Friday, November 8, 2013

FMQ Week #11 - Uh-oh...Glad I Didn't Get That Bet Down Yesterday!

I had another one of those days where I had a whole bunch of work that had to get done and absolutely no time to investigate my picks from earlier this week.  I’ve learned that if I don’t have the time, its better not to bet.  However, I am tempted to show you the system that I use to initially find out the spread and make a note of it so I can look at it on my wall during the week.

Sophisticated, no? 
So, you can see that I was leaning towards taking the teams and the points in both of last night’s events.  In one game I would have been EXTREMELY HAPPY and in the other game…well, not so much.
Stanford has proven it’s worth once again and can someone…ANYONE….Please explain to me how in the cotton pickin’ world Utah of all teams beat the Cardinal?  If anyone can give me a reasonable explanation (besides – Turnovers) I will buy you a beer….
And what on Earth has happened to the Laters or is Baylor just that good and should we be making an even bigger argument for them in the BCS Championship than we are for ohio?  I dunno….because I think I’m going to love the fact that ohio might run the table and get denied a seat at the big boy table.  That would somehow be a little sweet revenge for the Urban Legend, but I really don’t like what it would be saying about the state of the B1G….So many quandaries on a Friday….
There’s still a lot of football to be played and I for one actually am starting to believe that the SEC just might not be in the title game…just a hunch….

So, two weeks ago I thought I knew what I was doing and more importantly, who I could trust….Now, trust is gone and the numbers aren’t supporting any of my theories…so to say some of this is by the seat of the pants this week is an understatement….

Domers @ Pitt (+4):  I have always believed that Pitt sees this as the biggest game on their schedule and they treat it as such.  The domers simply see it as a hard earned W and look ahead.  Pitt prevails or at least covers…
Take Pitt and the 4 for $50
LSU (+13) @ Bama:  This one is tricky.  The Hatter and company are not afraid of Bama…that much is known.   The question I have is do they have what they need this year on defense to slow down Bama’s offense?  I think this might be a bit of a scoring fest and LSU wants this game bad…
Take LSU and the 13 for $50
Va Tech @ Miami (-7):  Well, the Canes are now going to start playing and try to put style points on the board, if that’s possible.  Beamer’s Boys (who I haven’t mentioned much this year and I should because they have been truly atrocious) may not be able to keep this as close as they normally do. 
Take Miami and lay the 7 for $40
FSU @ WF (+35):  I saw this spread and realized that Wake almost upset Miami and the Canes need a last minute drive at the end of the game to win…of course, the Canes got thumped by the Seminoles bad…still, colder weather and Wake looking to prove themselves makes the points tempting here…
Take WF and the 35 for $40
Huskers @ Michigan (-7):  Sheesh…really?  Can’t this be 6?  Where is that number coming from?  I like Michigan at home, but the way they’ve been playing does not inspire confidence.  Still…they are home and if they want to keep any B1G Title hopes alive, they have to win out.
Take Michigan and lay the 7 for $50.

Starting Bank:         $1,269.50
Total Bet:                  $220
BANK:                       $1,049.50

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