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Friday 8-15 Odds and Ends


In a first ever move by the University of Michigan, there will be an open practice at the Big House on Saturday, August 16th  starting at 8:00 PM.  If it’s a standard 2.5 hour practice, that’ll get you out into the city of Ann Arbor around 10:30, assuming you stay the entire time.  This could be fun and a great way to spend a late summer evening.

I’m shocked, in a way, but in another way, it was inevitable.  Open practices are commonplace at a lot of other institutions and it wouldn’t be surprising to me if the new OC Nussmeier had a big say in making this happen as the Crimson Tide have been doing this for years, as do a number of other SEC schools.  Coach’s autographs and other stuff will be on the agenda…I ordered my 8 tickets to at least let the AD know that they were on the right track.  Anyone looking for a couple of tix, let me know.

Michigan Players in the NFL runs down the former Michigan players in the NFL, where they are depth chart wise and more importantly, are they going to make the cut for the season.  It’s an interesting read if you like to follow the Michigan Men on Sunday afternoons…Here’s the link.


I usually don’t comment on Hockey, but this one is worthy of a post.  You may have heard that Michigan is going to play an outdoor game in Chicago against Sparty.  If you are a fan, any kind of Michigan fan, that announcement kind of had to leave you scratching your head saying,
“Wha’?????  Why Chicago???” 
I mean, the “Big Chill” put over 100,000 Hockey fans in Michigan stadium in mid-December against said Spartans….  Sparty also loaded their football stadium with fans for their outdoor frozen classic against the Maize and Blue.  And I was actually looking forward to the next one, to be perfectly honest.  So, if you were in the Michigan (or Sparty) Athletic Department, what exactly would make you sit down and say:  “Nah, we don’t want to do another one in the Big House or Spartan Stadium….Let’s go to Chicago!”  Not only that, but Michigan season ticket holders lose out on the home game against Sparty that would have been at Yost….So, Sparty fans make out AGAIN by keeping their home games and Michigan is left holding the bag….
Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot or Well That’s Fantastic!”, and don’t forget…

What The F!@#$!
DB has a lot to learn about what makes loyal fans… well, loyal.  And the way he’s doing business, I’m not sure there’s going to be a lot of loyal fans of any sport left when his tenure is complete.

By the way:  The MMQ is searching for two useful nick names that I can use for “DB”.  “Dildo Brain” is NOT family friendly, so keep that in mind when sending in your suggestions!
Csont’e York

In case you had heard the news about his suspension and were wondering about his status, this guy is done.  Regardless of what Brady said in his presser.  I mean, I get that Brady has to say that due to the Student Code and all that, but still….Watch the video (If this isn't working in your browser, here's the link to the video:

York was a highly recruited wide receiver…This is so Sparty-ish or ohio-ish that I don’t even want this kid near the team.  The coaching staff has to hold individuals accountable for their actions and from what I can see in the video that the police released, well, there’s no way the action could be justified, regardless of what York claims about the kid getting up in his face and pushing and elbowing him.
Forde Runs Down the Top 25 QB’s

Pat Forde ranks the Top 25 QB’s and strangely, after allthe polls did not have Michigan anywhere in the Top 25 as a team, Devin Gardner comes in at number 9 on his list.  I’m not saying I disagree with Forde, but if that’s true, Michigan should be ranked higher as a team based on the ability of its returning QB.  Just saying, the college game is QB dependent now more than ever and looks a lot more like the NFL all the time.  Lose your QB and it becomes a really long season….
Another Early Season Game to Circle
Don’t know how I missed this one (and thanks to the heads up from the alert reader!):
Wiscy vs. LSU in Houston…Why Houston?  Recruiting for both, perhaps?
Holgorsen Lies

In what is more or less making a “mountain out of a hill of beans”, Dana Holgorsen, head coach at WVU, made a comment on Monday that he lies to recruits all the time to a handful of beat reporters and that statement ran through the mainstream and social media like poop through a goose.  Holgorsen then made a clarifying statement that the comment was made in a joking way and that everyone “bends the rules”.
I’ll make it clear here:  Nobody will care what Dana said 4 months from now if the Mountaineers are 10-2 or better…But if they are sitting at home again, this is gonna' be a lot bigger deal…

In Memoriam:  Robin Williams
I know this is a sports blog…But some people touch everyone’s lives and should be paid tribute…
By now you’ve heard about the tragic passing of Robin Williams.  He was an individual like no other…his energy when he was performing live on stage had no equal.  And he was as multi-talented as they come, making one of his initial appearances in dramatic acting in what many consider to be one of his best roles:  The Dead Poet’s Society.  I think I enjoyed him most in this movie as the “out of the box thinking” English teacher that opened young men’s eyes to the fact that the world is not only what you read about in a book or a classroom but it’s really about taking the education you get for all its worth and making a difference.   Truly good, inspirational teachers are so hard to come by and every aspiring teacher thinking about entering the profession should be required to watch this movie.  And a few that have forgotten that teaching is supposed to be a noble cause and not 8 months of work with 4 months of vacation should watch it, too.  I can remember 1 or 2 inspirational teachers from my elementary and high school days…but they were rare. 
Carpe Diem

Encouraging someone to “Seize the Day”, for tomorrow is promised to no one…and in the end, we’re all just pushing up daisies…

And to find a teacher that will take the time and “unearth” the potential that they see in individuals…well, that’s rare indeed.  I know it’s Hollywood, but this is still a great scene…with a very young Ethan Hawke…

Oh Captain, My Captain…
And because true inspiration can and will force even the humblest of individuals to rise up when they recognize and know it’s the right thing to do….

But, I really want to end it on a lighter note and have you watch Robin go through everything from Soccer, Football, Ice Skating and why we loved him best when he was just being himself….

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