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Early Bowl Season And Who To Root For Tonight

Well, here we are at the proverbial end of the Collegiate Football Season. Tonight we crown a National Champion – but more on that in a minute. In the meantime, a question: What have we learned through this entire season and the post season format known as Bowl Season???

1. Michigan wasn’t as good (record wise) this year as they were last year. But the team may have actually been a little better. Seriously. Michigan lost to three undefeated teams and a pretty good USC team that they had beat until the karma-esque final play that I’m sure Northwestern fans everywhere loved.

2. Michigan is losing a bunch of key players, including a single guy that was responsible for 60-70% of the offense, depending on how you look at it. So, what does that bode for next year and years to come? Is there life on offense after D-Rob?

3. The Big 10 didn’t look horrible on New Year’s Day and in the bowls in general, but they didn’t win a lot of games, either.

4. The SEC on the other hand, DID look bad and seems to be very vulnerable to fired up squads. Louisville and Nebraska come to mind. Though Nebraska couldn’t quite close the deal against Georgia. Not so much for Louisville. They Dominated Gatorland.

5. The ACC also proved its mettle and won a couple of games. Maybe because Va-Tech wasn’t in a bowl?

6. Some schools laid colossal eggs in bowl games…USC (That would be the Trojans) immediately comes to mind.

7. Other schools prove the fact that a 4 team play-off cannot happen quickly enough (Quack Attack flexing its muscles against a worthy KSU and Johnny Football and Texas A&M should have had some sort of play-off shot).

8. However, in that same breath, a 3rd place nationally ranked Gatorland crapped its orange pants against Louisville and proved that conference champions (Even the lowly Beast) deserve a seat at the table if there is ANY play-off expansion to 8 teams. And conference champs should somehow be included in the 4 team format, even though that’s not possible. I cannot stomach the fact that Gatorland would have somehow been in the 4 team format this year and either Oregon or Stanford would have been left out….

9. Which begs the future question: Who would have been most screwed if the 4 team format were in place today?

10. And why does any of it matter if your team isn’t in it?

All good questions. But, the biggest question that has been eating away at the MMQ for the better part of 4 weeks:

Who, as a Michigan Fan, do you ROOT for to win the game tonight?

Well, it’s academic for me, but I have heard and had some discussions with respected fans and associates that have me scratching my head as to what I should be doing. Some pros and cons are in order for this game:

Domers (JEEZ I HATE THESE GUYS!) Win National Title:


They are full of themselves and EVERYONE HATES THEM AGAIN EVEN MORE THAN THEY ARE HATED NOW! That part I like…

They come into the Big House next year more than likely a pre-season Number 1. And Michigan gets a shot at knocking them off that pedestal. I like that part, too.

They keep the SEC from having a Dynasty lock on the National Title. That part I kind of like, but it’s not that big of a deal for me, personally.

DOMERS win the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! That overrides everything else….

Gholic on Mike and Mike in the morning will be absolutely impossible to listen to and would be a reason for me personally to cancel my Sirius subscription…..

Really? The Domers as National Champs? The MMQ might melt down even worse than earlier this season…Hence is why I’m posting today.

Satan Wins National Title


Whatever. He’s a god in Alabama which is a state that truly has nothing else and College Football is all those people have.

He breaks the streak of the Bear at Alabama not beating the Domers…Which I didn’t really know until I read this article by Forde at Yahoo.
So there’s that, too…..


Alabama wins Second Straight National Title. In my honest opinion, that just gives everyone else something to shoot for.

So, in an effort to diffuse all the BS….Here’s all you need to know.

Roll Tide….Beat the Domers.

Other Stuff……

The Pennsylvania Governor’s office is suing the NCAA. And while I was initially enthused by this, it turns out its nothing more than a grand standing play by the current governor in order to generate support for his upcoming election. IF you don’t believe that, read this article in SB Nation and I think you might change your mind.

It actually makes me sick to think that a governor (or any politician) would use something like this for political gain. But, then again, I don’t know why it surprises me at all…..

Coach Kelly…No, not that one…The Good One. Apparently, after all the rumors, talk show radio heads stating that they KNOW that Chip Kelly is seriously considering going pro, and everything else surrounding the Oregon Progam, Chip Kelly is staying on as head coach of the Ducks. And if you’re an Oregon fan this AM, I’m sure you’re breathing a huge sigh of relief.

The Bowls – Specific Stuff….

Just looking at all the bowls and some comments on each specifically to that particular game….Nothing special just stuff…..

Rose Bowl: Somewhat of a yawner and I thought that Wiscy would come out a lot more pumped up for this game. At 8-5, they had a chip on their shoulder and something to prove with a coach leaving for a middle of the road SEC team….But, hats off to Stanford. They are for real and they aren’t going anywhere…On the other hand….

Fiesta: I hope everyone everyone got a good look at the Quack Attack. Chances are, it may never look the same again, even if Chip Kelly stays. That’s a unique group of athletes there. I also hope that everyone got a good look at K-State. Chances are, we may never see that team in a BCS bowl again….

Orange: Unfortunately not as close as I thought it might be. This one was tough to swallow as I thought the Huskies would be looking to show the world who the MAC is….kind of like

Sugar: Louisville showing the world that “Beast” football isn’t the laughingstock that everyone on the internet makes it out to be. One good coach in an established program can make a difference. Of course, how do you explain the Gators then? That’s why I like where the B1G is headed with respect to the coaches that are in place at this point….

