Friday, August 8, 2014

8/8 Odds and Ends

So, practice is in full swing and all reports out of A2 is that Michigan not only has an offense, but they are actually looking better on that side of the ball than they are on the defensive side…I’m really not sure if any of that means ANYTHING this early into pre-season camp, but take it for what it’s worth…

After discussing with a couple of fans that can’t wait for this season to get going (Okay, they are Sparty’s and they figure the biggest game on their schedule  - After Oregon – is ohio) and figure they have a pretty decent shot at repeating in the B1G… Yeah, I get that.  I remember thinking that way when Michigan was a solid team and that there wasn’t a game on paper we couldn’t win.  And then something dumb would happen along the way and Michigan would lose one or two games they weren’t supposed to.  And the season was “successful, but disappointing”.
My guess is Sparty might be in for a season something like that.  It happens.  You know, just like this mistake on what had to be at least a $1,000 - $2,000 sign that the brain trust in EL decided to hang next to the locker room door….Notice anything?  Look closely!!

That’s kind of an important word to get spelled correctly, Doncha’ think???   And I'm not sure the use of "Whereas" is appropriate's a word that adds absolutley nothing (take the word out and read the statement...It's fine without it...Perhaps in the future Sparty should have someone with an actual high school degree proof their work…and not someone with a degree from an East Lansing University!!)
So, mistakes happen as do losses….It doesn’t mean sparty is a bad team, they’re just gonna lose a couple.  College football is dynamic and players have short memories and bounce back quickly.  However, being the favorite to win the conference or be in the National Title discussion isn’t the reason for this Friday’s post.  I want to focus on:
The Top 10 Suck Teams in 2013 That May Surprise in 2014
In other words, any team that had 6 or more losses last season that could potentially have an “Auburn-esque” recovery/turnaround and vie for their conference and National Title bid as one of the Final Four.  So, again, the qualifier has to be at least 6 losses last season and the tradition, history and most importantly, the roster at these particular universities would suggest that this is a team to be reckoned with, regardless of what happened last season.

1.     Florida – The Gators were clearly bitten by the injury bug last season and 4-8 is NOT NORMAL in Gatorland, regardless of injuries.  This is a team that will bring back an experienced QB and offensive and defensive depth on both sides of the ball.  IF there’s any truth that top recruiting classes produce top teams, than Florida has no excuse to not be in the SEC title hunt come November.

2.    Michigan – If Michigan had ANY semblance of an offense last season, and more importantly, any kind of cohesion on the offensive line, well, 7-6 should NOT have been remotely possible.  If Nussmeier can right the ship on that side of the ball, get Devin some confidence and basically move the chains, Michigan’s chances aren’t bad to at least make some noise in the conference.  The defense should be solid enough to win some games.  The domers, Sparty and ohio on the road will be tough, but not impossible.

3.    North Carolina – Another injury riddled team that let a couple of wins slip away, but also had some “Give Up” losses.  Don’t expect that to happen this year and the ACC may look a lot different than people expect if the Tar Heels can pull it together.

4.    Tennessee – I know, this is my 2nd SEC East team, and it’s hard to believe there were 3 of them with 6 or more losses!!!  (Kentucky was the other one)  But one of them has to come from out of nowhere, so I’m putting two of them in my top 10.

5.    Mississippi State – They aren’t just going to be a doormat in the SEC West, and due to the fact that some key players have graduate on the other SEC power elites…well, I’m not saying they CAN do it, but don’t be surprised if something weird happens..

6.    Arkansas – Ditto.  Beliema better start proving he’s worth the $5M+ that he’s making there or he will get a much higher ranking on the Hot Seat!

7.    Indiana – Look out for the Hoosiers.  If they can get a few key upsets, they could turn the B1G standings upside down!

8.    West Virginia – Holgreson’s seat is hot from last season and Mountaineer faithful are probably getting pretty fed up with the results on the field.  My guess is this IS the make or break season for Dana and he needs to at least be in the Big XII mix come November…

9.    Northwestern – They had SO MANY CLOSE LOSSES last season that it has to be some sort of record…Can someone look that up or are you relying on the MMQ to do that?  My guess is that they are bowling this season, but winning the B1G would still be a tall order for this team and the personnel that they need to replace…still, they’re the Purple Kitties.  Anything can happen.

10. TIE:  TCU and USF – Couldn’t figure either of these teams out last year, but they have traditions of winning and good coaching.  My guess is they are bowling, but it might be asking too much to vie for their respective conference titles.  However, expect better performances overall.
Women Referees? 
So, it seems that the Big XII will have the first femaleofficial in College Football.  While I personally don’t have any issue with this, I hope that she knows what she’s getting herself into.  If you read the article, it sounds like she knows and is more than capable….
I Think I Got Pretty Good Odds!
Sitting at the White Lake Inn last Friday night with a group of friends, I threw out the fact that the Tigers were pulling out all the stops and the David Price trade meant it was World Series or bust.  Of course, someone started yapping that the Tigers weren’t going to win it all and I get tired of debates like this and simply told him to put his money where his mouth was.  I said I had $100 cool American clams that the Tigers would win and I was looking for odds.  He offered 3 to 1 and I laughed and suggested that there was no way that it was that good for the Tiggies….  I asked for 7 and we quickly settled at 5 to 1.  I did a check this week and it appears that you can get either 4 to1 or 9 to 2 right now at most of the on line bookie sites for the Tigers to win the whole enchilada, so, not too shabby a bet by the FMQ Gambler….

Now let’s hope the Tigers do it!!!

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