Monday, January 21, 2013

Harbaugh Super and "The Lyin' Hawaiian"

Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh in the Super Bowl!

I have to say that I was hoping for a Michigan QB vs. a Michigan QB, but seeing as how I can’t have that, I think this is the next best thing! I’m of course pulling for Jimmy, but either way, it should be a fun game.

Unfortunately, without Touchdown Tommy in the Super Bowl, Michigan will not be very well represented…Oh well….At least Jim Harbuagh gets his shot at winning one as a coach.

Another issue that I wasn’t going to touch has been all over the media and I was waiting until Manti came out and was interviewed before commenting. Now that he has commented, something isn’t sitting quite right with the Ole MMQ. And when something doesn’t feel right to me, well, let’s just say that I trust my intuition more and more these days and I trust people and what they say less and less….

Manti Teo’ –  The Case of “The Lyin’ Hawaiian”

I can’t take credit for Manti’s new nickname as it was texted to me by a loyal reader. You people are AWESOME when it comes to keeping me updated with all the latest. And for the days in which this story was breaking, I was chained to a supplier booth down in Cobo Hall at the Auto Show Supplier Preview Days, unable to stay abreast of the avalanche of media coverage in the Manti Teo’ case. Manti Teo’…. otherwise and forever more to be known here as “The Lyin’ Hawaiian”.

So, what exactly ARE the facts in this case? Here’s what (I think) we know at this point:

1. The Lyin’ Hawaiian had an internet relationship with “someone”.
2. That someone’s name is Lennay Kakua….Even though this person HAS NEVER EXISTED.
3. She was NEVER EVER, registered as a Student of Stanford
4. He NEVER met this woman after the Stanford game as he originally claimed
5. He never talked to her on the phone for 8 hours every evening, “listening to her breath on the other end of the line as she fell asleep.” 
6. She DIDN’T die of Lukemia the same day as his grandmother (who did die)
7. He did talk to “Someone” that wasn’t Lennay, but was trying to pass herself off as this individual.
8. The Lyin’ Hawaiian’s Father (Brian) embellished the story with his own lies - After the Lyin' Hawaiian admittedly lied to his dad...
9. The Head Lyin’ Domer $warbuck$ himself believes that the Lyin’ Hawaiian is the victim here and has NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER in the propagation of the hoax.
10. “The Lyin’ Hawaiian” does a 2 ½ hour interview with Schapp from ESPN. But no video allowed. Claims he was duped from the get go.

So, that’s more or less what we know.

As you can PROBABLY IMAGINE, the ole MMQ has a hard time buying ANY of this….And it reeks of being a huge cover up for what might, MIGHT, have have started out as an innocent relationship on line and it has turned into a story that is bigger than anything we’ve seen in a while and everyone who has touched or come into contact with it shares in the responsibility of perpetuating a hoax that could have been uncovered with a little bit of good, investigative journalism.

Instead, everyone, and I do MEAN EVERYONE (all internet news outlets, Television, ESPN, Today, GMA, and news and media outlets everywhere) just RAN with this story.

I have several questions to no one in particular, but if anyone can answer, I’m listening.

First: Why does a kid who is supposedly SMART ENOUGH to get into the Domer program and graduate in 3 and a half years fall victim to something like this? And then, why does he lie about talking to her every night (which he didn’t) and then MEETING HER at Stanford (which NEVER HAPPENED!) in addition to sending flowers to a funeral (his dad) that never occurred? All he did was text? There were no photos exchanged? He never sent her a Jersey? What gives?

Second: Why didn’t the press conduct a simple search for this woman back in September once her name was known and figure out who the surviving family members and friends were? I remember thinking at the time that I was going to have to suffer through at least a week of the morning TV barrage of friends and family of the Lyin’ Hawaiian’s girlfriend all wearing his jersey and gushing about what a wonderful inspiration The Lyin’ Hawaiian was to Lennay and how his relationship with her continued to inspire her to her last day…blah, blah, blah….Yet, that never happened. And I was frankly a little surprised then, but never really made the connection that MAYBE she didn’t exist. I was thankful nobody associated with her in any way wanted their 15 seconds of interview fame, but still surprised none the less.

Third: Why is the University of Notre Dame (And I used that term only because it may actually be the LAST TIME I EVER TYPE IT!) standing behind someone who has CLEARLY LIED AND EMBELLISHED a story for his own egotistical desires and possibly as a pre-meditated play to gain sympathy for the Heisman vote? Why does the collective DOMER BRAIN TRUST believe that there is no culpability what so ever on the part of “The Lyin’ Hawaiian”? How can it be that a University, founded under the belief in GOD and that doing the right thing from a religious and moral standpoint can be SO HYPOCRITICAL as to believe that The Lyin’ Hawaiian NEVER lied about ANY OF THIS? Could it be because it’s the same HRPOCRITICAL university that let Three Beer Floydd and Kung Fu Reese back on Campus and also on the Domer Football teams?

Fourth: Why hasn’t the Lyin’ Hawaiian come out and agreed to do a live interview? Why did he only agree to a no camera interview? Is he suddenly afraid of the limelight? Only someone with something to hide would take that road, and for the MMQ, well, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back with respect to who is guilty in all of this…..The Lyin' Hawaiian is hiding more than he is letting on and he wants everyone to believe that he was duped.  IF that's the case...well.....It's sad, really. 

I will be frank right now: I hate the Domers. I hate them for more reasons than I can count. And I take a LOT of grief from DOMER FANS over that sentiment. That’s a fact. But never, ever has the University of Michigan embarrassed itself and sunk to the level that the Domers have now sunk to at this point in time. Right when it appeared that the tide was turning, the wheels have come off. Right when people who weren’t Domer fans started to see and believe in the “Domer Mystique” and started coming back into the fold, you have something as bizarre and sleazy as this.

Even some Michigan Fans have questioned why there is such a poison in my system that hates the Domers more than the Suckeyes or Sparty. Well, now it should be clear. The Domers are all about looking at their own situation as being “unique” or “Special”. If the Sandusky scandal would have happened at Domer Land you can bet that the Domer’s would have somehow spun it and explained that they were giving Sandusky a reasonable doubt of innocence.

There’s a pathological liar that formerly wore the Blue and Gold that is either too naïve to understand what he was doing (and I’m not buying that) or he was so wrapped up in the lie that he started to believe it. Dan Wetzel more than echoes my comments in his editorial.  Manti started "believing" the lie which led to more and more lies....It reminds of Castanza on Seinfeld when Jerry was trying to beat the lie detector test.

Castanza’s advice: “Jerry - It’s not a lie if YOU believe it!”

So here’s to “The Lyin’ Hawaiian” and the lies he tells. And here’s to a university that lies to itself in order to maintain a status quo of being better than everyone else.

When in reality, they are the biggest hypocrites of all.

This just in:  The Lyin' Hawaiian has tweeted that he has a new girlfriend....Fawn Lebowitz.

Oh, wait - UPDATE:  His new girlfriend is from Canada and he actually had sex with her....But just once....

I could go on....But what's the point....

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