Capitol One: Pelini should have won this one and Nebraska’s defense was absolutely pathetic….Sad to see a B1G without the ability to stop the ball…kind of like a Rich Rod team…

Cotton: And Stoops does the traditional egg laying squat that he has done so MANY times in the bowls that they are apparently referring to him as the “Bo Schembechler” of the Big 12. That’s not good, Mr. Stoops. You need to figure out how to win the last game of the season, no excuses.

Chic-Fil-A: The ACC comes through again and proves that it can play with anyone on any given bowl day. Les Miles has to suffer through a difficult off-season where he lost the last game and to Bama……

Outback: Notes to Dave Brandon:

1. Don’t schedule USC in the near future. You don’t currently have enough running backs to survive Jadeveon Clowney if the offensive line is going to throw “look out” blocks at a 6-7, 280 pound defensive end. Courtesy of Youtube because you probably haven’t seen it enough

2. Do find and hire the head referee from the Beast that awarded Michigan a first down after going 9 yards and 35 inches. That could make a big difference over time….In case you didn’t see it, the head of the BEAST officiating reviews the call here (she is as cute as a button!):

3. Advise Hoke that when the opposing team is going to send 4 wide receivers out on the final play, you might take a gamble and throw someone like Roundtree, Funchess, and other tall guys in on defense that can cover all those similar size and speedy receivers…..Sheesh…

Gator: A B1G victory over an SEC team. How come no one is talking to or about Dan Mullen for a job this year? Have they seen too much of what he hasn’t done at MSU?

Buffalo Wild Wings: Sparty manages to pull off the upset

Idle Thoughts From The Season and Bowl Season

-Gosh, it seems to go faster and faster every season.
-We look forward to it and then, “WHAM!”…It’s gone.
-Michigan will rebound from Denard.
-But we will NEVER EVER see anything like him again.
-Which is good and bad…
-I wish the Defense had been there when DeRob was hitting his stride…
-Then, who knows?
-I take that back…I do
-I believe Michigan is in the hunt potentially last year (or maybe even in Rich Rod’s last year?)
-Meaning that Rich Rod wouldn’t have been canned?
-And where do I go with that?
-IS a Rich Rod world better than a Hoke world?
-We need to see another season without as many key Rich Rod Performers on the field.
-Speaking of Rich Rod Performers: A Special thanks:
-Denard – I never dreamed a guy like you could do what you did in the B1G.
-Kovacs - You make me remember what heart and desire is all about.
-Taylor Lewan – Godspeed and may you somehow end up in Detroit
-Roundtree – Man, you provided some highlight material over the years…
-All the other seniors: Thanks and remember to wear your Michigan Man badge proudly.
-New Year’s Day is always better when Michigan is playing.
-Best Game: Without a doubt, the Outback.
-It’s the one everyone was talking about.
-Except it was because of that Clowney Hit.
-Can that guy carry a defense on his own next year?
-My guess is Spurrier makes a hell of a run next year….
-SEC will be ripe for the pickin…
-The Cocks will be in the MMQ’s early top 10…I know that.
-Wasn’t it fun to not have to watch the Suckeyes?
-Except we did have to watch Purdue and that wasn’t fun, either.
-Maybe the B1G can get its act together next season….

Well…The FMQ has posted it’s first losing season. I will admit now that I was not able to devote as much time to the FMQ as I would normally like to this season as part of changing jobs and other factors. Perhaps I will try a new strategy next season and we’ll develop a better handicapping system (or just use the one I had been using, even though it takes time).

Regardless of what happens tonight, the FMQ is going to finish in the red unless I go all in and gamble additional money on one of these two teams. And even though I KNOW Bama is going to cruise in this game, I just can’t bet the farm on it.

As for the other results:

Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Wiscy (+7): Take Wiscy and the 7 for $40
WIN: Bank $76

Fiesta: Oregon vs. K-State (+9.5): Take Oregon and lay the 9.5 for $50
WIN: Bank $95

Orange: FSU and Northern Illinois (+14): Take NIU and the points for $20

Sugar: Florida vs. Louisville (+14): Take Florida and lay the 14 for $20
LOSE….How did I screw this one up so bad?????

Capitol One: Take Gerogia and lay the 10 for $30
WIN: Bank $57

Cotton: Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma (+4.5): Take Oklahoma and the 4.5 for $20

Chic-Fil-A: LSU vs. Clemson (+4): Take LSU and lay the 4 for $40

Outback: Michigan vs. South Carolina (-5): Take Michigan and the 5 for $40

Gator: Northwestern vs. Miss State (-2) Take Northwestern and the 2 for $30
WIN: Bank $57

Buffalo Wild Wings: TCU vs. Sparty (+2.5): Take Sparty and the 2.5 for $30
WIN: Bank $57


(All pay 6 to 1)

Michigan-Domers-Sparty - $20 - LOSE

And in case I’m totally wrong: Bama – USC – TCU - $20 - LOSE

LSU-FSU-Oregon - $20 - LOSE

And, for the mostly final tally…Could be $76 more if the Domers cover…OR god forbid…Win outright…..

Starting Bank:     $241.50

Total Win:          $418

Bank:                  $659.50

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