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That’s It….And There’s a Funny Thing Happening At Crisler Arena

Well, the end of the 2012 season couldn’t have been more anti-climatic than if the MMQ had scripted it himself. Back to Back National Titles for 'Bama. The 42-14 pasting of the Domers defense with what was supposed to be a “Defense Built to Stop Bama”. Without stating the obvious (oh, what the hell, let’s state the obvious), not only were the Domers not even close to being built to stop Bama on defense, but they were extremely overmatched on offense. So, while the score made it look closer than it was, I’m convinced Ole Nick let up on the throttle in the 2nd half.

RIP any thoughts of a Domer National Championship Domer (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) Fans….


And now, what we’re all thinking: Will Someone at the NCAA PLEASE initiate an investigation into Bama and once and for all prove that oversigning is a big part of the reason that Bama and the SEC in general does so well? That’s not sour grapes…It’s just that a little parity in college football would be nice.

I will give a small kudos to Brandon: At least by having the stones to play Bama in the Kick-Off Classic, that loss will be long forgotten and overshadowed by the total self implosion and, for lack of a better term, turd that the Domers laid on the field down in Miami.

Thank the Gods for Miss Alabama Katherine Webb. And if you don’t know who she is by now…You soon will. She shot to over 100,000 followers on Twitter after Musberger’s post dinner Cialis accidentally kicked in when ESPN’s cameras found her in the stands wearing McCarron’s jersey. Seriously thought old Brent was going to lose it….And I guess I have a small problem with an announcer that was looking at a girl that is mathematically young enough to be his GREAT-grand-daughter and drooling over her like he had a shot at her (Yes – it’s true if you assume Alabama child bearing ages…73-22 = 51 divide by 3 = 17) ….I mean, it’s one thing TO THINK IT and no one but you knows that you’re an old pervert looking at and dreaming about a little youthful action…It’s another thing to lay it out there like you’re a drunk teenager….

The conversation went like this (courtesy of Yahoo):

Brent Musburger, the legendary 73-year-old play-by-play man, and former Ohio State QB Kirk Herbstreit.

"You quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women," Musburger said. "What a beautiful woman."

"Wow!" Herbstreit concurred.

"Whoa," Musburger said.

Why is the MMQ making a big deal out of this? Two reasons: 1. I think I have our Pre-Season Hot Seat Mascot figured out for the 2013 season. 2. In order to not embarrass the Domer fans and coaches any more than they embarrassed themselves I figured I would focus on the one aspect of the game that didn’t reflect poorly on the Domers. Webb.

The head Domer himself laid a huge egg of embarrassment on the entire Domer Nation when he was asked at halftime what he could do in the 2nd half in order to turn things around. His too honest response: Maybe Alabama won’t come out for the 2nd half.

Then there was one ESPN report that stated by game time, drunk Domer fans were paying over $1,000 for an end zone seat. With midfield tix going for 2.5 times that…..Jeez….$5,000 for a pair at the 50….That’s just dumb. But what a great re-distribution of wealth from Rich Catholics to Drunk Cousins….I can’t imagine a better way….But even this fan wouldn’t have coughed up that kind of dough if Michigan had been there.
I hope that was worth it.

 But one bright Domer Grad outsmarted and got one Scalper….Hee-hee…At least there’s some justice (click to link to the article).

Actually, let’s get back to embarrassing the Domers some more. I thought, no... I knew that after the 2nd Bama score that the Domers needed to settle down, whittle some time off the clock and score themselves or the game was more or less over. I think I initially suspected it was over when the Tide rolled for their first TD right through the heart of the Domer defense and one Manti T’eo in particular.

It’s funny because it all happened so quickly that Brian Kelly didn’t even have a chance to get pissed off….

I’m not saying here that anyone else would have done any better. Everyone was making a big deal about a healthy Lacy being able to run over and through the Domer defense. And that proved to be fact. I’m not sure there was another defense in Oregon, Stanford, K-State, or anywhere that could have stopped Lacy. Therefore, an offense that could challenge the Bama defense was necessary. Why did the Quack Attack lose that OT game to Stanford? I really think that would have been a better game. Not saying the outcome would have been different. Just better.

And finally, as I’m not going to drone on forever about a game that by the end of the 1st quarter was over, I think we all owe Satan a small nod of respect. I mean, even if it is oversigning, Ole Satan has managed to keep winning even though he has retained only two of the original assistants that came with him to Alabama. And he has somehow managed to make average QB’s into playmakers and game changers, even though is self admitted strengths lie on the defensive side of the ball.

I know there’s Satan haters out there (Sparty fans – You know who you are!) and I myself would love to see nothing more than Satan lose every game for however many years he continues to coach. But that ain’t gonna’ happen.

So, we all need to hope that Satan’s mind eventually starts to give up on him and maybe…just maybe….some cracks appear in the armor and he can be defeated. Otherwise, Nick is just going to keep on rolling…

A Funny Thing is Happening In Crisler

I was going to post separately in order to give the attention to a team that deserves it, but then again, seeing as how I’ve never really dedicated an entire post to the Men’s basketball team and not wanting to jynx them in any way, I figured I’d throw in a blurb here.

In case you have noticed, the Wolverines are undefeated, ranked 2nd in the nation and are, quite frankly, a scary good team to watch. Yes, the beginning of each game kind of sets the tone with a, “Oh jeez…This is going to be the one they lose….” Especially after going down 7-0 to Iowa to start the game….And yet somehow these wunderkinds simply keep doing what they do and eventually wear the other guys out. And they shoot. And they go in! But, in no uncertain terms:

Trey Burke is the quickest guard in the league, period. Maybe the nation.

Morgan is a dominant presence inside and will not be denied….

Nick Stauskas hasn’t met a 3-point shot he didn’t like (and there’s quite a few that like him back to the tune of +50% from the Three Point Line!)

Tim Hardway continues to dominate from the two spot….

Mitch McGary is a dominant inside beast when he gets his minutes…

Robinson is a frosh with skills…winning freshman of the week honors during the B1G Season kick-off.

Add all that up with a bench roster that is equally as formidable and you have a 13-0 start with a 2-0 record in the B1G. I’m not saying anything yet about B1G Championship and all that….I know this team will lose in the B1G where they have already posted +90 points in the two games that they’ve played (Michigan shot 58% from the field and 46% from the Three against Iowa…and that’s not gonna happen every time out….But still!)…

What’s it all mean? This team SCREAMS Final 4. And everyone knows how tough it is to get to that level in a one and done tournament. But, they are laying the groundwork in convincing fashion.

If you haven’t already, take in a game. You’ll be glad you did.

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