are simply stating that everyone fights for a starting job at ohio and Barret will be ready to go.  How long has it been since they’ve had a redshirt QB at ohio?  However, they are also extremely upbeat, with the exception of some that are in the next stage

2.    ANGER:  I would say this GIF kind of covers most of the sentiment of the few ohio people around this office.  They mostly want to know WHY WAS MILLER EVEN PRACTICING if he wasn’t absolutely 100%.  Well, Miller thought he was 100% and you can’t just take an out of shape, no practice kid and turn him loose in a football game.  They have to practice.

3.    Bargaining – Yep, lots of ohio fans in that “bargaining” stage hoping the defense can keep them in games while the offense gels…I get that.  I think that’s what every reasonable fan would be thinking at this point…until they find their defense on the field for 40 some minutes a game is unsustainable, even for the best defenses out there.  Yep, great teams usually win TOP and control the ball…somehow.  IF you can’t do that, it’s gonna’ be a long season…

4.    Depression – I think the most reasonable fans are probably right here.  They’re smart enough to know that any chance of an undefeated season (barring a red-shirt frosh year like Winston had, which, come on, that only happens once in a blue moon) just went out the window.  Now, survive the non-con and maybe you can get to 10-2, 9-3, with a couple of unforeseen losses to conference teams….

5.    Acceptance – Some ohio fans are probably down here already, but before the season even starts, it’s a tough place to put your mind.  I remember 2008 knowing that Michigan was going to lose games…But I didn’t accept the fact that Michigan was going to miss a bowl until the 7th loss happened…

So, Godspeed Braxton in your rehabilitation and full recovery…we’d love to see you in the Big House in 2015!!!
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Michigan is in there three times.  App State, domers and ohio.  I hope they can win all of them. 

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Not mine, somebody else’s.  But, nevertheless, great minds think alike.

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